TF-104G "FG-074" (61-3074) leading the formation 1984

TF-104G, construction number 583D-5745, company model 583-10-20, US serial number 61-3074, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Group USA (ARGE-USA); assembly at Lockheed-Palmdale for Germany; first flight 1963 coded with US serial number "61-3074"
 to Germany at Luke AFB in USAF Silver-finish colors; operated by the 4510 CCTW (shadow serial number 2743) coded FG-074
later coded 13074; flown until end of operation at Luke AFB on March 16, 1983; struck off charge order (AVA) July 19, 1983; sold to USAF with "Phase III" lot with 2.549 flight hours
1984 MAP (Military Assistance Program) to Taiwan under project "Ali Shan No.8" coded "4172" to 3 Wing; seen with tail marking "03074"
withdrawn from use and decoy at CCK AB (Ching Chuan Kang) 1999 last noted; scrapped.

copyright © Wilhelm Göbel

13074 landing with 3 tanks and a travel pod on the right pylon station