F-104F 29+02 WaSLw 10 Jever with "1000 hours F-104F" marks on the tail 1968

F-104F, construction number 5048, company model 483-04-08, US serial number 59-4995, built by Lockheed
manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (LAC), Burbank; first flight January 15, 1960 with USAF serial number coded "59-4995"
coded BB+361 used for the training of the first German pilot conversion training at Palmdale in February 1960
shipped in boxes to Germany on May 20, 1960; transported by train to Messerschmitt-Norvenich for reassembly
BB+361 WaSLw 10 (OTU Operational Training Unit) at Norvenich AB delivery date on August 17, 1960
February 9, 1964 the "II. Ausbildungsgruppe WaSLw 10" relocated from Norvenich to Jever AB
29+02 crash landing in 1965, repaired and back to WaSLw 10 in May 1967; camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196" in 1965/66
withdrawn from use (grounded) in April 1971 according government orders; struck off charge order (AVA) June 29, 1971
instructional airframe (GIA) at ABC school Sonthofen in 1972, 1984 noted; February 1993 last noted; scrapped.

copyright  Hans Koning