CF-104 of 1 CAG, leader 880 "Tijuana Taxi" of the 441 "Silver Fox" squadron at CFB Sollingen, Germany

CF-104, Canadair Model CL-90, Lockheed Model 683-04-12, construction number 683A-1180, built by Canadair
first flight March 28, 1963; received by RCAF as 12880 on May 23, 1963; first unit 1 AD in Europe; reserialed as 104880 effective June 1970
441 sqn "Silver Fox" Sollingen "Tijuana Taxi"; upper surfaces of the wings are black and undersides with white and black stripes radiating
in a fan-shaped pattern from the leading edge of the wing root in 1983
104880 was 441's specially painted aircraft for the 30th anniversary of CFB Baden-Sollingen as a Canadian base
stored at CFB Baden-Sollingen, (date unknown), converted to instructional airframe "850C" on May 13, 1985
to controlled cannibalization; at the closeout thrash in November 1992 Baden-Sollingen last noted.

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