F-104G "FX52" Tiger 31 squadron BAF at Tiger meet 1978 at Kleine-Brogel

F-104G, construction number 683D-9095, model 683-10-19, built by SABCA
taken on service May 21, 1964 at Gosselies AP, delivery date June 8, 1964 to 31 squadron of 10 Wing
January 1, 1965 to 10 Wing (Effective January 1st 1965, the aircraft were pooled in the Wing and no more allocated to squadrons)
February 28, 1969 1 Wing Beauvechain AB, to 10 Wing on August 9, 1973; painted as "Tiger" for TM78 at Kleine-Brogel AB 1978
on November 10, 1981 emergency landing at Kleine-Brogel after midair collision with FX11
returned to base with a damaged wing and tip-tank, repaired using tail section of FX86
withdrawn from use and stored at Koksijde AB June 24, 1983 with 3.026 flight hours
struck off charge 1987 and sold to industry (to Radcomm Ent.); stripped and transferred to Royal Army Museum July 15, 1991
later stored in private collection at Peuti, Vilvoorde, tail parts of FX02
on December 23, 2004 bought by Henk de Jongh from a scrap dealer in Peuti, Belgium
preserved Düsseldorf Regional Airport (Weeze)-Flughafen Niederrhein (EDLV), which is former RAF Laarbruch
airplane was transported from Peuti to Düsseldorf Regional airport (Weeze) on March 4, 2005 for restoration and display; 2007 under restoration noted
FX52 has received back its wonderful TIGER color scheme and it looks just very beautiful; Weeze 2008 Air Show on 30 April 2008 last noted
FX52 leaves EDLV for the last time on February 7, 2011 for new owner in Greece; June 2011 noted in Greece
FX52 can be found inside the collection of the P.A.L.I.S foundation at Kalivia, Greece 5 km SW of Koropi; December 2012 noted
stored in the open September 8, 2016 noted; September 2019 noted.

Museum closed by the end of 2013 !!!

37°51'54.8"N 23°49'37.7"E

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