F-104C "60910" 479th TFW USAF based at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand heads into Vietnam 1966 loaded with 2 "M-117" 750 lbs (340 kg) iron bombs, the maximum load at that time

F-104C, construction number 183-1198, model 483-04-05, US serial number 56-0910, built by Lockheed
November 6, 1958 available at Lockheed; accepted January 5, 1959; delivery date to UASF January 6, 1959
476 TFS of 479th TFW 1959 "FG-910" George AFB, CA; August 1960 434th TFS at Moron AB, Spain; August 1961 434th TFS at Moron AB, Spain
1966/67 435th TFS "Screaming Eagles" at Udorn Royal Thailand AFB, Thailand in camouflage scheme with nose art "Pussycat"
January 1967 to Sacramento SAMA, AFLC; April 1967 to 8th TFS PACAF, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand
August 1967 to 156th TFS ANG Puerto Rico, 1967-1975 as "0-60910" 198 TFS PR ANG, Muniz ANGB San Juan
August 5, 1975 dropped from inventory and preserved at Buckley ANG; August 1975 to Lowry AFB, Denver CO, parade grounds; until December 1994
display at Wings over the Rockies Aviation and Space Museum, Colorado coded as "57-910" in 1997; coded as "60910" 2005 noted; April 2020 noted.

3943'12.8"N 10453'44.2"W

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  "Screaming Eagles"