F-104G "FG-781" Hellenic Air Force in grey camouflage scheme

F-104G, construction number 683D-6126, model 683-10-19, US serial number 64-17781, built by Canadair
first flight June 8, 1965, to USAF August 19, 1965 coded FG-781 "47781"
first flight June 8, 1965; to USAF August 19, 1965 coded "FG-781/47781; MAP (Military Assistance Program) to Greece December 1965 coded "FG-781"
1974 "Tiger Meet" Bitburg 335 Mira; last flight on June 3, 1992 to 132 CG (later HAF Detachment Agrinion) and withdrawn from use; stored Agrinion AB September 17, 2005 last noted
February 13, 2007 date that approved the availability of the F-104 for going to Nea Anchialos; preserved Nea Anchialos Airport (LGBL) in May 2007 coded "47781"
November 2018 in Base collection last noted.

Anchialos Airport (LGBL) 3913'38.93"N 2247'40.33"E

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