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Canadian T-shirt

No parking


What do you say?

License plate of a F-104 pilot


Pilots weather stone

F-104 Parking -ONLY-


FLEAGLE "Gear up"

License plate of F-104 pilot


Speed limit "solo F-104"

Phantom Parking -ONLY-

Luftwaffe 21+49 Hopsten




Luftwaffe Aux APU


Oops!!! Too High...

Begian FX 17


Wall drawing at Beja

Tiptank fin of JaboG 34 at Beja


RAF Retirement in style

Bid Strike briefing


Belgian Tiger Bye-bye

Scappy Johnson Altitude Record


"Sound of Freedom" bumper sticker


Testing is Fun

Belgian Tiger ADIOS


AMI - the end

"Ultimo Volo F-104G" in Italy


KG 101 The Netherlands

No parking on the Grass!


They don't need us anymore

This one rare...


Champion Darts

Solo X-Country


FX 50

Pilots talk


"F104 Veteran" - license plate

Flying id for the birds


One more time, please!

Canadian "Auf Wiedersehen"


"Black Beauty" IX Gruppo