F-104A "FG-781" 83rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Hamilton AFB, California 1958
flown by 1st Lt George Davis

F-104A, construction number 183-1069, model 183-93-02, US serial number 56-0781, built by Lockheed
delivery date January 31, 1958; 83rd FIS January 1958-August 1960; 197th FIS Arizona ANG August 1960-April 1961
crashed April 9, 1961 near Phoenix Airport, Arizona, pilot was killed while ejecting with an upward ejection seat
the engine failed after a compressor stall and he was trying to reach Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

"Roadrunner" nose art
Roadrunner nose art was put on my bird 781 when I was at Hamilton in the 83rd FIS in April 1958.
In those days Wily coyote was all the rage and the road runner was the fastest bird alive, and so was the 104A.
Seemed only natural that it was painted on the nose of my plane. (George Davis 2011)

copyright  USAF via DoD