RF-104G 21+21 Marinefliegergeschwader 2 (MFG 2) 1983

RF-104G, construction number 683D-6676, company model 683-04-10, built by FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino)
manufactured by Italian Group (ARGE-Italien); RF-104G production in Photoreconnaissance version; first flight May 3, 1965 coded KC+155 at FIAT, Turin-Caselle
project "Earl" (for MFG 2) as RF-104G with "AS.30" anti-ship missile delivery system installed
camouflage scheme "Norm 62" according tech order "TA-196"; acceptance date July 10, 1965 by BABwFIAT
VB+216 MFG 2 of German Navy delivery date on July 19, 1965 at Eggebek AB
21+21 Navy camouflage scheme "Norm 76" according tech order "TA-196-3" in 1972
modified to MARINE-Recce version according tech order "TA-1401" with Side Oblique Camera (SOC) KS-87B on May 3, 1979; back to MFG 2 on October 11, 1979
to Luftwaffenschleuse 11 on June 28, 1982 for AN/ALE-40(N) Chaff/Flare countermeasure dispenser equipment modification
according tech order "TA-1469", back to MFG 2 on August 6, 1982; LVR 1 "F-104 Kommando" on March 25, 1987; WTD 61 on June 22, 1987
withdrawn from use at LwSchleuse 11 on August 6, 1987 with 3.233 flight hours; struck off charge order (AVA) January 4, 1988
MAP (Military Assistance Program) to Hellenic Air Force coded as "FG-6676" on April 27, 1988 for 116 Wing at Araxos AB, operated by the 116.Pterix (Wing) at Araxos AB
last flight from 116 Combat Wing to 132 Combat Group at Agrinion AB (HAF Detachment) on April 6, 1993 and withdrawn from use
stored Agrinion AB September 2005 noted; stored at Agrinion AB as "6676" in October 2018 last noted.

Project "Earl": 27 RF-104G from the ARGE-Italy for the 1.Staffel (Squadron) of MFG 2 at Eggebek with built-in AS.30 "Kormoran" anti-ship missile delivery wiring system.

note: September 2018 noted with experimental twin RWR sensors, a one-time experiment and did not see extended use.

copyright  Peter Doll

A German Navy F-104 entered bad weather and the pilot was suddenly shocked by a big bang. The pilot felt something like a severe explosion. The Starfighter was struck by a lightning strike.
A check on the instruments showed no problems with the engine or electronics. However looking outside is was evident that the aircraft was indeed damaged.
Three fuel tanks were missing while the remaining tip tank was severely bent and damaged. The voltage of the lightning strike had charged the jettison circuit of the F-104 and dropped three of the four tanks.
The pilot landed safely at CFB Lahr.

21+21 after lightning strike 1970