F-104C "60886" 436 TFS of 479 TFW with "Fannie" painted on the nose at DaNang 1965

F-104C, construction number 183-1174, model 483-04-05, US serial number 56-0886, built by Lockheed
delivered to the USAF on September 20, 1958
September 1958 to AF Flight Test Center (Air Research and Development Command), Edwards AFB, CA
479th TFW 476th TFS October 1958, noted October 22, 1958; deployments to Moron AB Spain
deployment to DaNang AB Vietnam with 436 TFS, nose art "Fannie" at DaNang 1965
November 1966 to 435 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Pacific Air Forces), Udorn RTAFB, Thailand
May 1967 to 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (PACAF), Udorn RTAFB
198 TFS PR ANG 156th Tactical Fighter Group (Air National Guard), San Juan IAP, PR 1967-April 8, 1976
April 1976 dropped from the inventory; April 9, 1976 to Holloman AFB, New Mexico
preserved at Holloman AFB with "HM" code 1978; October 5, 2007 noted; October 27, 2009 noted for restoration
as "56-0764" F-104A at Holloman AFB museum June 21, 2011 first noted; March 2012 last noted
in 2012 it got a new color scheme, light grey to represent an AFFTC F-104A with fake serial "56-764"; May 2017 last noted.

3250'24.43"N 106 4'32.41"W

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