YF-104A "52965" AFFTC (US Air Force Flight Test Center), Edwards AFB

YF-104A, construction number 183-1011, model 183-93-02, US serial number 55-2965, built by Lockheed
FG-965 ready for delivery July 18, 1956; acceptance by USAF July 31, 1956; delivery date February 4, 1957
ARDC (Armament Development and Test Center) / AFFTC (US Air Force Flight Test Center) February 1957-November 1964 at Edwards AFB
JF-104A modification on August 16, 1957; J-79 test Edwards AFB. Assigned to the Air Research and Development Command (ARDC) in 1959 JF-104A 55-2965 crash landed on Bicycle Lake, Fort Irwin,
30 NM north of Barstow on November 16, 1959 after a dead engine landing due to a Fire Warning indication before.
Capt George Paul Eremea was performing a functional test flight due to maintenance performed on the afterburner fuel system. Capt George Paul Eremea was not hurt; the aircraft was repaired lateron
Converted to QF-104A on July 30, 1962 (still owned by AFFTC Edwards); JQF-104A on November 8, 1965; 3205th Drone Squadron November 1964-March 1967 coded QFG-965; shot down March 1, 1967 by AIM-4D; 5 drone flights.

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