YF-104A 52956 (55-2956) in early configuration without the ventral tail fin and arrestor hook

YF-104A, construction number 1002, serial number 55-2956 built by Lockheed
accepted by USAF on March 30, 1956
first appearance with fake intake cones on April 17, 1956
delivery date to USAF on August 2, 1956; 83 FIS Hamilton AFB, California
in 1958 modifications inside AF Plant 14 at Palmdale
April 1959 flying out of NAF China Lake (Navy Missile Center) for Sidewinder missile tests
crashed at NAF China Lake in June 1959
Pilot Cmdr Herkimer Camp had engine trouble on take-off and ran off the end of the runway resulting in total damage
Pilot Cmdr Herkimer Camp survived, written off.

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