F-104C "60902" "Miss Judy" 479th TFW, assigned to 8th TFW at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand 1967

F-104C, construction number 183-1190, model 483-04-05, serial number 56-0902, built by Lockheed
delivered to the USAF on December 1, 1958; 479th TFW, 436th TFS September 1965 at DaNang AB
435th TFS "Miss Judy" 1966/67 at Udorn RTAFB; 198th TFS 156th TFG PR ANG August 1967
crashed April 23, 1968 with PR ANG during a flight control test flight when the aircraft became uncontrollable
at high altitude and high speed, pilot ejected and was injured; written off.

copyright  Rodney Trimble

flown by 1/Lt "Ace" Rawlins
Texan flag on the lower part of the rudder yaw damper.
The aircraft was named for his wife "Miss Judy" and the nickname could be found on both sides of the aircraft.

"Screaming Eagles"