CF-104 of 1 CAG, leader "706" colored for the Tiger Meeting 1983, hosted by the 439 squadron at CFB Sollingen, Germany

CF-104, Canadair Model CL-90, Lockheed Model 683-04-12, construction number 683A-1006, built by Canadair
439 sqn painted 104706 for the 1983 "Tiger Meet"
it also served as the squadron's commemorative for the 30th anniversary of Baden-Sollingen as a Canadian Air Base

439 (Sabre-Toothed "Tiger") Squadron: 1 Wing, Marville, France/Lahr/Baden-Sollingen, March 1964 to November 1984 "Fangs of Death"
439 Fighter  Bomber Squadron was formed on 31.December 1943 at Wellingore, England,
incorporating aircraft and personnel from 123 Army Co-operation Squadron. They spent the war in England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.
They disbanded at Flensburg, Germany, on 26.August 1945. They reformed at RCAF Station Uplands on 1.September 1951
and went to 1 Wing North Luffenham on 4.May 1952, then went to 1 Wing Marville, France, on 1.April 1955.
They were deactivated between 30.November 1963 and 28.February 1964, reactivating on 1.March 1964 as 439 Strike/Attack Squadron.
They moved with 1 Wing to Lahr on 1.April 1967 (March 27.1967), then as 439 Tactical Fighter Squadron.
It moved to CFB Baden-Sollingen in 1972. The squadron disbanded in November 1984 and reformed in November 1985 with the CF-18.
They were disbanded at Baden-Sollingen on 15.May 1993 and reactivated shortly after at 3 Wing Bagotville as 439 Combat Support Squadron.
The squadron is now flying the CT-133 Silver Star and CH-146 Griffon helicopter (2000).

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