F-104S ASA prototype with 311°Gruppo Reparto Sperimentale Volo (RSV)

F-104S, construction number 783-1245, serial number MM6945, model 783, built by Aeritalia at Turin-Caselle
production line November 6, 1978; delivery date AMI February 15, 1979; delivery date 155°Gruppo February 27, 1979, 51-37 05.1979-30.9.1982
September 1982 155°Gruppo, based at Istrana, rotated with 17 squadron at Bruggen flying the Jaguar Fighterbomber
delivery date Aeritalia for flight test September 8, 1982; F-104S ASA conversion until December 12, 1984
ASA prototype "ASA" in light blue color scheme delivery date RSV December 12, 1984
refuelling probe tests 10.1986-03.1987; IRAN 30.3.1987-7.3.1988; delivery date 311°Gruppo 07.3.1988, with RSV till 16.3.1992
IRAN + F-104S ASA-M prototype conversion 16.3.1992-26.3.1998
recoded "CMX611" replacing the "MM6945" on the tail for the first time in March 1998
first flight 31.7.1995, grey camouflage scheme; delivery date 311°Gruppo 26.3.1998; coded RS-06 with 311°Gruppo; last flight July 23, 2001
withdrawn from use with 1.125 flight hours on Octoberr 13,  2001 and stored
at Pratica di Mare AB May 2004 noted; Pratica di Mare September 17, 2006 noted; stored at Grazzanise AB May 2008 last noted
January 21, 2009 a special F-104 cockpit coded "9.99" was revealed at dell'Istituto Scienze Militari Aeronautiche, located at Firenze,
the Pratica project refuelling probe has been added to the cockpit
seen on December 22, 2015 at L'Accademia Aeronautica at Pozzuoli; currently the cockpit section can be found preserved (stored) at Grazzanise.

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