F-104G "FN-A" RNoAF Bodo AB on a "Bullpup" air to ground missile test 1966

F-104G, construction number 683C-4039, model 683-10-19, US serial number 62-12237, built by Lockheed
RF-104G MAP to Norway coded "FN-A" on August 7, 1963 for 331 squadron; modified to F-104G in August 1963
flight hours on arrival 36; 1191 flight hours when it crashed
crashed into Skotstind mountain at Nordskott, near Steigen (100km north from Bodo) on February 10, 1971,
the plane was one of three on an intercept training mission operating out of BodÝ,
when it flew into the mountain Skotstind in thick fog; the pilot was killed, written off.

Note: This Starfighter was one of many delivered to Norway via the USS Croatan which arrived at Agag harbour on August 6, 1963.
It also had a RF-104G camera housing like lots of the early Norwegian Starfighters did.

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