CF-104D "666" with the 439 "Tiger" squadron at the Tiger Meet 70 at Kleine Brogel in June 1970

CF-104D, Lockheed model 583-04-15, Lockheed construction number 583A-5336, RCAF serial number 12666, Mk.2 (Dual Operational Aircraft), built by Lockheed
delivery date May 8, 1965, "Triple Sick", the ultimate hangar queen, flying just 50 hours in four years at 1 Wing RCAF as of December 31, 1965
written off after an aborted takeoff and subsequent loss of control with 1 CAG (operated that day by 441 Squadron) on March 5, 1975; struck off service on June 17, 1975
the accident was caused when a brand new tire blew at 190 knots, both crew survived, but the accident revealed a problem with the canopy jettison system
and the forward fuselage was shipped to AETE at CFB Cold Lake for further tests. It was later used for ABDR training, then went to the base fire dump
and finally ended up in the Tri-Town Museum in the town of Cold Lake; front fuselage stored Cold Lake, 2001 noted
cockpits dumped at CAF Museum Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, May 2006 noted, still laying on the ground at the Cold Lake museum as of May 2014.

copyright  Henk Schakelaar