TF-104G KF+239 on a test flight at Ypenburg (EHYB), Netherlands in August 1967

TF-104G, construction number 583F-5939, company model 583-10-20, US serial number 66-13628, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed, Messerschmitt (ARGE-Süd) and VFW; main parts manufactured by ARGE-Süd (fuselage) and VFW (wings)
airlifted to Lockheed-Burbank on January 10, 1967; assembly and test flights at Palmdale coded with US serial number 66-13628
acceptance date May 10, 1967 by BABwLockheed; airlifted to Avio Diepen at Ypenburg AB, Netherlands on June 19, 1967
test flight August 21, 1967 coded KF+239; camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"
DF+365 JaboG 36 at Hopsten AB delivery date on August 25, 1967; JaboG 34 on July 24, 1968; JaboG 36 on September 20, 1968
28+09 MFG 1 (Marine Air Wing 1) 1 at Schleswig-Jagel AB on February 25, 1975
WaSLw 10 (Weapons School 10) at Jever AB on June 26, 1975 for familiarization of NASA pilots; struck off charge order (AVA) July 3, 1975
ferry flight on June 27, 1975 from Jever AB to Edwards AFB, arrived July 2, 1975
on July 2, 1975 it was officially acquired (bought) by NASA and arrived at Edwards flown by Bill Dana and Einar Enevoldson in GAF color scheme
coded as NASA 825 (registration N825NA) at Dryden Research Center Edwards AFB, CA
On April 12, 1989 it was flown over to Dryden from NASA Center by an Air Force pilot and Roger Smith and was put in flyable storage
from that day after arrival. It was seen in storage in September 1992 and August 1993. Operational again in October 1993.
From October 1993 it was involved in the OPTP program (Optical Periscope Test Program) and from November 1993 it participated in the NASA (X30 shuttle) program.
On January 24, 1994 it flew its last NASA mission and on February 1, 1994 it made its last flight.
On February 3, 1994 it was dropped from the NASA inventory. It went into storage at Dryden (seen March 1994) and in January 1995 it was seen stored on the line at Edwards.
In September 1995 stored inside the big hangar at Edwards AFB. On April 21, 1997 it was seen for the first time at the gate of Moffett Field.
Preserved as gate guard at Moffett with NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA; taken from the US register October 3, 2003
Moffett Field Historical Society Museum 2006 first noted; under restoration at Moffett Field in Hangar 3 seen June 6, 2009
NASA Ames Research Center air show April 9, 2010 noted after restoration; display in the open October 2018 noted; November 2021 last noted.

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