German F-104 survivors

List of Starfighter preserved in Germany callsign location
2002 DB+127 display in launch position at Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr, Berlin-Gatow, showing ZELL launch details; ex 20+02.
52°28'22.78"N 13° 8'33.86"E
2004 "24+04" display "Julius-Leber-Kaserne" (WachBtlBMVg), Berlin-Tegel, ex 20+04.
52°33'20.46"N 13°18'30.69"E
2006 20+06 display in Kaufbeuren barracks of TSLw 1 at School HQ, in Silver-finish.
47°52'20.81"N 10°36'49.33"E
2007 20+07 preserved in a private collection in Freiberg, Saxony.
2008 20+08 display on pole at Manching AB within WTD 61 area, special WTD 61 marks.
48°42'51.14"N 11°32'8.89"E
2050 20+43 display "Flugausstellung L. +P. Junior", Hermeskeil, JaboG 33 marks.
49°41'6.87"N 6°57'41.92"E
2053 20+45 display "Luftfahrtmuseum Laatzen-Hannover", JaboG 31 marks.
52°19'20.37"N 9°47'29.77"E
2054 20+46 display Pfalz-Flugzeugwerke, Speyer (EDRY), carries 4 fuel tanks.
49°18'30.91"N 8°27'20.44"E
2055 20+47 display International Luftfahrt Museum (Pflumm), Villingen- Schwenningen.
48° 3'59.51"N 8°34'10.57"E
2057 "10" instructional airframe (GIA) at MBB "25 anniversary Feldwerft Manching", special yellow-black colors,
coded "10" in 2001, ex 20+49 (mobile).
2068 20+59 instructional airframe (GIA) Engineering Department Hochschule der Bundeswehr (HSBw), Neubiberg (mobile).
2075 20+64 cockpit for display at “Aeronauticum“ Nordholz.
53°46'29.06"N 8°38'23.17"E - inside
2094 "23+81" Gate Guard on pole at Schleswig-Jagel AB (ETNS), ex 20+81.
54°28'18.76"N 9°32'19.01"E
6602 20+86 Gate Guard on pole at Wittmund barracks of Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 71 "Richthofen" (TaktLwG 71 "R").
53°34'12.38"N 7°46'51.60"E
6604 no code cockpit display at Deutsch-Kanadisches Luftwaffenmuseum (German-Canadian Air Force Museum) Baden-Airpark, Söllingen, ex 20+87.
48°46'4.37"N 8° 5'4.57"E.
6607 no code cockpit stored at Deutsches Museum, Munich, ex 20+90.
6619 "20+05" preserved in Norm83 "Lizard" camouflage scheme, at Memmingen AP, ex 20+98 (mobile).
47°58'54.04"N 10°14'7.83"E
6621 21+00 displayed on pole at "Südpfalz Kaserne" (previously the von Sponeck Kaserne), Germersheim (LwAusbRgt).
49°12'18.12"N 8°21'9.28"E
6661 21+12 RF-104G display on pole in a private collection at Zehdenick, Brandenburg, Germany.
52°59'15.34"N 13°18'17.73"E
6686 21+25 RF-104G displayed on pole at Nord Schrott, a scrap dealer at Schaeferhausen (EDXF).
6687 21+26 RF-104G cockpit private owned by Matthias Wessels, Gronau.
7004 "20+02" display on pole at Lechfeld AB (former JaboG 32), ex 21+36
48°10'42.31"N 10°50'48.87"E
7006 21+38 display on Air Base of JaboG 32, Lechfeld AB (shelter area).
48°11'49.24"N 10°51'25.13"E
7021 21+52 display Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader 74 (TaktLwG 74), Neuburg AB, Air Base museum (Historische Ausstellung).
48°42'32.09"N 11°13'27.76"E.
7022 21+53 display at Deutsches Museum "Museum für Luft- und Raumfahrt" Flugwerft Schleissheim, Oberschleissheim, Bavaria.
48°14'45.74"N 11°33'26.26"E - inside
7024 21+55 display at Hassfurt Airfield (EDQT).
50° 1'0.74"N 10°31'37.06"E
7025 21+56 display at Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus (on loan by Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr (MHM) Gatow).
51°45'58.43"N 14°17'41.59"E
7036 21+67 display as Gate Guard at Buchel AB, special marks "Geier".
50°10'59.54"N 7°3'34.63"E
7038 21+69 preserved: instructional airframe (GIA) at Norvenich AB, in apprentice shop
7052 21+83 cockpit Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader 74 (TaktLwG 74), Neuburg AB, Air Base museum (Historische Ausstellung); depicting a Martin Baker GQ7A ejection seat sequence.
48°42'32.09"N 11°13'27.76"E
7055 21+86 preserved: instructional airframe (GIA) JaboG 32 Lechfeld AB, in apprentice shop.
7070 "26+63" display at Technik Museum Speyer in "Vikings" markings, ex 22+01.
49°18'42.70"N 8°26'47.57"E
7076 22+06 display on pole in "Jürgen Schumann-Kaserne" (barracks) at Appen (USLw), north of Hamburg.
53°39'12.27"N 9°42'26.54"E
7077 "KE+377" display at Airbus Group Manching in a retro look as a mobile display aircraft, ex 22+07.
7099 22+24 preserved: stored at Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Schutztechnologien-ABC-Schutz (WIS) at Munster.
7121 22+43 display on pole at LwWerft 32 Ummendorf, Biberach.
48° 3'58.34"N 9°49'13.25"E.
7123 22+45 display "Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik" at Wernigerode
51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
7129 22+49 display Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim
49°14'17.14"N 8°53'50.78"E - inside.
7131 22+51 display at the cafeteria in the Airbus factory complex at Manching.
48°42'23.74" 11°30'52.05"E
7135 22+55 instructional airframe at Holzdorf AB at the Ausbildungswerkstatt, special scheme (white-blue), ex JaboG 34.
7139 22+58 display "Motorworld" at Böblingen, private owned by Robert Dietz
48°41'22.25"N 9° 0'10.47"E.
7140 "DF+101" display on pole in Bentlage barracks, Rheine, ex 22+59, fake serial number 7010
52°17'51.46"N 7°22'57.07"E. August 2019 taken down and stored for restoration
7142 22+61 preserved: instructional airframe (GIA) Norvenich AB, in apprentice shop.
7143 22+62 display on pole at Beja AB, Portugal, December 3, 2014 airlifted.
7146 22+65 stored coded "21+73" at Baarlo in BMW garage of Piet Smedts; ex Bergheim-Pfaffendorf.
7159 "22+44" display on pole at Kropp (Schleswig-Jagel barracks), ex 22+77
54°24'33.14"N 9°29'47.46"E.
7174 22+91 instructional airframe at Holzdorf AB at the Ausbildungswerkstatt, special scheme for the disbandment of "F-104 Kommando" at Erding AB.
7175 "26+72" preserved (stored) at Nordholz AB, ex 22+92.
7181 22+98 display "Aeronauticum" Marineflieger Museum at Nordholz AB
53°46'29.06"N 8°38'23.17"E.
7184 23+01 cockpit stored (for restoration) at Waldbrunn, north of Limburg an der Lahn, Westerwald.
7192 23+09 display "Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik" at Wernigerode
51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
7208 "22+23" display on roof of MERKLE factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, fake code, ex 23+24
48°49'59.54"N 9°9'36.12"E.
8005 23+30 display on pole at the entrance of Maschinenbau Haldenwang
47°47'49.65"N 10°19'58.81"E.
8011 "23+99" display on pole at LwAusbRgt "Otto Lilienthal" barracks at Roth, ex 23+36
49°12'40.82"N 11° 5'40.48"E.
8026 23+47 display on pole at Museum für Zivil- und Wehrtechnik Uffenheim, near Würzburg
49°32'56.93"N 10°14'0.49"E.
8037 23+57 display on pole at "Wilhelm Frank Kaserne", Neuburg barracks
48°44'4.54"N 11°14'48.10"E.
8072 23+73 display in "Gerhard Neumann" Museum, Niederalteich; private owned by Josef Voggenreiter
48°45'59.57"N 13° 1'32.75"E.
8075 "22-90" display at Winterberg-Niedersfeld, next to Kart Bahn center; ex 23+76
51°14'46.81"N 8°31'43.03"E.
8100 98+36 display Wehrtechnisches Museum at Koblenz, ex 23+91, CCV test aircraft
50°22'7.28"N 7°35'7.28"E - inside !
8124 23+98 display on pole at Köln-Wahn barracks (LwFüKdo)
50°51'44.61"N 7° 6'37.18"E
8151 24+11 cockpit TaktLwG 33 Wehrgeschichtliche Sammlung Cochem barracks.
(fuselage stored at Wernigerode).
8158 "23+34" display on pole in Silver colors at Memmingen AP, ex 24+17 (weathered).
47°59'26.62"N 10°13'5.61"E.
8161 24+19 display in special colors (black-red-gold) at Deutsch-Kanadisches Luftwaffenmuseum at Baden Airpark (former CAFB Sollingen).
48°46'4.56"N 8° 5'6.56"E.
8169 "23+74" preserved (stored) Norvenich AB, ex 24+27.
8181 no code display on pole at "Black Forest Airport Lahr"; in a CAF CF-104 alike color scheme, ex 24+38
48°21'13.36"N 7°48'23.39"E.
8186 24+43 scrapped in August 2010 at Wittmund AB, cockpit stored in Hamburg.
8190 24+46 stored (restoration) at Teuge airfield, NL; plan is to convert it to old Dutch Air Force D-8060.
8202 24+54 Museum Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt. March 2021.
51°21'32.99"N 11°58'18.03"E.
8212 "D-8212" display at "Curioseum" museum at Willingen-Usseln; ex 24+63.
51°16'48.72"N 8°40'46.98"E .
8215 24+66 nose section stored at Memmingen.
8217 24+68 display in the Militärgeschichtliche Sammlung Manching (MGSM), Manching AB, inside.
8222 "24+73" in June 2020 taken down and stored for restoration at Erding AB, LVR 1 marks
48°18'36.83"N 11°55'11.78"E.
8231 "DA+231" display near gate Norvenich AB in Silver finish, ex 24+81, (restoration June 2021)
50°50'16.16"N 6°39'56.67"E.
8235 24+85 display at "Historic Aircraft Collection" of Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 71 "Richthofen" (TaktLwG 71 "R") at Wittmund AB in museum hangar.
8241 24+91 display at Flugausstellung L.+P.Junior, Hermeskeil
8251 24+98 instructional airframe at Putlos Range.
8255 25+02 display as Gate Guard of JG 73 at Laage AB; 2013 as Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 73 „Steinhoff“ (TaktLwG 73 "S"); 53°55'40.65"N 12°18'2.58"E.
8261 "25+33" display on pole at Cochem town in "Brauheck" barracks of TaktLwG 33, ex 25+03
50° 7'59.53"N 7° 8'7.37"E.
8263 25+05 private owned by Josef Voggenreiter, stored at "Gerhard Neumann" Museum, Niederalteich
48°45'59.57"N 13° 1'32.75"E
8265 25+07 display cockpit at Wehrgeschichtliche Lehrsammlung (WGLS) der Offizierschule der Luftwaffe (OSLw), Fürstenfeldbruck.
48°11'44.81"N 11°16'45.08"E - inside.
8275 25+12 display at Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus; September 2017 (on loan from Thomas Heldt).
51°45'58.43"N 14°17'41.59"E
8295 25+21 preserved (stored) at Niederalteich for restoration, owned by Josef Voggenreiter.
48°45'59.57"N 13° 1'32.75"E
8305 25+28 instructional airframe (GIA) at Lechfeld AB, in apprentice shop.
8306 25+29 display forward (cockpit) section only, "Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik" at Wernigerode.
51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
8307 25+30 private display at Buchholz near Hamburg, cockpit section only.
8327 25+40 display cockpit section only (operational), Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik Wernigerode.
51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
9012 25+66 display Technik Museum Speyer, skin removed to show internal structure for display purposes.
49°18'39.45"N 8°26'49.04"E - mobile.
9014 25+68 display "Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik" at Wernigerode, skin removed to show internal for display purposes.
51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
9035 "22+22" display on pole at Deutsches Marinemuseum at Wilhelmshaven, ex 25+74
9059 DA+129 display on pole at Aich, near Landshut, Bavaria, private owned by a scrap dealer
9061 25+86 instructional airframe (GIA) at Buchel AB
9118 "21+76" display on pole Militärgeschichtliche Sammlung Standort Stetten a.k.M, ex 25+99
48° 7'35.46"N 9° 4'18.86"E.
9162 26+17 cockpit section only, private collector Mr. Martin Rohland in Kaiserslautern for further restauration.
9168 26+20 cockpit section private owned at Augsburg
9177 "JA+234" cockpit private owned by Mr. Thomas Michel at Neugablonz, near Kaufbeuren AB, ex 26+25
9178 26+26 instructional airframe (GIA) Buchel AB
7303 26+43 stored Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow.
7309 26+49 display "Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr" (Bundeswehr Museum of Military History) Berlin-Gatow.
52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E.
7311 26+51 display Airportmuseum Rothenburg/Oberlausitz
51°21'27.48"N 14°57'31.27"E.
7312 26+52 instructional airframe (GIA) Erding AB, fully functional
7313 26+53 display in "Gerhard Neumann" Museum, Niederalteich, skin removed to show internal for display purposes.
48°45'59.57"N 13°1'32.75"E
7406 "11" instructional WTD 61 Manching numbered "11" in 1997, ex 98+04.
7407 26+61 preserved Flugausstellung L.+P.Junior, Hermeskeil, no marks, Lizard camouflage scheme; stored, no code.
5709 27+08 TF-104G display and accessible via a gangway at "Gerhard Neumann" Museum at Niederalteich.
48°45'59.57"N 13°1'32.75"E.
5727 "34" TF-104G cockpit displayed in a history room coded "34" at Memmingen AB, ex 27+26.
5730 uncoded TF-104G fuselage as crash display in "Movie Park Germany" at Bottrop, ex 27+28; now Movie World "Area 51" May 30, 2019 as a derelict (junk) last noted.
5920 27+90 TF-104G display Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr, Berlin-Gatow
52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E.
5931 28+01 TF-104G cockpit section display Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr, Berlin-Gatow,
69 TFTS Luke AFB colors; 52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E - inside.
5943 28+13 TF-104G display Seiferthofen in "Schwäbisches Bauern und Technik Museum"
48°54'30.06"N 9°50'21.54"E - inside.
5957 28+27 TF-104G display Technik Museum Speyer, outside on stilts, WTD 61 marks
49°18'41.88"N 8°26'44.14"E.
5049 29+03 F-104F display Deutsches Museum Munich, Luftfahrthalle.
48° 7'47.55"N 11°34'58.80"E - inside.
5054 29+05 F-104F display on pole at Kalkar in barracks "Von Seydlitz Kaserne"
51°43'59.08"N 6°16'9.71"E.
5055 29+06 F-104F display "Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr", Berlin-Gatow, WaSLw 10 marks.
52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E - inside.
5058 "27+04" F-104F display on pole at Auenhausen radar station, ex 29+08
51°39'9.09"N 9°12'42.89"E.
5059 29+09 F-104F display on pole near gate at Jever AB, WaSLw 10 marks
53°32'26.86"N 7°53'6.89"E.
5061 "BB+374" F-104F display Museum der Flugwelt Altenburg-Nobitz, ex 29+11.
5066 29+14 F-104F display Gewerbepark Eschbach (former Bremgarten AB) at museum of the "Traditionsverein AG 51 "Immelmann".
47°53'43.01"N 7°37'23.23"E.
5069 "20+86" F-104F display on pole in a private collection at Zehdenick, Brandenburg, Germany, ex 29+16.
52°59'15.34"N 13°18'17.73"E.
5073 29+19 F-104F display on pole at Norvenich AB of TaktLwG 31 "B"
50°49'28.95"N 6°38'59.49"E.
8193 "22+03" F-104G "Gerhard Neumann" Museum, Niederalteich, cockpit only, private owned by Josef Voggenreiter; ex 24+49
48°45'59.57"N 13°1'32.75"E.
unknown no code F-104G private owned by Josef Voggenreiter, before at MTU in Munchen-Allach on pole,
taken down and stored 2006. callsign Other nations Starfighter preserved in Germany
1085 785 CF-104 104785 Canadian Armed Forces, preserved on a pole near the village of Sollingen
48°46'47.3"N 8°03'42.8"E.
9103 FX60 F-104G Belgium Air Force, 10th Wing, display at Museum Hermeskeil.
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