F-104G "KH+101" getting ready for a test flight at SABCA at Gosselies, Belgium 1961

F-104G, construction number 9001, US serial number 63-13274, built by Lockheed, reassembled by SABCA
the first F-104G serial 9001 was build and tested by Lockheed, Palmdale (USA); first flight August 3, 1961 at Lockheed, 30 flights total; sold by Lockheed as pattern aircraft
the aircraft was then dismantled and carried by a Canadair CL-44 to Belgium where it was reassembled by the SABCA/Fairey consortium starting November 4, 1961
coded KH+101 at Gosselies, Belgium on November 4, 1961; project "42" as Fighterbomber (for JaboG 31) with Vulcan M61 20 mm machine gun installed and Long Range tanks as loose parts
accepted by BABwSABCA in Silver-finish colors; December 1, 1961 first flight by Bernard Neefs
coded as "FX-1" at SABCA on a rainy December 4, 1961 representing the first SABCA build F-104G being construction number 9001
military test flights at Gosselies: 11.5.1962; 11.5.1962 and 16.5.1962 as KH-101 (delivery)
DA+105 JaboG 31 at Norvenich AB delivery date on May 16, 1962; recoded DR+105 on February 22, 1963; LPR 1 (Luftwaffenparkregiment 1) at Erding AB for system standardization according project "Balance"
planned for project "Columbus" November 15, 1962; according project "Columbus" airlifted to Burbank, CA, USA coded BG+145 on July 22, 1963; reassembled and modified to the latest modification level at Palmdale
 operated by th 4510 CCTW at Luke AFB (shadow serial number 2556) in US Silver-finish colors coded 13274
crashed August 5, 1968 at Luke AFB in the landing pattern after a transition (first solo) mission, pilot ejected safely after encountering asymmetrical flap (Split Flaps) condition,
pilot could not stop the roll tendency of the aircraft and ejected; struck off charge order (AVA) December 11, 1968, written off; operated by 4512 CCTS; 871 flight hours; engine 431-114 J-79.

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