TF-104G "38465" (63-8465) 58th TFW Luke AFB (KLUF) leading a formation approach

TF-104G, construction number 583D-5771, company model 583-10-20, US serial number 63-8465, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Group USA (ARGE-USA); assembly at Lockheed-Palmdale for Germany; test flights with US registration "63-8465"
delivery date in 1963 at Lockheed-Palmdale
 operated by the 4510th CCTW at Luke AFB (German shadow serial number 2767) in USAF Silver-finish colors coded 38465
wing renamed 58th TFTW on January 1, 1970; wing renamed 58th TTW on April 1, 1977; flown until end of operation at Luke AFB on March 16, 1983;
struck off charge order (AVA) July 21, 1983; sold to USAF 1983 with 2.336 flight hours with "Phase II" lot
MAP (Military Assistance Program) to ROCAF 1983 under project "Ali Shan No.8" coded "4192" for 28 TFS of 3 Wing at CCK AB (Ching Chuan Kang AB)
1995 to 2 Wing (11 TFG); stored at Hsinchu AB in 1998; decoy at Hsinchu AB coded "4192" in 2002
on display at New Taipei City Military Shrine, New Taipei City, in Shulin District, no squadron markings, blue code
2003 first noted; repainted with black colored codes December 2013 noted; June 2021 last noted.

copyright  Hans van Ettinger