F-104G DB+257 during "SATS" program (Short Airfield for Tactical Support), a trial for mobile airfields at Lechfeld in 1966

F-104G, construction number 683D-8007, company model 683-10-19, US serial number 63-13271, built by Fokker
assembled with Lockheed produced parts, first flight June 27, 1962 coded KG+107 in Fighterbomber version at Fokker-Schiphol; acceptance date July 19, 1962 by BABwFokker
DA+128 JaboG 31 at Norvenich AB delivery date August 21, 1962 in Silver-finish colors
DR+128 at LPR 1 on March 19, 1963 for upgrading according project "Balance" (system upgrading to higher modification level)
assigned for project "Columbus" on November 15, 1962; according project "Columbus" to Lockheed-Burbank, USA coded as BG-144 on July 16, 1963
reassembled and modified to the latest modification level at Lockheed-Palmdale; modified for SATS program (Short Airfield for Tactical Support),
a trial for mobile airfields at US Navy Test Center Lakehurst, New Jersey coded "BG-144" in 1964-1965
stored at Lockheed-Palmdale, July 28, 1965 shipped to Germany; further tests 1965-1966 coded DB+257 at JaboG 32 Lechfeld
April 28, 1966 trials for Martin Baker MB GQ.7(A) ejection seat; May 24, 1966 to ErpSt 61; January 5, 1967 removal of all SATS components
23+32 JaboG 32 on October 30, 1967; EL-70/EL-73 Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) system was installed in the weapon system in the late 70s with tech order "TA-FL1191"
IRAN at SABCA on October 8, 1970, back to JaboG 32 on November 20, 1970; JaboG 33 on October 10, 1984
JaboG 34 on February 22, 1985; crashed October 3, 1985 on Suippes Bombing Range, France after compressor stall during a bomb run recovery, pilot ejected safely
struck off charge order (AVA) June 5, 1986.

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