F-104C 57-0923 "Hellooo Dolly" 479th TFW at Udorn RTAFB 1967

F-104C, serial number 57-0923, construction number 183-1180, model 483-04-05, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank CA and delivered to the USAF on May 28, 1959
479 Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command), George AFB, CA (May 1959-August 1967) (deployments to Moron AB Spain)
Udorn AFB with 435 TFS from around mid 1966, overhaul at McClellan in November 1966 (arriving the 15th), 1967 at Udorn 435 TFS
198th TFS 156th Tactical Fighter Group of Puerto Rico Air National Guard, San Juan IAP, PR (August 1967-August 1968)
crashed August 5, 1968 on take-off from Savannah, Georgia during summer training camp
Trying to avoid a F-104C already in the barrier after an aborted take-off at a rather high speed 923 swerved off the runway into the dirt,
sheared the landing gear and hit the barrier reel with full tip tanks. The aircraft caught fire when the tanks burst.
Pilot escaped with minor (first and second degree) burns, written off.

copyright  Rodney Trimble

57-0923 was "Hellooo Dolly" painted on both sides was flown by LtCol Robert "Bob" Preciado,
Squadron Commander of the 435 TFS at Udorn RTAFB 1967

"Dolly being the nickname of my wife, and the long Hellooo part is from the musical "Hello Dolly" with Barbara Streisand in the title song"