F-104C "60891" "Snoopy Sniper" 479th TFW at Udorn RTAFB, "Nancy J" on left side

F-104C, serial number 56-0891, construction number 183-1179, model 483-04-05, built by Lockheed
delivery date October 16, 1958; 479th Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command), George AFB, CA (deployments to Moron AB and Ramey AFB, PR)
October 1958-November 1966; with 435th TFS at Udorn in late 1966; January 1967 435 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Pacific Air Forces), Udorn RTAFB
March 1967 to 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (PACAF), Udorn RTAFB
56-891 nicknamed as "Snoopy Sniper" was flown by Herb Drisco. On the other side "Nancy J" was painted. The name "Nancy J" referred to Herb's wife
198th TFS Puerto Rico ANG, San Juan IAP, PR January 1968-1975; August 11, 1975 dropped from the inventory and transfer to Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix
on pole at Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ in Arizona ANG F-104A markings in front of the AZ ANG HQ bldg in 2000; June 2021 noted.

copyright  Rodney Trimble

The pilot flying this aircraft was Herb Drisco
The artwork was very nice showing the famous dog "Snoopy" sitting on a firing gatling gun.
"Nancy J" and "Snoopy Sniper" are the same aircraft at the same time.
Nancy J refers to his wife.
Herb Drisko was "F Troop" flight commander at Udorn.