F-104F BB+365 WaSLw 10 (OTU 10) at Norvenich AB 1960

F-104F, construction number 5052, company company model 483-04-08, US serial number 59-4999, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Cooperation (LAC), Burbank
assembly at Lockheed-Palmdale; first flight 1960 with US serial number coded "59-4999"
shipped in boxes to Bremerhaven, Germany on June 3, 1960; transported by train to Messerschmitt-Norvenich
Messerschmitt test flight July 14, 1960 in Silver-finish colors
BB+365 WaSLw 10 (OTU Operational Training Unit) at Norvenich AB delivery date on July 26, 1960
crashed during practice show formation after disorientation of leader in clouds on June 19, 1962
into an open brown coal-mine at Knapsack near Norvenich AB, pilot was killed; written off
taken from Lw aircraft type roster on July 17, 1962.

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