F-104C "57-0928" on MIG CAP patrol over the Gulf of Tonkin operating out of DaNang, South Vietnam 1965 in USAF Silver-finish, carrying live GAR-8 (Sidewinder) missiles

In April of 1965, a single squadron of the 479th TFW, the 476th TFS deployed with their F-104C to DaNang Air Base in South Vietnam.
Their job was to fly MiG combat air patrol (MiGCAP) missions to protect American fighter bombers
against attack by North Vietnamese fighters.
After four losses, the remnants of the 479th were rotated back to George AFB.
However, a new contingent of F-104Cs returned to Vietnam in May of 1966.
This time, all four squadrons of the 479th TFW were involved and were assigned to the Udorn base in Thailand.
These F-104Cs were soon involved in air strikes against targets in both South and North Vietnam,
changing its role of air superiority for that of ground attack.
The Starfighter took part in "Operation Bolo", which was a successful attempt to lure North Vietnamese fighters into combat.

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