F-104A "FG-740" of APG (Air Proving Ground) at Eglin AFB just after Take-off with the gear in transit

F-104A, construction number 183-1028, model 183-93-02, US serial number 56-0740, built by Lockheed
delivery date June 29, 1957; ARDC (1957-1959) ADTC (Armament Development and Test Center) support, accident on November 19, 1957 at Eglin AFB and repaired
July 1959 at NAF China Lake as "Navy" for US Navy
flying out of NAF China Lake (NMC) for Sidewinder 1C (AIM-9) missile tests crashed into mountain Josephine Peak (near the junction of Mt. Wilson and Palmdale Roads in the Angeles Natl. Forest) 
north of Los Angeles on September 22, 1960, pilot USMC Captain Harold O. Casada Jr. was killed.
September 22, 1960, US Marine Corps Captain Howard O. Casada Jr. was killed when his Navy F-104 Starfighter (56-0740), based at China Lake Naval Weapons Center and carrying Sidewinder missiles, 
crashed into the southern face of Josephine Peak at an elevation of 4500ft. The cause of the crash was thought to be oxygen depletion at altitude.

note: It had a landing accident owned by the APG (Air Proving Ground) at Eglin AFB on November 19,1957
Following a local test mission, aircraft landed hard on the runway overrun at Eglin AFB, Florida, 500' short of the approach end of the runway, breaking the left MLG strut. 
A/C bounced and came back down on the overrun leaving gouge marks made by the broken strut. 
A/C departed the runway skidding left at the 2,060 foot mark and continued 765 feet off into the sand. No fire occurred and the pilot egressed safely with no injury. 
Damage substantial but aircraft repaired. USAF 3241st Test Group, APG/AFOTC

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