Arizona Skies: F-104G 63-13243 over the Lake Powell

picture taken by Richard "Dick" Moore on the occasion of his 1000th hour in the Starfighter in 1973
F-104G US serial number 63-13243, construction number 2026, coded "126" for test flights, KF+102 for delivery shipped to Germany November 3, 1961, DA+231 April 3, 1962 JaboG 31 March 13, 1963 as BG+122 airlifted to Lockheed at Palmdale, operated by the 4510th CCTW at Luke AFB coded "13243" sold to USA with 3.591 flight hours, to ROCAF coded as "4368", crashed March 24, 1990 crashed in formation with "4385" at Hsinwu, Tao Yuan (possible midair collision)