F-104G 26+72 "Vikings" MFG 2 formation take-off at Mildenhall Air Fete, UK May 1985

F-104G, construction number 683D-7418, company model 683-10-19, built by MBB
manufactured by South Group (ARGE-Süd) & VFW as attrition replacement aircraft) in Fighterbomber version; assembly start by ARGE-Süd at MBB-Manching on December 9, 1971 according lot 7
first flight March 16, 1972 at Manching; acceptance date June 6, 1972 by GPS-MBB
modification level "Neptun" as Fighterbomber (for German Navy) with AS.30 "Kormoran" anti-ship missile delivery system; Navy camouflage scheme "Norm 76" according tech order "TA-196-3"
26+72 MFG 2 at Eggebek AB delivery date on June 6, 1972; at RAF Greenham Common August 1, 1976
October 12, 1983 to Luftwaffenschleuse 11 for AN/ALE-40 Chaff/Flare countermeasure dispenser equipment according tech order "TA-1469", back to MFG 2 on November 28, 1983
flown by the "Vikings" demonstration team with a colorful paint scheme, symbolizing the colors of Schleswig-Holstein for the F-104 Farewell on September 11, 1986
stored at LwSchleuse 11 with 2.225 flying hours on November 26, 1986; struck off charge order (AVA) February 21, 1989
display at MFG 2 Eggebek as "Viking" on May 18, 1992; on pole in standard Navy camouflage scheme in 2003
for sale by VEBEG November 2004; transported from Eggebek to Kessel, Netherlands in mid January 2005
owned by Piet Smedts, Kessel Garagebedrijf Piet Smedts/PS Aero and preserved in the storage area, March 18, 2006 first noted; preserved February 2010 last noted
February 13, 2010 under restoration in "Vikings" colors noted; March 26, 2011 last noted; preserved in "Vikings" colors at Baarlo August 10, 2011 first noted; October 2020 last noted
February 8, 2022 to Fenix Recycling, a company at Limburg Regional Airport (Sint-Truiden), former Brustem Airbase (EBST), as part of an aircraft-collection with Fenix Recycling
stored in hangar 27; October 2023 last noted.

"Neptun" 36 F-104G Fighterbomber for the Navy with built-in AS.30 "Kormoran" anti-ship missile delivery wiring system

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26+72 F-104G MFG 2 Soesterberg January 24, 1983 @ Eric Tammer