F-104F BB+378 WaSLw 10 Norvenich AB 1961

F-104F, construction number 283-5065, company model 483-04-08, US serial number 59-5012, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Cooperation (LAC), Burbank; assembly at Lockheed-Palmdale; first flight 1960 with US serial number "59-5012"
shipped in boxes to Bremerhaven, Germany on August 16, 1960; by train to Messerschmitt-Norvenich for reassembly
test flight September 9, 1960; acceptance date September 29, 1960 by BABwMTT in Silver-finish colors
BB+378 WaSLw 10 (OTU Operational Training Unit) at Norvenich AB delivery date September 29, 1960
crashed September 6, 1961 at Neckarmühlbach near Gundelfingen, Baden due to lack of fuel
due to a navigational error after loss of navigational instruments, both pilots ejected safely; Lockheed C-2 seat
written off; struck off charge order (AVA) April 4, 1962.

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