F-104C 60936 "Lil Poo II" 479th TFW, assigned to 8th TFW at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand 1967 with flag of 8th TFW on the rudder jaw damper

F-104C, construction number 183-1224, model 483-04-05, US serial number 56-0936, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed at Burbank, California, and was delivered to the USAF on March 17, 1959
October 4, 1959 479th Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command), George AFB, CA
435th TFS September 19, 1961 to Ramstein AB, Germany from George direct, until January 22, 1962
September 24, 1965 to 436th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TAC), DaNang AB, South Vietnam
November 22, 1965 to 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TAC), Kung Kuan AB, Taiwan
December 18, 1965 to 479th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TAC), George AFB, CA
November 21, 1966 to 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TAC), Udorn RTAB, Thailand
March 2, 1967 to 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (PACAF), Udorn RTAB, Thailand
August 15, 1967 to Puerto Rico Air National Guard, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
October 19, 1967 to 198th TFS 156th Tactical Fighter Group (ANG), Puerto Rico
August 4, 1975 dropped from the USAF inventory
August 5, 1975 flown to Peterson AFB, at Edward J. Peterson Air & Space Command Museum, CO
repainted as F-104A "60808" of 83 FIS s/n 56-0808, to depict heritage of the F-104 with the Air Defense Command (ADC)
repainted in August 2007; October 2020 noted.

copyright  Rodney Trimble

see: http://www.petemuseum.org/PhotoGallery.html

The pilot flying this aircraft was Tom Mahan

"Lil Poo II" was only on the left side of my machine.
The name is a familiar reference to the fact most Fighter Pilots have a rival in their lives-their machine and their wife.
I used Poo as a familiar term during our courtship with Shirley and carried it over to my machine,
in deference to her and the myth of conflicting loves.
I cannot help but think of a famous admonition a general officer once told us:
"Know your Men and your Machines, and do not mix them up". "II" meant the second love of my life. Shirley was the first.