F-104G 22312 "FG-312" 4510th CCTW Luke AFB; it was not a Luftwaffe owned F-104G, but it was lost while training a German pilot

F-104G, construction number 6011, company model 683-10-19, US serial number 62-12312, built by Canadair
manufactured by Canadair; first flight November 20, 1963; delivery date to USAF January 28, 1964
MAP (Military Assistance Program) aircraft operated by the USAF for foreign pilot training coded FG-312/22312 with the 4443rd CCTS of 4510th CCTW
crashed after take-off in VMC 5 NM SE of Luke AFB, Arizona on April 16, 1965; canopy was not locked on take-off
pilot did not eject and was killed; cause unknown: possible cause oxygen quality; aircraft was written off
It was a German Marine (GN) pilot on a transition course to the Starfighter.

copyright  Chris Baird