F-104C coded as "10+75" at Luke AFB, Arizona with a F-104G tail 1975

F-104C, construction number 183-1180, company model 583-03-04, serial number 56-0892, built by Lockheed
delivery date October 16, 1958; 479th Tactical Fighter Wing, George AFB, CA October 1958-October 1967
476Th TFS 1965 at DaNang AB, South Vietnam and Kung Kuan AB Taiwan April 19, 1965-July 11, 1965
435th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Pacific Air Forces) Udorn RTAFB, Thailand in late 1966/1967
198th TFS PR Air National Guard October 1967-July 1975, damaged after emergency landing at San Juan
after chute failure the pilot did not engage the barrier, but steered into the dirt area to avoid the lagoon, aircraft was repaired
withdrawn from use July 17, 1975 and transferred to Luke AFB; at Luke AFB, Arizona as Gate Guard coded "10+75" with F-104G tail of construction number 9012 in October 1975
showing "69-418" (being the numbers of the last two training squadrons) on right tail
later coded as "63-13243" of the 4510th CCTW (58th TFTW), first noted as "13243" late 1994; Luke Air Force Base Airpark June 2021 last noted.

copyright  Peter Foster

3332'24.23"N 11221'43.02"W