F-104G "9998" lifting off for the first flight presentation at Palmdale on March 3, 1962

MM6501, construction number 683-9998, serial number MM6501, model 683-10-19, built by Lockheed

The aircraft rolled out from the Lockheed assembly plant in Palmdale, CA, in February 1962 with manufacturer's number 9998
and on March 3, 1962 was formally delivered to the Italian Air Force
Capt Franco Bonazzi, at the time attached to the F-104G Joint Test Force (JTF) at Edwards AFB, made the acceptance flights
The aircraft was then temporarily "loaned" by the IAF to FIAT and used by Vittorio Sanseverino, FIAT chief test pilot,
for familiarization flights at Palmdale before being shipped to Torino, Italy
In Torino the aircraft was reassembled and took the IAF serial number MM6501
On June 9, 1962 MM6501 was taken to the air again by Vittorio Sanseverino and on September 29, 1962 was delivered again to the IAF and reaccepted by Franco Bonazzi
In 1962 MM6501 was assigned to the IAF Flight Test Center (RSV-Reparto Sperimentale di Volo) in Pratica di Mare coded as RS-1 and in 1967 she was still there
The last operational role was Recce with the 3 Stormo in Villafranca until "retired" and displayed in the IAF Museum in Vigna di Valle
In 2004 she was on static display at the Pratica di Mare F-104 farewell and 50th birthday celebrations!
September 19, 2008 noted; January 2021 noted.

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