JF-104B "FG-719" (56-3719) prototype 1957

F-104B, construction number 283-5000, model 283-93-03, US serial number 56-3719, built by Lockheed
JF-104B prototype aircraft, first flight June 27, 1957; AFFTC with short tail
FG-719 crashed June 30, 1958 after engine failure (flame-out) and an attempted emergency return to Palmdale in landing pattern at Palmdale
engineering test pilot Lt Dave Holloman killed (too low to eject), written off
aircraft was owned by AMC (Air Material Command). Officially it was still JF-104B.

On June 30, 1958 Lockheed Aircraft Company civilian test pilot James Holliman was flying JF-104B 56-3719 on a spin test flight,
the 30th test flight since starting the program. After TO from Palmdale a spin was flown from 39.000 feet down to 15.000 feet.
The engine stalled during the spin entry and the engine was shot down, as it had done before.
The test flight was stopped and the pilot returned to Palmdale. During the final turn for landing the JF-104B suffered loss of thrust.
The pilot rolled wings level and retracted the gear to gain altitude but impacted in a nose high attitude and burst in flames.
The pilot was killed. The aircraft was bailed to Lockheed from SMAMA owned by AMC (Air Material Command).

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