Starfighter F-104 world wide preserved aircraft
This list is based on construction numbers! CF-104 (1001-1199) and F-104S (1003-1246) are at the end of the list.
serial nr construction nr country status location noted
55-2961 1007 YF-104A NASA 818, ex USAF museum, inside Washington, NASM, USA Dec 2021/ Smithsonian Air and Space Museum as "N818NA"; 38°53'17.76"N 77°1'12.92"W.
55-2967 1013 YF-104A USAF FG-967. museum, restoration Pueblo AP, Colorado, USA Jan 2022/ Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum at Pueblo Memorial AP, before coded "FG-100".
56-0732 1020 F-104A USAF FG-732. preserved, restoration Knoxville, Tennesee, USA Jun 2019/ McGhee Tyson ANG Base, to 151 FIS aircraft; 35°48'58.8"N 83°59'51.5"W.
56-0733 1021 F-104A USAF FG-733. museum, outside Tyler, Texas, USA Aug 2019/ Historic Aviation Memorial Museum (HAMM); 83 FIS marks; 32°21'32.05"N 95°23'55.06"W.
56-0748 1036 F-104A USAF 56748. display, outside Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas, USA Oct 2020/ Linear Air Park; 32°25'36.11"N 99°49'55.91"W.
56-0750 1038 F-104A USAF FG-750. private, restoration South Canton, Michigan, USA May 2009/ by Scott Vetter.
56-0752 1040 F-104A USAF, coded "6753". museum, inside Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah, USA Sep 2021/ Hill Aerospace Museum, coded "FG-753".
56-0754 1042 F-104A USAF, coded "60879/FG-879". museum, Gate Guard Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, USA Nov 2020/ National Museum of the United States AF, as F-104A 56-879; 39°46'57.8"N 84°06'36.6"W.
56-0755 1043 F-104A USAF, coded "60755/FG-755". display, outside Riverside, March ARB, California, USA Feb 2020/ March Field Air Museum; 33°52'59.26"N 117°15'57.39"W.
56-0756 1044 F-104A USAF, coded "56-0751". display, on pole Nevada City, Grass Valley, California, USA Sep 2019/ Grass Valley Airport, Nevada; confirmed 56-0756; 39°13'21.5"N 121°00'18.3"W. NEW!
56-0760 1048 NF-104A USAF NF-760. display, on pole Edwards AFB, California, USA Sep 2022/ TPS (Test Pilot School) building; 34°55'0.76"N 117°54'2.76"W.
56-0770 1058 F-104A CAF "RCAF 700", ex USAF FG-770. museum, display Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Oct 2017/ Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Rockcliffe Airport.
56-0771 1059 F-104A RJAF 918/O, ex USAF FG-771 preserved, restoration Amman Marka IAP, Jordan Oct 2017/ restoration at King Abdullah AB.
56-0778 1066 F-104A USA N66305 FG-778, ex RJAF 907/E. display, restoration Nampa, Idaho, USA Jun 2022/ Warhawk Air Museum, coded "FG-778" with original 83 FIS markings.
56-0779 1067 F-104A USAF, no code. museum, stored Chino, California, USA Dec 2018/ Yanks Air Museum, serial not confirmed!
56-0780 1068 F-104A USA FG-780, ex RJAF 908/F. museum, outside Dallas-Addison AP, Texas, USA Aug 2021/ Cavanaugh Flight Museum (CFM); FAA reg.N66342; 32°58'21.7"N 96°50'07.3"W.
56-0782 1070 F-104A RJAF, 922, without any marks. preserved, on a splint Ajlun, Jordan Dec 2019/ along road from Ajlun to Amman; ex Mirage decoy; 32°19'2.24"N 35°45'21.48"E.
56-0786 1074 F-104A USA N66328, ex RJAF 909/G. museum, stored Dallas-Addison AP, Texas, USA Aug 2021/ Cavanaugh Flight Museum (CFM); FAA reg.N66328; 32°58'21.7"N 96°50'07.3"W
56-0789 1077 F-104A RJAF 911, ex USAF FG-789. display, on pole Al Karak, Jordan Oct 2020/ Monta University, without marks and code; 31°5'37.37"N 35°42'34.85"E.
56-0790 1078 F-104A USAF FG-790, ex NASA 820. display, West Gate Edwards AFB, California, USA Dec 2019/ Century Circle, Flight Test Historical Museum (weathered); 34°52'15.79"N 117°59'26.15"W.
56-0791 1079 F-104A RJAF 919/P, ex USAF FG-791. display, Gate Guard Mafraq AB, Jordan Oct 2022/ King Hussein Air College, Mafraq AB; 32°21'15.15"N 36°14'46.78"E.
56-0793 1081 F-104A RJAF, fake serial "752", without marks. preserved, on a block Amman, Jordan Nov 2019/ near HRH Queen Alia's tomb, fake serial "752" on tail; 31°58'36.58"N 35°47'13.74"E.
56-0797 1085 F-104A RJAF 912, ex USAF FG-797. display, on blocks Balila, Jordan Aug 2022/ along the highway, on a concrete blocks; 32°23'18.86"N 35°56'45.12"E.
56-0798 1086 F-104A PAF 56-798, ex USAF FG-798 museum, inside Karachi City, Sharea Faisal, Pakistan Jun 2022/ Pakistan Air Force Museum.
56-0799 1087 F-104A RJAF 913, ex USAF FG-799. display, damaged! Safawi town, Jordan Jan 2017/ storm threw the aircraft from the pole and it smashed on the ground.
56-0801 1089 F-104A USAF FG-801. display, on pole Edwards AFB, CA, USA Mar 2020/ at Oasis recreation center; 34°55'23.21"N 117°54'29.00"W.
56-0817 1105 F-104A USAF FG-817. museum, mobile Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawai, USA Dec 2019/ Pacific Aviation Museum.
56-0823 1111 F-104A ROCAF 4241, ex USAF FG-823. museum, outside Gangshan AB, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Dec 2019/ Republic of China Air Force Museum; J79-GE-19 engine; 22°47'0.41"N 120°16'22.13"E.
56-0834 1122 F-104A RJAF 924/U, ex USAF FG-834. display, on pole Sabha, Jordan Apr 2022/ close to Syrian border (ex Prince Hassan AB); 32°19'56.36"N 36°30'8.55"E.
56-0845 1133 F-104A RJAF 916, ex USAF FG-845. display, outside Irbid, Jordan Apr 2021/ Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST); 32°29'22.32"N 35°59'13.33"E.
56-0846 1134 F-104A ROCAF 4254, ex USAF FG-846. preserved, stored Tao Yuan ROCN, Taiwan Nov 2020/ aircraft stored outdoor; 25° 3'13.05"N 121°14'57.79"E.
56-0865 1153 F-104A ROCAF 4255, ex USAF FG-865. display, outside Hsinchu AB, Taiwan Feb 2020/ SEA camouflage "60865" scheme.
56-0874 1162 F-104A PAF 56-874, ex USAF FG-874. display, outside Mushaf AB, Pakistan Mar 2019/ outside the PAF Combat Commanders School; was Sardogha AB; 32°3'13.12"N 72°40'0.61"E.
56-0875 1163 F-104A PAF 56-875, ex USAF FG-875. display, on pole Islamabad-Chaklala, Pakistan Oct 2017/ PAF Risalpur (PAF HQ).
56-0876 1164 F-104A ROCAF 4258, ex USAF FG-876. display, outside Fengshan City, Kaosiung County, Taiwan May 2018/ Chung Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School (CCAFPS).
56-0879 1167 F-104A PAF 56-879, ex USAF FG-879 display, on pole PAF Base Masroor, Pakistan Oct 2020/ Masroor; 24°52'51.67"N 66°57'24.86"E.
56-0886 1174 F-104C USAF, coded "60764". display, outside Holloman AFB, New Mexiko, USA Apr 2019/ light grey, presents F-104A with fake serial 56-764; 32°50'24.43"N 106° 4'32.41"W.
56-0890 1178 F-104C USAF, coded "60880"/FG-880". display, on pole Knoxville, McGhee-Tyson Airport, USA Apr 2021/ presents F-104A "56-0880" of 151 FIS TENN ANG; 35°48'56.47"N 83°59'53.41"W.
56-0891 1179 F-104C USAF 60891. display, on pole Phoenix IAP, Arizona, USA Jul 2020/ AZ ANG markings "ARIZ AIR GUARD" as F-104A; 33°25'22.5"N 112°00'51.7"W.
56-0892 1180 F-104C USAF, coded as F-104G "13243". display, memory lane Luke AFB, Arizona, USA Aug 2022/ "63-13243" Luke AFB Air Park; 33°32'24.23"N 112°21'43.02"W.
56-0898 1186 F-104C USAF FG-898. museum, inside Kalamazoo, Battle Creek IAP, Michigan, USA Apr 2019/ Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, Kalamazoo.
56-0901 1189 F-104C USAF FG-901/60901. museum, inside Bradley IAP, New England, USA Aug 2019/ New England Air Museum (NEAM).
56-0910 1198 F-104C USAF 60910. museum, inside Denver, Colorado, USA Jun 2022/ "Wings over the Rockies" Air and Space Museum; 39°43'12.8"N 104°53'44.2"W.
56-0912 1200 F-104C USAF 60912. display, on pole Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA Oct 2022/ on pole.
56-0914 1202 F-104C USAF FG-914. museum, inside Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, USA Jan 2020/ National Museum of the USAF (NMUSAF); red inlet cones; 39°46'57.8"N 84°06'36.6"W.
56-0919 1207 F-104C USAF 60919. display, on pole Brunswick, Glynco Jetport, Georgia, USA Oct 2020/ "GA AIR GUARD" on pole at NAS Glynco Jetport, Brunswick; 31°14'49.0"N 81°29'09.6"W.
56-0926 1214 F-104C USAF, coded "56926". display, on pole Valley City, ND, USA Jul 2021/ at Veterans Memorial Park at Valley City, North Dakota; 46°55'24.56"N 98° 0'6.16"W.
56-0929 1217 F-104C USAF, coded "56929". museum, outside Birmingham, Alabama, USA Jun 2022/ Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, Alabama; N 33° 33.791 W 086° 44.474.
56-0932 1220 F-104C USAF FG-932. museum, display, on pole Weatherford, Oklahoma, USA Oct 2020/ on pole at Stafford Air & Space Museum; 35°32'40.0"N 98°40'12.9"W.
56-0933 1221 F-104C USAF, coded "0-60933". museum, inside Liberal, Kansas, USA Nov 2021/ Mid-America Air Museum (MAAM); 37°02'20.6"N 100°57'05.9"W.
56-0934 1222 F-104C USAF, marked as "N820NA". museum Seattle, USA May 2018/ Museum of Flight, hanging from the roof.
56-0936 1224 F-104C USAF, coded "0-60936". display, on pole Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Jul 2022/ Peterson Air & Space Command Museum; 38°49'32.08"N 104°42'2.90"W. NEW!
56-0938 1226 F-104C USAF "AF56-938". display, outside Keesler AFB, USA Jan 2019/ on pole Kessler AFB Air Park; PR ANG marks; 30°24'5.29"N 88°55'23.23"W.
57-0915 1232 F-104C USAF 70915. museum, outside Palmdale, Plant 42, California, USA Mar 2021/ Joe Davies Heritage Airpark, Palmdale; 34°36'08.9"N 118°05'08.2"W.
57-0916 1233 F-104C USAF FG-916. museum, inside Hampton, Virginia, USA Sep 2020/ Virginia Air and Space Center, from the roof; 479th TFW marks; 37°01'26.8"N 76°20'39.4"W.
57-0920 1237 F-104C USAF "60920/FG-920" display, on a splint Congaree, Columbia, SC, USA Jul 2022/ at McEntire ANGS, SC, restoration 2022; 33 55 13.45 N 80 48 27.36 W.
57-0929 1246 F-104C USAF "57929". display, outside Muniz AB, Puerto Rico Jul 2022/ San Juan-Luis Munoz Marin International; new paint in 2020; 18°26'33.91"N 65°59'31.50"W.
20+02 2002 F-104G GAF, coded "DB+127". museum, on pole Berlin-Gatow, Germany Mar 2021/ Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr, ZELL launch position; 52°28'22.78"N 13° 8'33.86"E.
20+04 2004 F-104G GAF, coded "24+04". display, outside Berlin-Tegel, Germany Sep 2021/ "Julius-Leber-Barracks" (Guard Battalion); 52°33'20.46"N13°18'30.69"E.
20+06 2006 F-104G GAF 20+06. display, Gate Guard Kaufbeuren, Germany Oct 2021/ school Headquarter; 47°52'20.81"N 10°36'49.33"E.
20+07 2007 F-104G GAF, JaboG 32 marks. preserved Freiberg, Germany Mar 2022/ private collection at Freiberg, Saxony.
20+08 2008 F-104G GAF 20+08. display, Gate Guard Manching AB, Germany Jun 2021/ on pole with WTD 61 marks; 48°42'54.32"N 11°31'44.19"E.
63-13242 2025 F-104G ROCAF 4367, ex GAF Luke. display, instructional Hualien City, Taiwan Mar 2022/ National Hualien High School of Agriculture (repainted!); 23°58'19.39"N 121°33'29.00"E.
63-13249 2033 F-104G ROCAF 4371, ex GAF Luke. display, outside Shalu Town, Taichung County, Taiwan Sep 2019/ Shen Bo Township Library, Shalu (weathered!); 24°13'59.45"N 120°33'52.96"E.
63-13254 2038 F-104G ROCAF 4375, ex GAF Luke. display, outside Hualien AB, Taiwan May 2021/ display in "Base Collection", 12 SMS marks; 24°1'4.28"N 121°37'13.51"E.
20+37 2044 F-104G GAF 20+37. museum, inside Somma Lombardo, Milano-Malpensa, Italy Jan 2022/ Volandia, Parco e Museo del Volo; 45°37'50.47"N 8°42'23.31"E.
20+38 2045 F-104G THK 9-045, ex GAF preserved, stored? Balikesir AB, Turkey Jun 2010/ wearing old Luftwaffe color scheme; last noted 2010, likeley srapped.
20+43 2050 F-104G GAF 20+43. museum, outside Hermeskeil, Germany Jul 2019/ Flugausstellung Junior, new paint; 49°41'6.87"N 6°57'41.92"E.
20+45 2053 F-104G GAF 20+45. museum, inside Hannover (Laatzen), Germany Aug 2022/ Luftfahrt-Museum Laatzen-Hannover; 52°19'20.37"N 9°47'29.77"E.
20+46 2054 F-104G GAF 20+46. display, outside Speyer, Germany May 2020/ Pfalz-Flugzeugwerke Speyer, 4 tanks; 49°18'30.91"N 8°27'20.44"E.
20+47 2055 F-104G GAF 20+47. museum, outside Schwenningen, Germany Nov 2018/ Internationale Luftfahrtmuseum Schwenningen (weathered!); 48°04'00.3"N 8°34'03.5"E.
20+49 2057 F-104G GAF "10" (yellow/black c/s). instructional Manching AB, Germany Mar 2020/ "Feldwerft Manching" special marks.
20+56 2065 F-104G THK 8-065, ex GAF. display, outside, Gate Corlu AB, Turkey Jun 2021/ Corlu Reserve AB (Tekirdag International Airport); 41° 8'40.02"N 27°54'45.22"E.
20+57 2066 F-104G THK 8-066, ex GAF. display, outside Diyarbakir AB, Turkey Oct 2019/ near some buildings at a military school; 37°53'14.95"N 40°12'44.23"E.
20+59 2068 F-104G GAF 20+59. instructional Neubiberg, Germany Apr 2019/ Engineering Department of Hochschule der Bundeswehr (HSBw); 48° 4'27.48"N 11°37'38.14"E.
20+64 2075 F-104G (nose), GAF 20+64. museum, inside Nordholz AB, Wursterheide, Germany Jun 2019/ simulator; 53°46'29.06"N 8°38'23.17"E - inside.
63-13260 2076 F-104G ROCAF 4378, ex GAF Luke 13260. display, outside Luhzu City, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan Jun 2022/ Kao Yuan University, Institute of Technology (weathered); 22°50'29.58"N 120°15'53.27"E.
63-13265 2093 F-104G ROCAF 4381, ex GAF Luke. display, outside Suao City, Yilan County, Taiwan Feb 2022/ in military cemetery, blue serial number, 11 AG marks, 24°36'3.50"N 121°50'1.32"E.
20+81 2094 F-104G GAF coded "23+81". display, Gate Guard Schleswig-Jagel AB, Germany Jul 2022/ missile removed from the pylons (weathered); 54°28'18.76"N 9°32'19.01"E.
36-8510 3010 F-104J JASDF 510. preserved, stored Chitose AB, Japan Apr 2018/ October 22, 2013 fn.
36-8515 3015 F-104J JASDF 515. display, inside Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan Dec 2021/ Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum, APW marks.
36-8526 3026 F-104J ROCAF 4526, ex JASDF 526. display, on large poles Nanhua Town, Tainan County, Taiwan Mar 2021/ at Nanhua Reservoir theme park; 23° 5'34.34"N 120°32'2.20"E.
36-8532 3032 F-104J JASDF 532. display, outside Kisarazu City, Japan Aug 2021/ JGSDF Camp Kisarazu, Army depot, No. 1 Supply Department; 35°24'37.61"N 139°55'42.80"E.
36-8535 3035 F-104J JASDF 535. display, Gate Guard Matsushima AB, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan Aug 2021/ 203 sqn marks; 38°24'45.24"N 141°13'25.45"E.
36-8536 3036 F-104J JASDF 536. (cockpit) display Seto City, Aichi Perf, Japan Jan 2019/ cockpit only; Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, C-2 seat.
36-8537 3037 F-104J JASDF 537. display, outside Hofu Kita AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan Jun 2021/ 203 sqn marks; 34° 1'54.98"N 131°32'14.77"E.
36-8538 3038 F-104J JASDF 538. (cockpit) display Nyutabaru AB, Japan Jan 2019/ cockpit inside Aviation Reference Hall.
46-8539 3039 F-104J JASDF 539. display, inside Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan Aug 2020/ Ishikawa Aviation Plaza, near Airport; 207 Hikotai marks; 36°23'52.67"N 136°24'38.14"E.
36-8540 3040 F-104J JASDF 540. display, outside Gifu AB, Japan May 2021/ Gifu Air Base Museum collection, APW marks; 35°23'34.26"N 136°51'1.17"E.
36-8546 3046 F-104J JASDF 546. display, Gate Guard Tsuiki AB (RJFZ), Japan May 2021/ 207 Hikotai 83 AG marks; 33°40'33.93"N 131° 2'18.23"E.
36-8547 3047 F-104J ROCAF 4547, ex JASDF 547. display, on pole Daxi Town, Taoyuan County, Taiwan Aug 2018/ National Defense University, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology.
36-8550 3050 F-104J JASDF 550. display, outside Nemuro, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Aug 2018/ Nemuro Radar Base, JASDF; removed 2018; scrapped.
36-8551 3051 F-104J JASDF "001". display outside Tobetsu, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Oct 2019/ Tobetsu Radar Base, near Sapporo, preserved as "001"; removed.
36-8552 3052 F-104J JASDF 552. display Chippubetsu Town, Japan Jan 2016/ removed when park underwent refurbishment in 2016; scrapped.
36-8558 3058 F-104J JASDF 558. preserved, stored Tokyo Metropolitan, Japan Dec 2017 Tachikawa Airfield; 2016 seen stored in parts, removed 2017, likely scrapped?
36-8560 3060 F-104J JASDF 560. display, outside Futaba Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan Jan 2019/ Japan Aviation Academy, 207 sqn marks; 35°40'54.12"N 138°28'56.24"E.
36-8565 3065 F-104J ROCAF 4506, ex JASDF 565. display, outside JiJi Town, Nantou County, Taiwan Sep 2021/ Military History Park; was coded "4303"; weathered !; 23°49'37.66"N 120°47'45.54"E.
36-8567 3067 F-104J JASDF 567. instructional, inside Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan Jan 2019/ School of Engineering, Nippon Bunri University (NBU), inside hangar.
46-8568 3068 F-104J JASDF 568. display, outside Nakatonbetsu Town, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Aug 2020/ town ownership Kotobuki Park; 44°59'25.20"N 142°17'32.76"E.
46-8573 3073 F-104J JASDF 573. display, outside Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan Jan 2021/ Kanai Sports Park; 38° 1'55.68"N 138°22'14.03"E.
46-8574 3074 F-104J JASDF 574. display, Gate Guard Chitose AB, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Aug 2021/ Chitose AB in Aviation Park on a concrete block; 42°48'46.87"N 141°39'8.47"E.
46-8578 3078 F-104J JASDF 578. display Mizuho Town, Tokyo Metropolitan, Japan Jan 2021/ Ishikawajima-Hahma Heavy Industries (IHI), Mizuho factory; 35°45'20.86"N 139°21'20.05"E.
46-8594 3094 F-104J JASDF 594. display, outside, roof top Minobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan Dec 2019/ private home in Minobu Town, Minamikoma County.
46-8596 3096 F-104J ROCAF "4303" (ex 4522), ex JASDF 596. display, inside Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Mar 2021/ National Science and Technology Museum; 22°38'29.59"N 120°19'21.43"E.
46-8602 3102 F-104J JASDF 602. display, outside Miho AB, Japan Jun 2021/ Base memorial line; 35°30'05.7"N 133°14'21.8"E.
46-8603 3103 F-104J JASDF 603. display, outside Kasuga AB, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan Jan 2021/ in the barracks, on concrete block; 33°31'53.47"N 130°27'57.74"E.
46-8604 3104 F-104J JASDF 604. (cockpit) display Hamamatsu City, Lake Sanaru, Japan Jan 2019/ cockpit only; Caffee bar Chimoto, C-2 seat, in bad condition.
46-8607 3107 F-104J JASDF 607. display, removed ! Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan Aug 2017/ Fukui University of Technology, removed between February and August 2017.
46-8608 3108 F-104J JASDF 608. museum, outside Omi Village, Chikuma City, Japan Dec 2018/ Hijiri Museum in Chiisagata District in Nagano Prefecture; 36°29'16.36"N 138° 4'11.01"E.
46-8609 3109 F-104J JASDF 609. display, outside Yokosuka City, Japan Sep 2021/ National Defense Academy "NDA" of Japan, moved in 2019 inside NDA.
46-8616 3116 F-104J ROCAF 4514, ex JASDF 616. display, outside Guiren Town, Taiwan Dec 2018/ Kuejien Campus, Cheng Kung University (NCKU), grey camo, with serial.
46-8617 3117 F-104J JASDF 617. (cockpit) display Hamamatsu City, Lake Sanaru, Japan Jan 2018/ Caffee bar Chimoto, coded as "36-8517", canopy rail shows '517'.
46-8618 3118 F-104J ROCAF 4515, ex JASDF 618. display, on poles Chingshui District, Taichung City, Taiwan Mar 2021/ Chia Yang Senior High School, Chingshui District; 24°15'51.54"N 120°34'58.34"E.
46-8622 3122 F-104J JASDF 622. display, outside Ominato Town, Japan Jul 2021/ JMSDF Ominato Naval Base barracks, 207 Hikotai marks; 41°15'11.10"N 141° 7'41.34"E.NEW
46-8630 3130 F-104J JASDF 630. display, Gate Guard Hyakuri AB (RJAH), Japan Oct 2021/ on a block inside the "Yuhien Park"; new bluish paint! (2018); 36°11'17.95"N 140°25'30.45"E
46-8636 3136 F-104J JASDF 636. display, Gate Guard Hofu Town, Yamagushi Prefecture, Japan Sep 2021/ in display line at the barracks at Hofu Town; 34°02'04"N 131°32'47"E.
46-8645 3145 F-104J ROCAF 4519, ex JASDF 645. display, outside Cheng Gong Ling Town, Taiwan Dec 2018/ Wurih Army Barracks; before coded "4522"; 24°07'20.8"N 120°36'10.1"E.
46-8646 3146 F-104J JASDF 646. display, outside Komatsu AB, Japan Oct 2021/ Gate collection at Komatsu AB, mark of 205 Hikotai; 36°23'33.31"N 136°25'15.84"E.
56-8653 3153 F-104J JASDF 653. display, outside Nara Base, Japan Sep 2021/ AF school, with markings of 83 AG 207 sqn; 34 41 56.27 N 135 48 24.47 E.
46-8656 3156 F-104J JASDF 656, coded "36 8535". display, Gate Guard Nyutabaru AB, Japan May 2020/ coded "36 8535"; 36-8535 was the very first aircraft delivered to 5 Wing.
56-8662 3162 F-104J JASDF 662. display, outside Fuchu Air Base, Tokio, Japan Sep 2021/ Tokyo Metropolitan; markings of 207 Hikotai; 35.6732N 139.4970E.
56-8663 3163 F-104J JASDF 663. display, Gate Guard Ashiya AB, Japan August 2021/ in memorial park, scrapped August 23, 2021.
56-8666 3166 F-104J JASDF 666. display, outside Iruma AB, Saitama Prefecture, Japan May 2019/ Shubudai Memorial Hall aviation history museum, Iruma AB.
56-8672 3172 F-104J JASDF 672. display Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Mar 2020/ Mitsubishi Aerospace Heavy Industries Plant (MHI).
76-8686 3186 F-104J JASDF 686. display, inside, mobile Gifu AB, Kakamigahara, Japan May 2021/ preserved at Gifu AB, used for static display during open houses.
76-8687 3187 F-104J JASDF 687. display, outside Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan Mar 2021/ Kyoyama Solar Green Park, on plinths (weathered); 34°40'36.7"N 133°54'16.4"E.
76-8688 3188 F-104J JASDF 688. display, on pole Naha AB, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan May 2021/ Naha AB (ROHA), with tail from 76-8683; 26°11'51.08"N 127°39'35.71"E.
76-8689 3189 F-104J JASDF 689. display, mobile Chitose AB, Sapporo, Hokkaido Pref., Japan May 2021/ removed 22 May 2020; displayed F-104J cockpit; 42°48'40.21"N 141°39'19.64"E.
76-8693 3193 F-104J JASDF 693. museum, inside Hamamatsu AB, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Dec 2021/ Hamamatsu Air Park; 34°44'51.47"N 137°42'41.55"E.
76-8698 3198 F-104J JASDF 698. museum, outside Hamamatsu AB, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Dec 2020/ Hamamatsu Air Park, as target drone UF-104JA; 34°44'51.47"N 137°42'41.55"E.
76-8699 3199 F-104J JASDF 699. museum, outside Misawa Town, Aomori Prefecture, Japan Nov 2021/ Misawa Aviation & Science museum (City Sky Park).
76-8705 3205 F-104J JASDF 705. museum, outside Yamadaoka Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Apr 2021/ Old Car Center Kudan; reopened April 2, 2016; 37°14'34.21"N 140°59'51.02"E.
76-8706 3206 F-104J JASDF 706. display, outside, on roof Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan May 2021/ mounted on roof of the Hasegawa model company; 34°52'38.63"N 138°18'40.98"E.
76-8710 3210 F-104J JASDF 710. display, outside Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan Mar 2021/ college of Naka Nippon Aviation; 35°27'9.73"N 136°56'6.43"E.
61-2601 4001 F-104G HAF 12601. stored, outside Larissa AB, Greece Feb 2020/ dump (sad status); 39°38'53.35"N 22°28'31.65"E (pixeled).
61-2605 4005 F-104G THK 4-605. display, outside Akhisar AB, Turkey Sep 2020/ Akhisar AB on pole at pool coded “4-605”; 38°48'39.93"N 27°50'24.10"E. NEW
61-2619 4019 F-104G THK FG-619. museum, outside Istanbul, Turkey Sep 2016/ Yesilkoy Museum; removed from the display and put in storage.
61-2620 4020 F-104G THK "E-620". display, on pole Izmir AP, Turkey Sep 2019/ at the military area of Adnan-Menderes AP; 38°16'27.09"N 27° 9'57.89"E.
61-2633 4033 F-104G THK "12-633" display, outside Izmir, Gaziemir AB, Turkey Nov 2022/ outside at the school premises (grey colors); 38°19'7.85"N 27°9'7.20"E.
62-12238 4040 F-104G (cockpit) RNoAF 238 preserved Asane area, Norway Jun 2018/ 62-12238, private collector Erling Revheim.
62-12339 4041 F-104G THK "2239", ex RNoAF 239 display Bursa town, Turkey Apr 2018/ Isiklar Military High School.
4045 4045 F-104N NASA 811 NASA, N811NA. display, outside Prescott, Arizona, USA Oct 2022/ Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; 34°37'02.5"N 112°27'02.5"W.
4053 4053 F-104N NASA 012 NASA, N812NA display, Gate Guard Palmdale-Plant 42, California, USA Aug 2022/ Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co, Palmdale, NASA colors; 34°36'34.26"N118° 6'59.59"W.
62-12250 4054 F-104G ROCAF 4301, ex USAF. display, Gate Guard line Ching Chuan Kang (CCK) AB, Taichung, Taiwan Jan 2020/ at retirement ceremony on May 22, 1998 at CCK AB; 24°15'50.80"N 120°38'8.65"E.
57-1294 5006 F-104B RJAF 900/A, ex USAF preserved, training aid Al Azraq, Jordan Sep 2020/ Al Shaheed Muwaffaq Salti AB, 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, Dutch Air Task Force.
57-1296 5008 F-104B USA N65354, ex RJAF 901, ex USAF. preserved, stored Bonifay, Florida, USA Apr 2022/ Royal Air Museum, located at Bonifay, Florida; 30°50'53.9"N 85°36'12.5"W.
57-1298 5010 F-104B RJAF, ex USAF. display, on blocks Madaba city, Jordan Apr 2022/ on a roundabout; restoration in 2020, code "902 A" removed, 31°43'43.23"N 35°47'3.19"E.
57-1301 5013 F-104B USAF museum, stored Hutchinson, Kansas, USA Mar 2017/ aircraft has been taken elsewhere for restoration; 38°03'54.77"N 97°55'17.78"W.
57-1303 5015 F-104B USAF FG-303. museum, outside Sacramento, McClellan Park, California, USA Oct 2020/ Aerospace Museum of California; ex NASA N819NA; 38°40'28.3"N 121°23'28.7"W.
57-1304 5016 F-104B RJAF 925, ex USAF. display, outside Irbid city, Jordan Apr 2021/ as monument on a roundabout code 925A.
57-1305 5017 F-104B USAF, coded as "57-1319" display, Gate Guard Lackland AFB, Texas, USA Oct 2018/ Medina Base Road (Annex), Lackland AFB, TX; 29°22'25.1"N 98°38'51.9"W.
57-1309 5021 F-104B PAF 57-1309, ex USAF display Islamabad-Chaklala, Pakistan Oct 2017/ PAF Risalpur, Pakistan Air Force Academy (small code).
57-1312 5024 F-104B PAF coded "57-1309", ex USAF display Faisal AB, Pakistan Oct 2017/ false code "57-1309" in the Pakistan AF Museum at Faisal AB.
57-1320 5032 F-104D USAF, coded "FA 2814 GL". display, outside Jackson, New Jersey, USA Jul 2018/ Six Flags Great Adventure, at "Green Lantern" rollercoaster.
57-1322 5034 F-104D USAF museum, stored Wright-Patterson Museum, USA Apr 2017/ Wright-Patterson for storage; restoration in 2017.
57-1323 5035 F-104D USAF 0-71323. museum, outside Tucson, Arizona, USA Jul 2022/ Pima Air & Space Museum, Puerto Rico ANG marks; 32° 8'24.78"N 110°52'6.94"W.
57-1326 5038 F-104D ROCAF 4166, ex USAF. museum, inside Gangshan AB, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Sep 2022/ ROCAF museum, Aviation Education Exhibition hall; 22°47'37.27"N 120°16'12.09"E.
57-1330 5042 F-104D USAF, coded "71312/FG-312". museum, outside Atwater, Castle museum, California, USA Mar 2018/ Castle Air Museum, Atwater/Merced, CA, TAC 479 TFW colorscheme.
57-1331 5043 F-104D USAF 0-71331. museum, outside Eglin AFB, Florida, USA Oct 2018/ USAF Armament Museum Valparaiso, near Eglin AFB; 30°28'02.4"N 86°33'35.7"W.
57-1332 5044 F-104D USAF, coded "571332". display, on pole Dutton, MT, USA Aug 2017/ "American Legion Post 64" in 479 TFW early markings.
57-1333 5045 F-104D USAF, special color (blue-white). museum, outside Los Angeles, California, USA Sep 2021/ California Science center, vertical at Aviation Hall.
57-1334 5046 F-104D USAF, special color display, on pole Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA Nov 2021/ George Izay Park, Burbank; 34°10'19.3"N 118°19'06.5"W.
29+03 5049 F-104F GAF 29+03, WaSLw 10 marks. museum, inside Munich, Germany Jun 2022/ Deutsches Museum, Luftfahrthalle Munich; 48° 7'47.55"N 11°34'58.80"E.
29+05 5054 F-104F GAF 29+05. display, on pole Kalkar Barracks, Germany Apr 2020/ "Von Seydlitz Kaserne"; 51°43'59.08"N 6°16'9.71"E.
29+06 5055 F-104F GAF 29+06, WaSLw 10 marks. museum, inside Berlin, Germany Sep 2019/ Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow; 52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E.
29+08 5058 F-104F GAF, coded "27+04". display, on pole Auenhausen, Germany Sep 2021/ Auenhausen radar station with fake code "27+04", weathered!; 51°39'8.74"N 9°12'43.00"E.
29+09 5059 F-104F GAF 29+09. preserved, Gate Guard Jever, Germany Mar 2020/ ObjSRgtLw "Friesland" Fliegerhorst Jever; 53°32'26.86"N 7°53'6.89"E.
29+11 5061 F-104F GAF, coded "BB+374". museum, outside Altenburg-Nobitz, Germany Jul 2022/ Museum der Flugwelt Altenburg-Nobitz; 50°58'53.05"N 12°31'6.70"E.
29+14 5066 F-104F GAF 29+14. display, outside Bremgarten Airpark, Germany June 2020/ former Bremgarten AB at the "Traditionsverein AG 51"; 47°53'43.01"N 7°37'23.23"E.
29+16 5069 F-104F GAF, coded "20+86". display, on pole Zehdenick, Brandenburg, Germany Aug 2020/ Tischlerei Schlöpping, Gewerbegebiet Karlshof; 52°59'15.34"N 13°18'17.73"E.
29+17 5070 F-104F "104", ex GAF 29+17. display, on pole Innisfail, Alberta, Canada Jul 2018/ Canadian Military Members Memorial; as CAF "104"; 52°1'39.50"N 113°56'46.40"W.
29+19 5073 F-104F GAF 29+19, JaboG 31 marks. display, on pole Norvenich AB, Germany Jul 2019/Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 31 "Boelcke" (TaktLwG 31 "B"); 50°49'28.95"N 6°38'59.49"E.
FC08 5105 TF-104G BAF FC08. museum, outside Savigny-les-Beaune, France Jun 202/ Air Museum Savigny Les Beaunes, outside (weathered).
4-33 5201 TF-104G-M AMI 4-33, MM54250. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Apr 2007/ dumped?
4-34 5202 TF-104G-M USA N990SF, ex AMI MM54251. private-Starfighters Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA Jun 2020/ Kennedy Space Center, operational; as 'N990SF' in flyable storage at 'Starfighters INC'.
4-35 5204 TF-104G-M AMI 4-35, (Blue/Yellow) MM54253. display, mobile Grosseto AB, Italy Aug 2019/ "4-20" special marks "UNUS SED LEO" Blue color scheme; 42°46'17.25"N 11° 4'32.46"E.
4-36 5205 TF-104G-M AMI 4-36 MM54254. preserved Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ 2007 last noted; stored?
4-39 5208 TF-104G-M AMI 4-39 MM54257. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Apr 2007/ dump.
4-40 5209 TF-104G-M USA N991SF, ex AMI MM54258. private-Starfighters Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA Oct 2018/ Kennedy Space Center, operational.
4-41 5211 TF-104G-M (fuselage), AMI 4-41 MM54260. private San Giustino area, Italy Jan 2014/ donated to "102 Gruppo Virtual", mobile simulator.
4-42 5212 TF-104G-M USA N992SF, ex AMI MM54261. private-Starfighters Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA Oct 2018/ Kennedy Space Center, operational.
104632 5302 CF-104D Mk.1 N104RB, ex RNoAF 4632. preserved, stored Bonifay, Florida, USA Apr 2021/ Royal Air Museum, Bonifay; ex Kennedy Space Center, Starfighters.NEW
104633 5303 CF-104D Mk.1 N104, ex RNoAF 4633. private operated Williams Gateway Airport, Mesa, Arizona Oct 2021/ flying status unknown?; for sale $850,000.
104637 5307 CF-104D Mk.1 LN-STF 637, ex RNoAF 637. private, operational Bodo AB, Norway Sep 2020/ "Friends of the Norwegian Starfighter Association".
104641 5311 CF-104D Mk.1 CAF "641". museum, on pole Hamilton IAP, Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada Apr 2021/ Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at Hamilton IAP; 43° 9'33.01"N 79°55'31.14"W.
104642 5312 CF-104D Mk.1 THK 8-642, ex CAF 642. museum, outside Ankara, Etimesgut, Turkey Dec 2020/ Etimesgut museum, in open exhibition area; 39°56'50.7"N 32°42'15.8"E.
104643 5313 CF-104D Mk.1 CAF 643. preserved, stored Markham, Toronto, Canada Jul 2018/ Vinetage Aircraft Company, in the grass; ABDR Nr 877C; July 2019 removed.
104644 5314 CF-104D Mk.1 THK 644, ex CAF 644. private, restoration Albury, Australia Aug 2022/ private owned at Albury, New South Wales.
104645 5315 CF-104D Mk.1 CAF 645. museum, outside Langley, British Columbia, Canada Sep 2019/ "The Canadian Museum of Flight" CMF), Langley airport; 49° 5'56.45"N 122°37'33.93"W.
104646 5316 CF-104D Mk.1 CAF 646. museum, outside Trenton, Ontario, Canada Jul 2022/ National Air Force Museum of Canada, CFB Trenton (weathered); 44°6'53.46"N 77°33'1.82"W.
104648 5318 CF-104D Mk.1 CAF 648. museum, outside Zruc, Czech Republic Apr 2020/ Air Park Zruc, on poles, tail of aircraft 104634; 49°48'31.9"N 13°24'56.6"E.
104652 5322 CF-104D CAF 652 display Toronto, North York, Ontario, Canada Sep 2017/ Canadian Command and Staff College, preserved in the garden.
194654 5324 CF-104D Mk.2 RDAF RT-654, ex CAF 654. museum, inside Værløse, Denmark Apr 2021/ "Værløse Flyhistoriske Hangar" (Værløse AB); 57°09'35.6"N 10°09'22.6"E.
104655 5325 CF-104D RDAF RT-655, ex CAF 655. display, outside Bjerringbro, Denmark Aug 2018/ at scrap dealers house at his scrapyard; 55°45'53.69"N 12°19'20.43"E.
104657 5327 CF-104D RDAF RT-657, ex CAF 657. display, on pole Aalborg AB, Denmark Oct 2021/ at F-16 Maintenance hangar, lightgrey color scheme, gear down; 57° 4'59.93"N 9°52'27.97"E.
104658 5328 CF-104D CAF 8-658, ex THK 8-658 62-0658. preserved, display, outside Markham, Toronto, Canada Oct 2021/ "Canadian Air Land Sea Museum" (CALSM), Markham; 43°56'0.28"N 79°16'4.04"W.
104666 5336 CF-104D CAF 666 (cockpit) stored, dump Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada Sep 2017/ dump, laying on the ground at the Cold Lake museum.
104667 5337 CF-104D RDAF RT-667, ex CAF 667. museum, inside Ugglarp, Sweden Aug 2020/ Svedinos Bil & Flygmuseum, with 723 Esk markings; 56°49'15.7"N 12°37'47.8"E.
26-5001 5401 F-104DJ JASDF 001. preserved, display Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Apr 2021/ Old Car Center Kudan, Yamadaoka; reopened April 2, 2016; 37°14'33.92"N 140°59'49.76"E.
26-5005 5405 F-104DJ JASDF 005. (fuselage) preserved, stored Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Nov 2018/ Old Car Center Kudan, Yamadaoka; reopened April 2, 2016; 37°14'33.92"N 140°59'49.76"E.
26-5007 5407 F-104DJ JASDF 007. display, outside Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Pref., Japan Aug 2021/ Kawaguchiko Motor Museum, on the roof of the building; 35°27'12.98"N 138°44'30.90"E.
26-5008 5408 F-104DJ JASDF 008. display, outside Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan Mar 2020/ Shirokawa General Sports Park (weathered).
36-5011 5411 F-104DJ JASDF 011. (cockpit) display Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Nov 2020/ at a private home, metal colors "011".
36-5017 5417 F-104DJ ROCAF 4595, ex JASDF 017. preserved, display, outside Yunlin County, Taiwan Feb 2022/ China University of Science and Technology (CUST), Yunlin (heavy weathered).
61-3030 5506 TF-104G ROCAF 4147. display, on pole CCK AB, Taiwan Sep 2022/ Gate Guard coded "61-12236", marks of 427th TFW.
62-12274 5519 TF-104G HAF 22274. museum, stored Tatoi, Greece Apr 2022/ stored at HAF Museum Tatoi, no code.
62-12278 5523 TF-104G (fuselage) HAF TF-278 museum, stored Tatoi, Greece Apr 2022/ fuselage dump at HAF Museum Tatoi.
65-9415 5529 TF-104G THK 9-415, ex SpAF "104-23" display, Gate Guard, on pole Corlu AB, Turkey Nov 2019/ Gate Guard at Corlu AB; 41° 7'54.14"N 27°53'26.60"E.
61-3032 5703 TF-104G THK "8-703", ex GAF. display, on poles Kayseri, Turkey Oct 2020/ on campus of the Erciyes University; 38°42'17.95"N 35°31'6.58"E.
61-3037 5708 TF-104G HAF "TF-708", ex GAF. display, outside Thessaloniki, Sedes AB, Greece Nov 2022/ painted "Galaxy" in blue/white colors at Sedes AB; 40°32'16.80"N 23° 1'24.57"E.
61-3038 5709 TF-104G GAF 27+08. museum, inside Niederalteich, Germany Jan 2022/ on stilts and cockpit accessible via a gangway; 48°45'58.80"N 13° 1'32.53"E.
61-3040 5711 TF-104G THK 8-711, ex GAF display, on a block Istanbul, Turkey Apr 2020/ Air Force Academy, Istanbul, without serial, near shoreline; 40°57'56.66"N 28°50'39.77"E.
61-3041 5712 TF-104G-M AMI 4-44 MM54553, ex GAF 27+11 preserved, stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ dump (scrapped?).
61-3043 5714 TF-104G (fuselage) HAF TF-714, ex GAF. preserved, dumped Agrinion AB, Greece Sep 2017/ dump.
61-3044 5715 TF-104G HAF TF-044, ex GAF 27+14. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
61-3046 5717 TF-104G HAF TF-717, ex GAF 27+16. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
61-3048 5719 TF-104G HAF TF-719, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
61-3050 5721 TF-104G THK 8-721, 63-5721, ex GAF 27+20. display, Gate Guard Kutahya AB, Turkey Dec 2020/ coded "8-721" Gate Guard at Kutahya AP; 39°24'49.75"N 30°1'19.26"E.
61-3051 5722 TF-104G THK 6-722, 63-5722, ex GAF 27+21. display, Gate Guard Afyon AB, Turkey Aug 2022/ without markings and with grey camo scheme; 38°43'22.27"N 30°35'37.20"E.
61-3054 5725 TF-104G THK 9-725, "63-5725" museum, outside Istanbul, Turkey Mar 2020/ Yesilkoy Museum; 40°57'50.01"N 28°49'31.31"E.
61-3056 5727 TF-104G (cockpit) GAF "34", ex 27+26. preserved, inside Memmingen, Germany Oct 2018/ in clubhouse.
61-3059 5730 TF-104G (fuselage), GAF 27+28 preserved, unconfirmed Bottrop, Germany Apr 2013/ Movie Park Germany at Bottrop ?
61-3062 5733 TF-104G HAF TF-733, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
61-3064 5735 TF-104G NASA N824NA, ex GAF 27+33. museum, outside Paso Robles, California, USA Oct 2018/ Estrella Warbird Museum at Paso Robles Airport; 35°39'52.73"N 120°37'9.38"W.
61-3067 5738 TF-104G-M AMI 4-48 MM54554, ex GAF 27+36 preserved, stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2011/ dump (scrapped?).
61-3068 5739 TF-104G-M AMI 4-45 MM54555, ex GAF 27+37 stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2010/ dump (scrapped?).
61-3072 5743 TF-104G-M AMI 4-47 MM54556, ex GAF 27+41 stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2008/ dump (scrapped?).
61-3073 5744 TF-104G ROCAF 4171, ex GAF Luke 61-3073. display, Gate Guard Hsinchu AB, Taiwan Sep 2018/ base collection coded "61-03073"; 24°49'12.47"N 120°57'3.94"E.
61-3080 5751 TF-104G ROCAF 4177, ex GAF Luke 61-3080. display, outside Gangshan Town, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan Jan 2022/ ROC Air Force Institute of Technology; 22°47'56.10"N 120°16'53.55"E.
61-3082 5753 TF-104G ROCAF 4178, ex GAF Luke 61-3082. display, outside Dajia Town, Taichung City, Taiwan Oct 2019/ display in Military Cemetry (weathered); 24°21'32.25"N 120°38'46.66"E
61-3083 5754 TF-104G ROCAF 4179, ex GAF Luke. display, outside Taitung Township, Taitung City, Taiwan Mar 2021/ in military cemetery Li Jia (Martyr's Shrine); 22°48'11.87"N 121° 3'35.39"E.
63-8454 5758 TF-104G ROCAF 4182, ex GAF Luke. display, outside Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Feb 2020/ display in military cemetery; 22°39'11.17"N 120°21'38.21"E.
63-8458 5762 TF-104G ROCAF 4186, ex GAF Luke. display, outside Kinmen Island, Taiwan Oct 2021/ Chiang Ching-kou Memorial Hall, carrying Falcon A/A missile; 24°26'12.86"N 118°21'12.06"E.
63-8462 5766 TF-104G ROCAF 4189, ex GAF Luke 63-8462. display, vertical on pole CCK AB, Taichung City, Taiwan Jan 2020/ titled "Zuan Sheng" (Zoom climb); 24°15'15.79"N 120°38'1.10"E.
63-12685 5767 TF-104G AMI "20-1", ex AMI 4-23 MM54226 display, on pole Florence, Italy Apr 2020/ "Istituto di Scienze Militari Aeronautiche" (ISMA) of Florence; 43°47'11.29"N 11°12'54.16"E.
63-8465 5771 TF-104G ROCAF 4192, ex GAF Luke 63-8465. display, outside Shulin District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Jun 2021/ New Taipei County Arms Park; 25°0'48.37"N 121°24'32.81"E.
63-12687 5772 TF-104G AMI "4-28", ex AMI 4-25 MM54228 display, outside Turin, Caselle AP, Italy Jun 2022/ "4-28" (2 Ufficio Tecnico Territoriale Aeromobili), camouflage scheme.
63-8467 5775 TF-104G ROCAF 4193, ex GAF Luke 63-8467. display, outside Taichung City, Taiwan Jun 2022/ 823 Campaign Memorial Park, 48 TFS badge; 24°11'14.00"N 120°41'22.04"E.
63-12689 5776 TF-104G AMI 4-27 MM54230. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ dumped?
63-12690 5778 TF-104G AMI 4-26, (special marks) MM54231. preserved, on base Grosseto AB, Italy Aug 2021/ "UNUS SED LEO" 20°Gruppo Gate Guard.
63-8469 5779 TF-104G RNoAF 469, ex GAF Luke 63-8469. museum, inside Oslo, Gardermoen, Norway May 2022/ Forsvarets Flysamling, Gardermoen; 60°11'20.95"N 11°4'10.39"E.
63-12691 5780 TF-104G AMI 4-29 MM54232. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ dumped?
63-12692 5781 TF-104G AMI 4-30 MM54233. display, on pole Perdasdefogu, Sardinia, Italy May 2019/ at Perdasdefogu barracks, Sardinian range, near Decimomannu; 39°40'37.9"N 9°26'36.3"E.
63-12694 5783 TF-104G AMI 4-31 MM54235. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ dumped?
63-12696 5785 TF-104G-M AMI 4-32 MM54237. preserved, stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ dumped?
D-5803 5803 TF-104G KLu D-5803. museum, stored Soesterberg, Netherlands Aug 2018/ caged MLM (Militair Luchtvaart Museum) - Dutch AF Museum.
D-5805 5805 TF-104G KLu, to CF-104D "651" CAF. museum, inside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Jan 2019/ preserved as Canadian CF-104D coded "651" 104651, 417 squadron marks.
D-5810 5810 TF-104G KLu D-5810. preserved, stored Everett-Paine Field, Maine, USA Dec 2018/ owned by Steve Alex, restoration; for sale $325,000.
27+72 5901 TF-104G HAF TF-5901, ex GAF 27+72. dumped Tanagra Air Base, Greece Sep 2017/ dump Tanagra AB in bare metal, serial "5901".
27+77 5906 TF-104G HAF TF-906, ex GAF 27+77. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017.
27+79 5908 TF-104G HAF TF-908, ex GAF 27+79. museum, outside Tatoi, Greece Nov 2021/ outside on apron behind museum hangar.
27+81 5910 TF-104G HAF TF-910, ex GAF 27+81. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017.
27+82 5911 TF-104G THK 8-911, ex GAF 27+82 display, on pole Izmir, Cigli, Turkey Nov 2020/ on pole in the "75th Year Turkish World Park", 38°29'58.10"N 27° 3'45.85"E.
27+83 5912 TF-104G HAF TF-912, ex GAF 27+83 stored Araxos, Greece Nov 2017.
27+86 5916 TF-104G HAF TF-916, ex GAF 27+86. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017.
27+87 5917 TF-104G HAF TF-917, ex GAF 27+87. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump (weathered).
27+90 5920 TF-104G GAF 27+90. museum, outside Berlin-Gatow, Germany Sep 2019/ Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow (weathered); 52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E.
27+96 5926 TF-104G N104TF, ex THK "8-926", ex GAF 27+96 museum, restoration Portland, Hillsboro Airport, USA Aug 2021/ silver finish, Portland, Oregon; registration N104TF cancelled; 45°31'57.6"N 122°57'04.3"W.
27+98 5928 TF-104G HAF TF-5928, ex GAF 27+98. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Sep 2017/ dump.
28+01 5931 TF-104G (nose), ex GAF (USAF marks), 28+01. museum, inside Berlin-Gatow Museum, Germany Sep 2018/ painted in Luke AFB 69 TFTS colors.
66-13622 5933 TF-104G ROCAF 4195, ex GAF Luke 13622. display, instructional Henshan Town, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Oct 2021/ "China Institute of Technology" in hangar; special colors; 24°42'53.56"N 121°6'48.99"E.
66-13625 5936 TF-104G ROCAF 4196, ex GAF Luke 13625. display, outside Keelung Town, Taiwan Aug 2022/ Conscription Park in Keelung, blue code; 25°8'10.19"N 121°45'29.22"E.
28+09 5939 TF-104G NASA N825NA, ex GAF 28+09. display, mobile Moffett Federal Airport, California, USA Jun 2019/ US serial number 66-13628; Moffett Field Historical Society; 37°24'39.97"N 122°3'15.41"W.
28+13 5943 TF-104G GAF 28+13. museum, inside Seifertshofen, Germany Apr 2019/ "Schwäbisches Bauern und Technik Museum"; 48°54'30.30"N 9°50'20.21"E.
28+15 5945 TF-104G THK 5945, ex GAF 28+15. display, outside Ahili, near Kirikkale, Turkey Jul 2022/ on roof top of a private high school; 39°47'39.36"N 33°32'48.42"E.
28+16 5946 TF-104G-M AMI 4-46 MM54558, ex GAF 28+16. preserved Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ relict, scrapped?
28+22 5952 TF-104G GAF 28+22. museum, outside Bessemer, Lanaken, Belgium Nov 2021/ Belgian Military Radio and Communications Museum, weathered!; 50°55'5.31"N 5°36'26.94"E.
28+23 5953 TF-104G HAF TF-5953, ex GAF 28+23. preserved, Gate Guard Limnos AB, Varos, Greece May 2019/ Gate Guard at Headquarters of 130 Combat Group; 39°55'54.27"N 25°14'34.11"E.
28+24 5954 TF-104G HAF TF-954, ex GAF 28+24. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
28+25 5955 TF-104G HAF 5955, ex GAF 28+25. preserved, stored Tatoi, Greece Apr 2022/ Tatoi Aero Club stored (dump)! (ex Kilkis).
28+27 5957 TF-104G GAF 28+27. museum, outside Speyer, Germany Jul 2019/ displayed on stilts August 2015; 49°18'41.88"N 8°26'44.14"E.
28+28 5958 TF-104G HAF TF-958, ex GAF 28+28. preserved, school complex Tatoi, Greece Sep 2017/ displayed at Air Force Academy "Ikarus School"; 38° 6'49.17"N 23°46'25.13"E (pixelated).
28+29 5959 TF-104G HAF TF-959, ex GAF 28+29. stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
28+31 5961 TF-104G HAF TF-5961, ex GAF 28+31. Base Museum, outside Tanagra AB, Greece Oct 2022/ aluminum color scheme.
28+35 5965 TF-104G HAF 5965, ex GAF 28+35. display, outside Panagitsa, Edessa, Greece Jul 2020/ on poles in Hellenic SEA camouflage scheme; 40°50'31.8"N 21°49'32.5"E.
62-12303 6002 F-104G HAF FG-303. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-12304 6003 F-104G HAF FG-304. preserved, Gate Guard Andravida AB, Greece Mar 2022/ at main entrance, silver color scheme (weathered); 37°55'17.10"N 21°16'57.94"E.
62-12306 6005 F-104G HAF FG-306. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-12307 6006 F-104G HAF 22307. display, outside Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ on pole at Araxos AB in base collection.
62-12310 6009 F-104G HAF FG-310. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-22311 6010 F-104G HAF FG-311. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-22314 6013 F-104G (fuselage) HAF FG-314. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-22315 6014 F-104G HAF FG-315. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-12316 6015 F-104G THK 4-316. display, on pole Izmir town, Turkey Aug 2020/ display in Izelman park, near Izmir (weathered); 38°24'36.9"N 27°02'28.9"E.
62-22317 6016 F-104G HAF FG-317. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
62-12331 6030 F-104G TuAF 4-331. display, outside Sivrihisar Reserve Base, Turkey Sep 2020/ on memory square, light grey colors; 39°27'17.94"N 31°22'5.71"E.
62-12336 6035 F-104G TuAF 6-336. preserved, GIA Bandirma AB, Turkey Apr 2020/ Bandirma AB Maintenance Area BDRT/GIA; 40°19'24.20"N 27°58'17.64"E.
62-12342 6041 F-104G ROCAF 4412, ex RDAF R-342. instructional Taoyuan City, Taiwan Jun 2019/ instruction airframe at Daxing high school.
62-12344 6043 F-104G THK 4-344. museum, outside, on pole Istanbul, Turkey Aug 2022/ Yesilkoy Aviation Museum, grey pattern camouflage scheme; 40°57'48.63"N 28°49'33.60"E.
62-12345 6044 F-104G ROCAF 4413, ex RDAF R-345. museum, display, inside Gangshan AB, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Mar 2022/ ROCAF museum, Aviation Education Exhibition hall; 22°47'37.27"N 120°16'12.09"E.
62-12349 6048 F-104G ROCAF 4416, ex RDAF R-349. display, outside Tachia Town, Taichung City, Taiwan Sep 2021/ in military memorial park "Tie Zhen Shan"(weathered); 24°21' 32.16"N 120°38' 46.75"E.
63-12699 6051 F-104G ROCAF 4420, ex RDAF R-699. museum, restoration Portland, Hillsboro Airport, Oregon, USA Sep 2018/ display at the Hillsboro airport in Hillsboro, Oregon; 45°31'57.6"N 122°57'04.3"W.
63-12703 6055 F-104G ROCAF 4422, ex RDAF R-703 preserved, stored Hsinchu AB, Taiwan Jun 2015/ was decoy, stord 2009.
63-12706 6058 F-104G HAF FG-706. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-12708 6060 F-104G HAF no code. display, outside Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2018/ 335 Mira "335 Sq" painted as "Tiger".
63-12710 6062 F-104G HAF FG-710. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-12712 6064 F-104G HAF FG-712. stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-12713 6065 F-104G HAF FG-713. stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-12715 6067 F-104G HAF no code, ex SpAF "104-01". display, Gate Guard Tripolis AB, Greece Nov 2020/ repainted in Mirage 2000 color scheme on concrete block; 37°31'28.2"N 22°23'50.0"E.
63-12717 6069 F-104G HAF FG-717, ex SpAF "104-03". display, outside Kifissia, Attica, Greece Apr 2022/ display on concrete blocks at Heros of Polytecnics Square.
63-12718 6070 F-104G THK "63-2718", ex SpAF "104-04" display, on pole Antalya Airport, Turkey Oct 2020/ on block at entrance of the Military Base at Antalya AP; 36°55'9.29"N 30°47'14.82"E.
63-12720 6072 F-104G HAF, 32720 tiger colour scheme. museum, outside Tatoi, Greece Oct 2021/ 720 "Tiger" colors at "Helliniki Aeroporia Moussio".
63-12722 6074 F-104G HAF FG-722. stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-12724 6076 F-104G HAF FG-724. display, on pole Trikorfo, Messini, Greece Jun 2020/ on poles at Trikorfo, near Messini; 37° 7'44.39"N 21°52'24.68"E.
63-12730 6082 F-104G HAF FG-730. preserved, stored Messolonghi, Greece May 2022/ Messolonghi Aeroclub, stored near the airfield; 38°21'16.3"N 21°28'32.8"E.
63-12733 6085 F-104G THK 4-733/2733. display, on pole Istanbul, Turkey Jun 2021/ Technical University, painted in SEA camouflage scheme; 41° 6'6.75"N 29° 1'20.29"E.
63-12734 6086 F-104G HAF FG-734, ex SpAF "104-16". display, outside Vasiliada village, Greece Aug 2021/ Vasiliada, 30 km SW of Kastoria.
63-13638 6087 F-104G HAF FG-638. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-13639 6088 F-104G HAF FG-639. stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
63-13643 6092 F-104G SpAF "104-12", ex HAF FG-643. display, mobile Madrid, Torrejon AB, Spain Apr 2022/ Base Aerea Torrejon, old code 104-12 of "104 Escuadron".
63-13645 6094 F-104G ROCAF 4417, ex RDAF R-645. display, outside Changhua City, Taiwan Oct 2022/ in Bagua Mountain park, on columns; 24° 4'48.01"N 120°33'0.19"E.
64-17754 6099 F-104G ROCAF 4424, ex RDAF R-754. display, outside on a block Dayang District, Taichung City, Taiwan Dec 2019/ near Dayang Elementary School; December 2018 first noted; 24°17'43.34"N 120°36'36.83"E.
64-17756 6101 F-104G RDAF R-756. display, outside Baginton, S of Coventry, UK Mar 2020/ Midland Air Museum (MAM), with CL Sidewinder; 52°22'28.0"N 1°28'44.6"W.
64-17770 6115 F-104G ROCAF 4344 FG-770. museum, display inside Gangshan AB, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Mar 2021/ ROCAF museum, Aviation Education Exhibition hall; 22°47'37.27"N 120°16'12.09"E.
64-17774 6119 F-104G ROCAF 4348 display, Gate Guard Pingtung, Taiwan Jun 2018/ on pole 1st Air Logistics Area Command Depot.
64-17781 6126 F-104G HAF 47781. display, Gate Guard Nea Ankhialos AB, Greece Feb 2020/ Base collection; 39°13'02.0"N 22°46'20.7"E.
64-17782 6127 F-104G HAF FG-782. display, on pole Agios Andreas, Greece Jul 2019/ Air Force recreation Center, new glossy grey paint scheme.
64-17787 6132 F-104G HAF FG-787. stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
64-17788 6133 F-104G HAF FG-788. stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
MM6501 6501 F-104G AMI 3-11. museum, inside Vigna di Valle, Italy Nov 2020/ 132 Gruppo marks; 42°05'06.5"N 12°12'50.6"E.
MM6504 6504 F-104G AMI 53-21 (Tiger colors). display, on pole Cameri AB (Novara), Italy May 2021/ special TIGER scheme markings of 21 Gruppo; 45°31'52.46"N 8°39'31.36"E.
MM6505 6505 F-104G AMI (special marks). preserved, mobile, on base Grosseto, Italy Aug 2016/ special blue silver grey colorscheme, belonging to 4th RMV
MM6507 6507 F-104G AMI no code. museum, inside Tartu, Estonia Sep 2020/ as fake F-104S ASA-M, Estonian Aviation Museum; 58°17'19.05"N 26°45'58.90"E.
MM6513 6513 F-104G AMI no code (3-23). preserved, Gate Guard Villafranca AB, Italy Sep 2022/ special 132 Gruppo color scheme (weathered); 45°23'5.05"N 10°52'44.00"E.
MM6514 6514 F-104G AMI "50", special marks. museum, on roof top Villafranca-Museo Nicolis, Italy Aug 2022/ 50 years RSV colorscheme in dark blue; weathered; 45°22'5.39"N 10°52'1.96"E.
MM6520 6520 F-104G AMI 3-44 display, on metal structure Vignola (MO), Italy Nov 2018/ company (Tecno Cable Factory).
MM6522 6522 F-104G AMI 5-01. display, on base Ghedi AB, Italy Aug 2022/ color scheme of 102°Gruppo commander,great white code; 45°26'2.20"N 10°16'41.61"E.
MM6525 6525 F 104G AMI "3-01/3-30". display, mobile Villafranca AB, Italy Nov 2018/ stored at Villafranca AB for promotional duties.
MM6527 6527 F-104G AMI coded "RS-03". display, on pole Pratica di Mare AB, Rome, Italy Apr 2022/ near Officers Club, April 2022 new painted with large code; 41°40'27.21"N 12°27'8.77"E.
MM6529 6529 RF-104G (fuselage) AMI, special colors. stored, special marks Istrana, Italy May 2008/ "22-51"; fuselage only, in Battle Damage Repair shelter.
MM6533 6533 F-104G AMI 3-35. dumped Ghedi, Italy Aug 2014/ dump; likely gone.
MM6535 6535 F-104G AMI 3-40. stored Sigonella AB, Sicily, Italy Sep 2016/ Fire Dump, Sigonella airfield, Sicily.
MM6540 6540 F-104G AMI 4-51. stored, scrapyard, cut-up Palermo, Sicily, Italy Aug 2020/ car-scrapyard Autodemolizioni, Palermo, in parts; 38°05'07.5"N 13°25'01.0"E.
MM6542 6542 F-104G AMI 4-53. stored, dumped Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2007/ dump.
MM6544 6544 F-104G AMI "37-00". instructional Palermo, Sicily, Italy Apr 2009/ car-scrapyard, front section only.
MM6546 6546 F-104G AMI "4-27". display, outside Maranello, Fiorano (MO), Italy Apr 2020/ "Rosso Ferrari" Ferrari test circuit (restricted area); 44°32'01.2"N 10°51'29.3"E.
MM6547 6547 F-104G AMI 3-01. display, on pole Villafranca, Italy Aug 2021/ 3°Stormo barracks in Villafranca town; 45°21'15.2"N 10°51'04.1"E.
MM6551 6551 F-104G AMI 3-51. display, outside Massa, Toskana, Italy Apr 2022/ Gallery Di Farsetti at Massa, 28 Gruppo marks (weathered); 44° 1'51.42"N 10° 5'58.23"E.
MM6552 6552 F-104G AMI "51-21". display, on poles Istrana town, Italy Jul 2022/ Piazza (square) Col.Pil. Davide Franceschetti; 45°40'43.7"N 12°06'13.1"E.
MM6559 6559 F-104G AMI "5-30". display, on pole Mirabilandia, Ravenna, Italy Apr 2018/ inside Luna Park as F-104S ASA "MM6935/5-30".
MM6561 6561 F-104G AMI 3-36 (tail from MM6633). display, on pole Orte (VT), Italy Apr 2017/ Orte barracks at the entrance of 11th DCA.
MM6577 6577 F-104G AMI 3-01/3-30, special marks. stored Istrana AB, Italy Oct 2014.
MM6579 6579 F-104G AMI "28" Strega. display, Gate Guard Villafranca AB, Italy May 2020/ color scheme "La Strega" for 28°Gruppo of 3°Stormo; 45°23'5.52"N 10°52'43.71"E.
MM6589 6589 F-104G AMI 4-49. display, on pole Borgo Piave (LT), Italy Dec 2019/ Chiesuola; Brigata Tecnico Addestrativa della Difesa Aerea; 41°29'59.8"N 12°53'12.0"E.
MM6590 6590 F-104G AMI 3-11. display Viterbo, Italy Nov 2017/ Scuola Marescialli Aeronautica Militare at Viterbo (LIRV).
MM6595 6595 F-104G AMI coded "28", special colors. display, outside Cassano Magnago (VA), Italy Oct 2021/ Azienda Agricola Oasi, repainted in the famous "Strega" color scheme.
MM6598 6598 F-104G (fuselage) AMI 3-12. preserved, stored Vigolzone, Italy Apr 2016/ restoration at via Artigianato 27, 29020 Vigolzone.
MM6599 6599 F-104G AMI coded "21-02". display, outside Veveri, Italy Apr 2019/ AMI barracks, near Cameri; silver colorscheme; 45°28'42.57"N 8°37'32.31"E.
MM6601 6601 F-104G AMI 6-26. display, Gate Guard Ghedi AB, Italy Jun 2022/ 154°Gruppo colors.
20+86 6602 F-104G GAF 20+86, JG 71 marks. display, Gate Guard Wittmund town, Germany Sep 2020/ inside Wittmund Kaserne (barracks); 53°34'12.38"N 7°46'51.60"E.
MM6603 6603 F-104G AMI 3-13 (tail from MM6550). display, outside Roncoferraro (MN), Italy Aug 2021/ outside the Savi factory; 45°06'56.8"N 10°55'57.2"E.
20+87 6604 F-104G (cockpit) GAF. display, inside, mobile Baden-Airpark, Söllingen, Germany May 2020/ Deutsch-Kanadisches Luftwaffenmuseum; 48°46'4.37"N 8° 5'4.57"E.
20+90 6607 F-104G (cockpit) GAF. preserve, stored Munich, Germany Oct 2018/ Deutsches Museum; removed from public display.
MM6609 6609 F-104G AMI 3-01. museum, on pole Trento, Italy Aug 2022/ Museo dell'aeronautica "Gianni Caproni".
MM6611 6611 F-104G AMI "4-21". display, Gate Guard Poggio Ballone (Tirli), Italy Sep 2022/ 21°Gruppo Radar station; 42°49'50.5"N 10°52'51.6"E.
20+98 6619 F-104G GAF "20+05", rear of 20+90. display, mobile Memmingen, Germany Oct 2021/ collection of "Starfighter Staffel Memmingen (SSMM)"; 47°58'53.48"N 10°14'6.40"E.
20+99 6620 F-104G GAF (20+99). stored Beja AB, Portugal Jul 2018/ stored outside !
21+00 6621 F-104G GAF 21+00. display, Gate Guard Germersheim, Germany Jun 2019/ "Südpfalz Kaserne", JaboG 32 marks; 49°12'18.12"N 8°21'9.28"E.
21+01 6622 F-104G THK 9-622, ex GAF. display, Base Museum Balikesir AB, Turkey Jun 2021/ "Hava Kuvvetleri Ust Kolleksion"; new camouflage scheme!; 39°37'54.51"N 27°55'21.56"E.
21+07 6629 RF-104G HAF FG-6629, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
MM6632 6632 RF-104G AMI "3-28/3-32". display, outside Loreto, Italy Oct 2019/ Scuola Perfezio namento Specialisti; 43°25'47.47"N 13°36'17.34"E.
MM6634 6634 RF-104G AMI coded "53-04". display, mobile Cameri AB, Italy Oct 2021/ grey colored F-104S ASA style color scheme; pylon tanks and Sidewinder.
D-6653 6653 F-104G THK 9-653, ex KLu. display, on pole, 191 Filo area Balikesir AB, Turkey Jun 2021/ new camouflage scheme coded "9-191" July 2017 first noted!
21+09 6639 RF-104G HAF 6639, ex GAF. display, outside Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2022/ display at Araxos AB coded "6639", SEA color scheme; 38° 9'4.84"N 21°25'32.79"E.
21+11 6642 RF-104G HAF RF-642, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
MM6647 6647 RF-104G AMI "3-22". display, outside Misano Adriatico, Italy Sep 2022/ displayed at the Zucchetti Group building; 43°58'34.2"N 12°41'30.0"E
MM6649 6649 RF-104G AMI 4-49. display, erected Acquarossa de Bastardo, PG, Italy Jul 2022/ Aviosuperficie del Sagrantino, airstrip, weathered and damaged; 42.89257050N 12.53769779E.
MM6651 6651 RF-104G AMI 3-03. display, outside Rivolto AB, Italy Feb 2020/ mobile, nose from MM6942 and tail from MM6588; 45°58'39.9"N 13°02'15.8"E.
21+12 6661 RF-104G GAF 21+12. display, on pole Zehdenick, Brandenburg, Germany Oct 2019/ Tischlerei Schöpping, Gewerbegebiet Karlshof; 52°59'15.34"N 13°18'17.73"E.
21+13 6662 RF-104G HAF FG-662, ex GAF display, mobile Tanagra AB, Greece Sep 2019/ in Silver-finish colors; 38°20'4.31"N 23°33'33.66"E.
21+16 6665 RF-104G HAF FG-6665, ex GAF stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
D-6666 6666 F-104G (fuselage), HAF FG-666, ex KLu. preserved, dumped Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
D-6667 6667 F-104G THK 9-667, ex KLu. museum, outside, on pole Eskisehir, Turkey May 2022/ on pole at Anadolu University Aviation Park; 39°47'13.37"N 30°29'58.22"E.
D-6668 6668 F-104G HAF FG-668, ex KLu display, on pole Larissa AB, Greece Jun 2021/ in the new museum in Larissa on June 28, 2021, Larissa HQ barracks, silver colors.
D-6670 6670 F-104G (fuselage), HAF FG-670, ex KLu. preserved, dumped Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
D-6670 6670 F-104G (cockpit), HAF FG-670, ex KLu. display, preserved Ikaria Island, Greece Aug 2021/ cockpit at Ikaria aero-club instructional in August 2021 first noted.
21+17 6672 RF-104G HAF RF-672, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
21+19 6674 RF-104G HAF FG-6674, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
21+21 6676 RF-104G HAF FG-6676, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 20177 dump.
21+22 6677 RF-104G HAF "RF-677", ex GAF. display, outside Tatoi, AF museum, Greece Nov 2021/ recoded "RF-677" in 2020 at Tatoi AF museum; 38° 6'17.65"N 23°46'42.66"E.
21+23 6678 RF-104G HAF FG-678, ex GAF. display, on pylon, roadside Moni Taxiatchon (Athikia), Greece Feb 2022/ village of Moni Taxiarchon, near the town of Athikia, Korinthia; 37°49'52.35"N 22°54'59.61"E.
D-6680 6680 F-104G HAF FG-680, ex KLu. preserved Kato Agios Markos, Corfu, Greece Nov 2019/ at Kato Agios Markos city on Corfu island in a private property; fuselage only. NEW!
D-6681 6681 F-104G HAF FG-681, ex KLu. museum, stored Tatoi, Greece Apr 2022/ stored at Tatoi AF museum, ex D-6681, fuselage only; removed from the Army Park, Athens.
21+25 6686 RF-104G GAF 21+25. preserved, on pole Flensburg, Germany Feb 2020/ at scrapdealer Nord Schrott (bad status); 54°46'10.91"N 9°23'40.21"E.
21+26 6687 RF-104G GAF 21+26. (cockpit) preserved Gronau, Germany May 2019/ cockpit owned by Matthias Wessels, Gronau; 52°13'4.03"N 6°59'5.58"E.
21+29 6690 RF-104G HAF FG-6690, ex GAF. stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
21+30 6691 RF-104G HAF RF-691, ex GAF. preserved, Gate Guard Tanagra AB, Greece Sep 2021/ in Silver-finish colors (weathered); 38°20'22.90"N 23°34'36.38"E.
21+31 6692 RF-104G HAF FG-6692, ex GAF. base museum, outside Larissa AB, Greece Feb 2019/ Lost Aviators Memorial area; 39°38'38.21"N 22°26'39.83"E.
21+32 6693 RF-104G HAF FG-6693, ex GAF. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ went to Araxos in October 2015, stored.
D-6695 6695 F-104G HAF FG-6695, ex KLu. museum, outside Athens, Greece Sep 2022/ Polemico Museum (War Museum of Athens), new glossy paint; 37°58'32.3"N 23°44'41.4"E.
D-6697 6697 F-104G HAF FG-697, ex KLu preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
D-6699 6699 F-104G HAF FG-699, ex KLu preserved, restoration Dekeleia AP, Acharnes, Greece Aug 2018/ Dekeleia Aeroclub at Dekeleia Airport, tailless with jet pipe exposed.
D-6700 6700 F-104G (fuselage) HAF FG-700, ex KLu. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
21+36 7004 F-104G GAF, coded "20+02". display, on pole Lechfeld AB, Germany Dec 2019/ Lechfeldkaserne, "Militärgeschichtliche Sammlung Lechfeld"; 48°10'42.30"N 10°50'48.87"E.
21+37 7005 F-104G THK "8-7005", ex GAF. display, on pole Mersin, Turkey Jul 2022/ in a park with grey paint (repainted in 2020); 36°46'46.69"N 34°35'56.01"E.
21+38 7006 F-104G GAF 21+38. display, outside Lechfeld AB, Germany Aug 2018/ in HAS (aircraft shelter) area at Lechfeld AB; 48°11'49.24"N 10°51'25.13"E.
21+49 7017 F-104G THK "5-017", 62-7017. display, outside Merzifon AB, Turkey Jun 2019/ memorial lane at Merzifon AB; 40°51'10.08"N 35°31'52.98"E.
21+50 7019 F-104G THK 4-019, ex GAF. display, outside Sile, Turkey Sep 2019/ Sile (military base); 41°9'59.15"N 29°37'2.60"E.
21+52 7021 F-104G GAF 21+52. display, mobile Neuburg AB, Germany Jul 2022/ Wehrgeschichtliche Sammlung of TaktLwG 74; 48°42'32.09"N 11°13'27.76"E.
21+53 7022 F-104G GAF 21+53. museum, display, inside Oberschleissheim, Germany Jun 2019/ Flugwerft Schleissheim, near Munich; 48°14'40.89"N 11°33'17.50"E.
21+55 7024 F-104G GAF 21+55. display, outside Hassfurt, Schweinfurt, Germany Sep 2021/ Hassfurt airfield (EDQT), 50 km north west of Nurnberg; 50° 1'4.81"N 10°31'33.20"E.
21+56 7025 F-104G GAF 21+56. museum, outside Cottbus, Germany Oct 2021/ display at Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus; 51°45'58.43"N 14°17'41.59"E.
21+60 7029 F-104G GAF 21+60, coded "DA+225" preserved, display Salzburg (Koppl), Austria Dec 2020/ "DA+225" Manro-Classic Auto & Musik Museum, near Salzburg; 47°49'3.54"N 13° 9'37.97"E.
21+64 7033 F-104G GAF 21+64. museum, outside Szolnok, Hungary Jul 2022/ Hungarian Aviation Museum, new paint in 2018; 47° 7'50.17"N 20°13'12.19"E.
21+67 7036 F-104G GAF, special marks(yel/blk). display, Gate Guard Buchel AB, Germany May 2019/ nicknamed "Geier"; 50°10'59.54"N 7° 3'34.63"E.
21+69 7038 F-104G GAF 21+69. instructional Norvenich AB, Germany Aug 2018/ apprentice shop (Lehrlingswerkstatt).
21+71 7040 F-104G GAF 21+71 preserved Germany Mar 2015/ sold to someone in Germany in 2015, unknown location.
21+78 7047 F-104G THK coded "1937", ex GAF. display, outside Istanbul, Turkey Jun 2020/ Istanbul Military Academy (Turkish: Kara Harp Okulu); 41°6'11.30"N 29 0'57.49"E.
21+82 7051 F-104G THK 4-051, ex GAF. preserved, Gate Guard Akinci AB, Turkey May 2020/ (former known as Murted AB), grey camouflage; 40°04'58.15"N 32°34'38.01"E.
21+83 7052 F-104G (cockpit) GAF, no code. display, inside Neuburg, Germany Oct 2022/ Kaserne Neuburg; showing Martin Baker GQ7A ejection seat sequence.
21+86 7055 F-104G GAF 21+86. instructional Lechfeld AB, Germany Aug 2018/ apprentice shop Lechfeld AB (Ausbildungswerkstatt).
21+88 7057 F-104G (fuselage) HAF 21+88, ex GAF. stored, dump Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ coded "21+88" for spare parts use only!
21+91 7060 F-104G GAF 21+91. museum, inside Toulouse, France May 2021/ "Aeroscopia" museum, coded 21+91 again; 3°39'33.7"N 1°21'30.3"E.
21+96 7065 F-104G GAF 21+96. museum, inside Albert, France Jun 2019/ L'Epopee de l'Industrie et de l'Aeronautique Collection Betrancourt; 50°0'0.25"N 2°38'14.12"E.
22+01 7070 F-104G GAF, coded "26+63". museum, outside, on poles Speyer, Germany Jun 2020/ Technik Museum Speyer, "Vikings" colors; 49°18'42.70"N 8°26'47.57"E.
22+06 7076 F-104G GAF 22+06. display on pole, Gate Guard Appen, Germany Nov 2021/ Jürgen Schumann-Kaserne (Unteroffiziersschule der Luftwaffe); 53°39'12.27"N 9°42'26.54"E.
22+07 7077 F-104G GAF "KE+377". display Manching, Germany Jun 2018/ "KE+377" mobile display, in retro look.
22+10 7080 F-104G (fuselage) HAF 22+10, ex GAF. stored, dumped Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ coded "22+10".
22+16 7087 F-104G HAF FG-087, ex GAF dumped Elefsis, Greece Feb 2018/ dismantled and subsequently scrapped; dump Elefsis February 2018 last noted.
22+17 7088 F-104G HAF 7088, ex GAF. display, Gate Guard Maleme AB, Crete, Greece Jul 2022/ in Memorial Lane; 35°31'43.42"N 23°49'55.74"E.
22+19 7090 F-104G HAF 7090, ex GAF. display, outside Delvinaki, Greece Jul 20212/ Ioannina Prefecture, NW Greece, 10 km E of Albanian border; 39°54'27.47"N 20°27'59.17"E.
22+22 7097 F-104G HAF "FG-303", ex GAF. display Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2018/ bare aluminum color scheme and "FG-303" marks; 38° 8'22.83"N 21°25'16.95"E. pixelated
22+24 7099 F-104G GAF 22+24. preserved, stored, outside Munster, Germany May 2018/ Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut; 53° 0'7.31"N 10° 8'52.82"E.
22+26 7101 F-104G THK, coded "10-101". display, Gate Guard Incirlik AB, Turkey Jul 2019/ Military AB, "10" Tanker Base; 36°59'33.56"N 35°23'33.80"E.
22+30 7108 F-104G THK 8-108, ex GAF. display, on pole Diyarbakir, Turkey Oct 2019/ in a park close to the Air Base in grey colors scheme; 37°54'32.46"N 40°12'25.97"E.
22+35 7113 F-104G GAF 22+35. museum, outside Bruntingthorpe, UK Sep 2019/ Cold War jet collection; 52°29'46.19"N 1° 6'45.86"W.
22+40 7118 F-104G GAF 22+40. museum, stored Le Bourget-Dugny, Paris, France Oct 2017/ stored in the museum depot at Le Bourget-Dugny 2014.
22+43 7121 F-104G GAF 22+43, JaboG 34 marks. display, Gate Guard Ummendorf, Germany Apr 202"/ renamed "Instandsetzungszentrum 12 (InstZ 12)"; 48° 3'58.33"N 9°49'13.53"E.
22+44 7122 F-104G THK 9-192, coded "64-7122", ex GAF. display, on pole Balikesir town, Turkey Feb 2022/ Kemal Ataturk park, with squadron codes '9-191' and '9-192'; 39°38'36.15"N 27°53'9.37"E.
22+45 7123 F-104G GAF 22+45. museum, inside Wernigerode, Germany Jan 2020/ Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik, with all panels open; 51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
22+47 7125 F-104G THK 9-125, ex GAF. display, on pole Manisa-Muradiye, Turkey Apr 2021/ Celar Bayar University at Manisa-Muradiye (bad condition); 38°40'44.54"N 27°18'51.01"E.
22+49 7129 F-104G GAF 22+49. museum, inside Sinsheim, Germany Dec 2018/ Auto & Technik Museum, hanging from the roof; 49°14'17.14"N 8°53'50.78"E.
22+51 7131 F-104G GAF 22+51. display, outside Manching AB, Germany Jun 2019/ at the cafeteria area in the Airbus factory complex; 48°42'23.74" 11°30'52.05"E.
22+55 7135 F-104G GAF 22+55. instructional Holzdorf AB, Germany Apr 2021/ Holzdorf AB as instructional airframe (GIA) for the Ausbildungswerkstatt.
22+57 7138 F-104G GAF 22+57. private Taiwan Dec 2013/ early 2013 on an unknown location in Taiwan?
22+58 7139 F-104G GAF 22+58. museum, inside Böblingen, Stuttgart, Germany Jul 2021/ "Motorworld" exhibition, near Stuttgart, on stilts.
22+59 7140 F-104G GAF, coded "DF+101". preserved, restoration Rheine, Germany Apr 2022/ Bentlage barracks; taken down August 2019; 52°17'51.33"N 7°22'57.07"E New
22+61 7142 F-104G GAF 22+61. instructional Norvenich, Germany Jun 2019/ Lehrlingswerkstatt Halle A.
22+62 7143 F-104G GAF 22+62. display, Gate Guard Beja AB, Portugal Jun 2019/ on concrete block, near gate; 38° 4'16.19"N 7°54'55.17"W.
22+65 7146 F-104G GAF, coded "21+73". preserved, inside Baarlo, Netherlands Jul 2020/ "21+73" with JaboG 31 marks at Baarlo; 51°19'34.02"N 06° 5'10.10"E.
22+67 7148 F-104G GAF (22+67). preserved, stored Rednitzhembach, Germany Sep 2018/ fuselage and tail private owned.
22+70 7151 F-104G HAF 7151 "Olympus", ex GAF. museum, outside Tatoi AB, Greece Nov 2021/ special "Olympus" color scheme; 38° 6'19.44"N 23°46'42.90"E.
22+71 7152 F-104G HAF FG-152, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
22+72 7153 F-104G HAF FG-153. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
22+74 7155 F-104G HAF FG-155. preserved, stored Araxos AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
22+77 7159 F-104G GAF, coded "24+44". display, Gate Guard Schleswig, Jagel Kaserne, Germany Jul 2018/ Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51 "Immelmann"; 54°24'33.14"N 9°29'47.46"E.
22+79 7161 F-104G THK "65-7161", ex GAF. display, on pole Vezirköprü, Samsun, Turkey Oct 2020/ Vezirköprü municipality, Samsun province, wrong serial number; 41° 8'7.50"N 35°28'26.40"E.
22+81 7163 F 104G HAF FG-7163, ex GAF. display Tanagra AB, Greece Sep 2014/ stored in a compound.
22+82 7164 F-104G THK 9-164, ex GAF. preserved, Gate Guard Akhisar AB, Turkey Mar 2021/ with grey camouflage scheme; 38°48'48.59"N 27°50'34.64"E.
22+85 7167 F-104G (fuselage) HAF FG-7167, ex GAF. dumped Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
22+86 7168 F-104G HAF FG-168, ex GAF. display, on plate Georgitsi, Lakonia, Greece Sep 2020/ to our fallen aviators; 37°11'44.28"N 22°16'46.09"E.
22+89 7172 F-104G HAF FG-172, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
22+90 7173 F-104G Red Colors, ex GAF. museum, outside Lelystad, Netherlands Aug 2020/ painted "AVIODROME"; 52°27'34.78"N 5°31'55.77"E.
22+91 7174 F-104G GAF 22+91. instructional, inside Holzdorf AB, Germany Jun 2020/ Holzdorf AB as instructional airframe (GIA) for the Ausbildungswerkstatt at Holzdorf.
22+92 7175 F-104G GAF 22+92. stored Nordholz AB, Germany Nov 2017/ dump Nordholz AB outside.
22+93 7176 F-104G HAF FG-176, ex GAF stored, instructional Psachna, Greece Jul 2018/ Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Chalkida; 38°34'9.91"N 23°38'56.05"E.
22+97 7180 F-104G HAF FG-180, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
22+98 7181 F-104G GAF 22+98. museum, outside Nordholz, Germany May 2019/ "Aeronauticum" Marineflieger Museum (under a cover); 53°46'29.06"N 8°38'23.17"E.
23+00 7183 F-104G HAF FG-183, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ stored.
23+01 7184 F-104G (cockpit), GAF "KE+484". preserved, restoration Waldbrunn, Germany Apr 2021/ ongoing restoration at Waldbrunn, in silver chrome colors coded KE+484.
23+02 7185 F-104G THK 6-185, ex GAF. display, outside Eskisehir AB, Turkey Nov 2018/ Memorial Lane collection; 39°46'33.09"N 30°33'35.07"E.
23+03 7186 F-104G THK coded "6-1046", ex GAF. display, outside Bandirma AB, Turkey May 2018/ "Hava Kuvvetleri Ust Kolleksion", green/brown scheme; 40°19'59.09"N 27°58'26.39"E.
23+07 7190 F-104G THK 7190, ex GAF. museum, outside Eskisehir town, Turkey Jul 2022/ Aviation Park at Anadolu University (weathered); 39°47'13.95"N 30°29'58.40"E.
23+09 7192 F-104G GAF 23+09, MFG 2 marks. museum, inside Wernigerode, Germany Jan 2020/ Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik Wernigerode; 51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
23+12 7195 F-104G HAF FG-195, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
23+17 7201 F-104G HAF FG-7201, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
23+19 7203 F-104G HAF FG-203, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
23+21 7205 F-104G HAF FG-205, ex GAF. display, on poles Aigio town, Greece Apr 2022/ 30 km east of Patras on the Golf of Corinth (weathered); 38°15'7.27"N 22° 4'53.17"E.
23+22 7206 RF-104G HAF RF-206, ex GAF. display, outside Ellinopyrgos, Greece May 2019/ 25 km W of the city of Karditsa, a city in western Thessaly; 39°24'10.36"N 21°44'21.15"E.
23+23 7207 RF-104G HAF RF-207, ex GAF preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/dump.
23+24 7208 F-104G GAF coded "22+23". display, on roof Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany Jan 2022/ fake code "22+23" on the roof of factory MERKLE; 48°49'59.54"N 9° 9'36.12"E.
26+43 7303 F-104G GAF 26+43. museum, stored Berlin, Germany Jan 2016/ stored Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow, ex Dresden.
26+44 7304 F-104G THK 7-304, ex GAF 26+44 stored Bandirma AB Jan 2016/ at 6.AJU premises, from Zonguldak, but removed due to vandalism.
26+47 7307 F-104G GAF 26+47. preserved Tessenderlo, Belgium Apr 2019/ company called Foets, standing in a chaotic area (sad state);51°3'9.74"N 5°0'1.12"E .
26+49 7309 F-104G GAF 26+49. museum, outside Berlin, Germany Sep 2019/ Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr Berlin-Gatow (weathered!); 52°28'23.78"N 13°8'26.98"E.
26+51 7311 F-104G GAF 26+51. museum, outside Rothenburg, Oberlausitz, Germany Aug 2020/ Luftfahrttechnischer Museumsverein Rothenburg; 51°21'27.48"N 14°57'31.27"E.
26+52 7312 F-104G GAF 26+52. instructional Erding AB, Germany Aug 2020/ fully functional; 48°18'38.4"N 11°55'10.3"E.
26+53 7313 F-104G GAF 26+53. museum, inside Niederalteich, Germany Jun 2020/ "Gerhard Neumann Museum", skin removed for display purposes; 48°45'59.57"N 13° 1'32.75"E.
98+04 7406 F-104G "11", ex GAF 26+60, 98+04 (blu & wth) instructional Manching AB, Germany Mar 2020/ training aid WTD 61.
26+61 7407 F-104G GAF 26+61. museum, stored Hermeskeil, Germany Apr 2021/ Flugausstellung L.+P. Junior, Hermeskeil, Lizard camouflage; 49°41'04.8"N 6°57'34.3"E.
26+63 7409 F-104G HAF FG-7409, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
26+69 7415 F-104G HAF FG-415, ex GAF. display, museum Tatoi AB, Greece Apr 2022/ Hellenic AF Museum (Helliniki Aeroporia Moussio); (38° 6'16.40"N 23°46'41.82"E).
26+72 7418 F-104G GAF 26+72, special colors. display, inside Limburg Airport, Belgium Jul 2022/ in “Vikings” colors with collection of Fenix Recycling; 50°47'58.11"N 5°12'20.62"E.
26+75 7421 F-104G HAF FG-421, ex GAF. display, outside Menidi, Greece Aug 2022/ on hilltop at Menidi, municipality Amfilochia (waethered); 39°02'51.5"N 21°06'43.5"E.
26+76 7422 F 104G HAF 7422, ex GAF. display, outside Leros island, Greece Jun 2021/ Leros War Museum, beside a WW II museum; 37°07'38.2"N 26°50'23.7"E.
26+78 7424 F-104G HAF FG-424, ex GAF. display, on poles Tripolis AB, Greece Nov 2020/ inside 124 Wing area on April 12, 2019.
26+79 7425 F-104G HAF FG-425, ex GAF. display, outside Tragona, Greece Nov 2021/ aluminum color scheme; weathered (sad status); 37°53'58.09"N 21°18'51.06"E.
26+80 7426 F-104G HAF FG-426, ex GAF. display, on poles Lefktra, Greece Jan 2022/ near Plataies, Boeotia prefecture, Central Greece; 38°15'26.62"N 23°10'59.29"E.
26+81 7427 F-104G HAF FG-427, ex GAF. display, outside Kapnochori, Greece Jun 2021/ in a private property WSW of the Greek city Lamia; 38°52'01.4"N 22°13'17.8"E.
26+82 7428 F-104G HAF FG-428, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
26+83 7429 F-104G HAF FG-429, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Jul 2018/ stored (weathered).
26+87 7433 F-104G HAF FG-433, ex GAF. preserved Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ display main road Agrinion AB.
26+88 7434 F-104G HAF FG-434, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Nov 2017/ dump.
26+89 7435 F-104G HAF FG-435, ex GAF. preserved, stored Elefsis AB, Greece Feb 2018/ badly colored by vandalism, stored (dumped?).
23+27 8001 F-104G GAF "KG-101". preserved Stuttgart area, Germany ? Mar 2015/ 2015 sold to unknown collector in Stuttgart area.
23+30 8005 F-104G GAF 23+30. display, on single pole Haldenwang, Germany Sep 2022/ at the entrance of Maschinenbau Haldenwang factory; 47°47'49.65"N 10°19'58.81"E.
23+36 8011 F-104G GAF, coded "23+99". display, on pole Roth, Germany Jun 2019/ in "Otto Lilienthal" barracks of LwAusbRgt 3 at Roth; 49°12'40.82"N 11°5'40.48"E.
D-8022 8022 F-104G KLu D-8022. museum, inside Soesterberg, Netherlands Jun 2019/ hangs inverted at the new museum NMM (Nationaal Militair Museum).
23+47 8026 F-104G GAF 23+47. display, on pole Uffenheim, Germany Jan 2020/ Museum für Zivil- und Wehrtechnik Uffenheim; 49°32'52.83"N 10°14'4.85"E.
23+57 8037 F-104G GAF 23+57. display, on pole Neuburg barracks, Germany Sep 2022/ at "Wilhelm Frank" Kaserne Neuburg; 48°44'4.54"N 11°14'48.10"E.
D-8053 8053 F-104G KLu D-8053. display, on pole Nieuw-Milligen, Netherlands Apr 2020/ Dutch Mil, old 60s colorscheme; 52°13'29.61"N 5°45'5.84"E.
D-8060 8060 F-104G THK "9-2000", ex KLu. display, on pole Dalaman AP, Turkey Feb 2021/ at the entrance of military side of Dalaman-Marmaris Airport; 36°42'51.81"N 28°47'6.93"E.
D-8061 8061 F-104G KLu D-8061. museum, inside Lelystad, Netherlands Oct 2021/ "Aviodrome" Air Museum, Lelystad Airport, showing the Radar; 52°27'27.85"N 5°31'47.20"E.
65-12753 8071 F-104G ROCAF 4393, ex GAF Luke. display, Gate Guard Hsinchu AB, Taiwan Jun 2019/ wrong serial number "63-12735"; grey camouflage scheme; 24°49'11.28"N 120°57'3.34"E.
23+73 8072 F-104G GAF 23+73. museum, inside Niederalteich, Germany Jan 2022/ "Gerhard Neumann" Museum, owned by Josef Voggenreiter; 48°45'59.57"N 13°1'32.75"E.
23+76 8075 F-104G GAF, coded "22+90". preserved Germany Oct 2017/ displayed in the open next to Kart Bahn center. sold !!!
D-8090 8090 F-104G THK "9-191", ex KLu. display, on pole Balikesir AB, Turkey Mar 2021/ Gate Guard for 9.AJU (grey camo); 39°37'59.15"N 27°55'8.15"E.
98+36 8100 F-104G GAF 98+36, ex 23+91. museum, inside Koblenz, Germany Jul 2019/ Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz; 50°22'7.28"N 7°35'7.28"E.
23+92 8102 F-104G GAF 23+92, (tail from 23+01). preserved, stored Baarlo, Netherlands Jan 2021/ Piet Smedst PSAero in Baarlo; left Fitland at Mill in January 2021.
D-8105 8105 F-104G THK 4-105, ex KLu. display, outside Ankara, Turkey May 2020/ Campus of Middle East Technical University, white colored; 39°54'5.20"N 32°46'19.13"E.
23+94 8113 F-104G GAF, coded "FX007". display, on pole Antwerp Lint, Belgium Jun 2021/ was "RG001" at Antwerp-Lint, Belgium.
D-8114 8114 F-104G KLu D-8114. display, mobile Volkel AB, Netherlands Jun 2018/ mobile display.
23+98 8124 F-104G GAF 23+98. display, on pole Koln-Bonn, Germany Mar 2019/ Köln-Wahn barracks (LwFüKdo): 50°51'44.61"N 7° 6'37.18"E.
24+11 8151 F-104G (cockpit), GAF no code. wing collection, inside Cochem barracks, Germany Feb 2018/ TaktLwG 33 Cochem barracks (Wehrgeschichtliche Sammlung); 50° 7'59.53"N 7° 8'7.37"E.
24+17 8158 F-104G GAF, coded "23+34". display, on single pole Memmingen, Germany Nov 2021/ near Memmingen AP (now "Allgäu Airport") as "Silver Bird"; 47°59'26.62"N 10°13'5.61"E.
24+19 8161 F-104G GAF 24+19, special marks. museum, inside Sollingen AP, Germany Jun 2019/ Baden Airpark, special colors (black-red-gold); 48°46'4.56"N 8° 5'6.56"E.
24+26 8168 F-104G THK 8-168, ex GAF. preserved, stored Kocaeli, Izmet City, Turkey Nov 2020/ Arslanbey campus of University of Kocaeli (sad status!); 40°42'42.01"N 30° 1'25.26"E.
24+27 8169 F-104G GAF, coded "23+74". preserved, stored Norvenich AB, Germany May 2018/ stored Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 31 (TaktLwG 31).
24+33 8176 RF-104G HAF FG-176, ex GAF. preserved, stored Agrinion AB, Greece Jun 2018/ stored (weathered).
24+38 8181 F-104G GAF, no code. display, on pole Lahr AP, Germany Nov 2022/ Black Forest Airport Lahr, CAF alike marks, no code; 48°21'13.36"N 7°48'23.39"E.
24+43 8186 F-104G (cockpit), GAF private Hamburg, Germany Jul 2010/ cockpit, owner Thomas Dimigen.
24+46 8190 R/F-104G GAF, coded "D-8060" with 322 sqn marks. display, private Harderwijk, Netherlands July 2022/ new owner at Harderwijk, Netherlands.
24+49 8193 F-104G (cockpit), GAF coded "22+30". museum, inside Niederalteich, Germany Jan 2019/ private owned by Josef Voggenreiter, Niederalteich, cockpit.
24+54 8202 F-104G GAF 24+54. museum (closed), outside Merseburg, Germany Aug 2022/ Luftfahrt und Technik Museumspark (weathered); 51°21'31.68"N 11°58'14.99"E.
24+55 8203 F-104G (cockpit), GAF "LETS-1" preserved Helvoirt, near 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Apr 2018/ Vught area; private owned by Mr. Leon Sleegers.
67-14890 8204 F-104G ROCAF 4398, ex GAF Luke. display, on blocks Hsinchu City, Bei District, Taiwan Jul 2022/ Kang Le Recreation Park; 24°50'10.40"N 120°56'34.77"E.
24+57 8205 F-104G THK 8-205, ex GAF museum, outside Ankara-Etimesgut, Turkey Feb 2021/ on pole with wheels in, Air Museum in Etimesgut; 39°56'58.61"N 32°42'5.72"E.
24+60 8208 F-104G "3812", ex GAF 24+60. display, on pole Gross Siegharts, Austria Sep 2017/ on a pole in front of the Test-Fuchs buildings.
24+63 8212 F-104G "D-8212", ex GAF 24+63. display, outside Willingen-Usseln, Germany Jun 2020/ "Curioseum" museum at Willingen-Usseln; 51°16'48.72"N 8°40'46.98"E.
24+64 8213 F-104G NASA 826 N826NA, ex GAF 24+64. display, outside Edwards AFB, California, USA Mar 2022/ NASA Dryden Flight Research Center; 34°57'7.45"N 117°53'20.29"W.
24+66 8215 F-104G (cockpit), GAF 24+66. preserved Memmingen, Germany Apr 2018/ stored.
24+68 8217 F-104G GAF 24+68. display, mobile Manching AB, Germany Jul 2020/ display in the Militärgeschichtliche Sammlung Manching (MGSM).
24+73 8222 F-104G GAF "24+73" display, on pole Erding AB, Germany Jun 2020/ taken down and stored for restorstion at Erding AB coded "24+73".
67-22517 8230 F-104G ROCAF 4400, ex GAF Luke 22517. display, outside Xihu Town, Changhua County, Taiwan Oct 2020/ Changhua military aircraft park (weathered); 23°57'46.27"N 120°28'24.95"E.
24+81 8231 F-104G GAF, coded "DA+231". preserved, stored Norvenich AB, Germany Jul 2019/ (very sad status !); 50°50'16.16"N 6°39'56.67"E
24+85 8235 F-104G GAF 24+85. display, inside Wittmund AB, Germany Apr 2021/ "Historic Aircraft Collection" at Wittmund AB in the museum hangar.
24+89 8239 F-104G (cockpit), GAF 24+89. display Helvoirt, near s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Apr 2018/ cockpit section sold to Mr. Leon Sleegers; Vught area, Netherlands.
24+90 8240 F-104G GAF (24+90), coded "thöni". display, on pole Telfs, Austria Jul 2019/ on pole without markings inside the Thöni Works Museum; 47°19'8.70"N 11° 3'19.49"E.
24+91 8241 F-104G GAF, (unmarked bare metal finish). museum, inside Hermeskeil, Germany Jul 2018/ mounted inside the museum vertical on a wall in bare metal.
D-8244 8244 F-104G USA "57-913", ex KLu. museum, display Palm Springs, California, USA Nov 2022/ Palm Springs Air Museum, coded as USAF F-104C 57-913; 33°49'58.4"N 116°30'14.3"W.
D-8245 8245 F-104G KLu D-8245. museum, Gate Guard Soesterberg, Netherlands Apr 2020/ "Dusty II" Militaire Luchtvaart Museum; 52°07'53.2"N 5°16'52.4"E.
24+98 8251 F-104G GAF 24+89 instructional Putlos, Germany Jun 2012/ (range target) at Truppenübungsplatz Putlos.
25+02 8255 F-104G GAF 25+02. display, Gate Guard Laage AB, Germany Oct 2019/ recoded "25+02" in 2004; 53°55'40.65"N 12°18'2.58"E.
D-8256 8256 F-104G (cockpit), KLu D-8256 display Volkel AB, Netherlands Nov 2018/ display inside the Volkel Air Base traditionroom "De Typhoon".
D-8259 8259 F-104G KLu D-8259. instructional Hoofddorp, Netherlands Jan 2020/ GIA Hoofddorp Nationaal Luchtvaart College; 52°17'35.0"N 4°40'46.8"E.
25+03 8261 F-104G GAF, coded "25+33". display, on pole Cochem town, Germany Apr 2020/ Cochem town on pole in "Brauheck" barracks (of JaboG 33); 50° 7'59.53"N 7° 8'7.37"E.
25+05 8263 F-104G GAF 25+05. stored, inside Niederalteich, Germany Jan 2019/ owned by Josef Voggenreiter at the "Gerhard Neumann" Museum.
25+07 8265 F-104G (nose), GAF 25+07. display, inside Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany Jul 2018/ Wehrgeschichtliche Lehrsammlung der Offizierschule der Luftwaffe.
D-8268 8268 F-104G KLu D-8268. display, on pole Zwolle, Netherlands Jul 2018/ Technical School in Zwolle; very bad condition July 2018.
25+12 8275 F-104G GAF 25+12. museum, outside Cottbus, Germany Nov 2021/ Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus; 51°45'58.43"N 14°17'41.59"E.
25+13 8277 F-104G THK "4-277", ex GAF. display, on monument Akinci AB, Ankara, Turkey Nov 2020/ Akinci AB (former Murted AB), 141 squadron operations area; 40° 3'50.01"N 32°33'34.83"E.
D-8279 8279 F-104G KLu D-8279. display, Gate Guard Volkel AB, Netherlands Sep 2019/ on pole; 39°20'39.14"N 8°57'03.40"E.
D-8282 8282 F-104G KLu D-8282, 311 sqn marks. display, outside, mobile Sabadell AP, Spain Apr 2022/ Aeronautical Museum of Catalonia Aircraft Collection; 41°31'15.6"N 2°05'59.1"E.
25+15 8284 F-104G THK 8-284, ex GAF. display, outside Trabzon, Turkey Jun 2021/ Karadeniz Technical University (new paint); 40°59'37.95"N 39°46'30.21"E.
D-8286 8286 F-104G THK coded "D-9-286", ex KLu. display, on pole Erzurum, Turkey Jan 2021/ Erzurum Technical University; 39°54'5.87"N 41°14'38.47"E.
25+21 8295 F-104G GAF 25+21. preserved, stored Niederalteich, Germany Jun 2018/ owned by Josef Voggenreiter.
25+24 8299 F-104G THK coded "8-288", ex GAF. display, outside Izmir-Cigli AB, Turkey Mar 2021/ on golf course near officers mess; in white colors; 38°30'56.23"N 27°1'26.15"E.
25+28 8305 F-104G GAF 25+28. instructional Lechfeld AB, Germany Aug 2020/ apprentice shop Lechfeld AB (Ausbildungswerkstatt).
25+29 8306 F-104G (cockpit) GAF 25+29. museum, inside Wernigerode, Germany Jul 2018/ Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik Werningerode; 51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
25+30 8307 F-104G (cockpit) GAF 25+30. display, private Buchholz, Germany Nov 2018/ private owned by Uwe Steenweg, at Buchholz near Hamburg.
D-8318 8318 F-104G KLu D-8318, 323 sqn marks. display, Gate Guard Leeuwarden AB, Netherlands Jun 2022/ Leeuwarden AB; on pole with 322 sqn badge, May 2013 first noted.
25+37 8321 F-104G THK 8-321, ex GAF. display, on pole Batman AB, Turkey Oct 2021/ Batman, a city in southeast Anatolia; 37°54'39.08"N 41° 6'59.90"E.
25+40 8327 F-104G (cockpit), GAF (25+40) no code. museum, inside Wernigerode, Germany Jan 2020/ cockpit section only in metal finish (operational); 51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
D-8331 8331 F-104G KLu D-8331. museum, inside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Oct 2019/ Omniplex Science Museum; 35°31'25.5"N 97°28'29.8"W.
25+51 8346 F-104G THK 8-346, ex GAF. preserved, outside Istanbul-Goztepe, Turkey Sep 2020/ Technical Faculty inside Goztepe Campus (weathered !); 40°59'7.44"N 29°3'15.01"E.
25+52 8347 F-104G THK 65-8347, ex GAF. display, on pole Izmir-Incirali, Turkey Nov 2019/ Guzelyali Airforce Hospital at Izmir-Incirali, Tiger marks; 38°24'8.68"N 27° 4'20.38"E.
25+61 9007 F-104G GAF 25+61, (tail from FX58). preserved, stored Baarlo, Netherlands Apr 2019/ Garagebedrijf Piet Smedts/PS Aero; 51°19'34.02"N 6° 5'10.10"E.
25+64 9010 F-104G RNoAF FN-B, ex GAF, coded "FN-B". display, Gate Guard Bodo AB, Norway Jun 2020/ coded "FN-B" F-104G 61-2626 of RNoAF; 67°16'20.72"N 14°24'56.18"E.
25+66 9012 F-104G GAF (tail from 23+81). museum, outside Speyer, Germany Jul 2020/ Technik Museum, skin removed to show internal structure; 49°18'39.45"N 8°26'49.04"E.
25+68 9014 F-104G (fuselage) GAF, no code. museum, inside Wernigerode, Germany Jul 2020/ center fuselage, skin removed to show internal; 51°50'20.68"N 10°46'21.43"E.
FX02 9017 F-104G BAF, no code. display, outside Kleine-Brogel AB, Belgium Jun 2019/ Kleine Brogel Air Museum; wooden-grey color scheme, no code; 51°08'56.5"N 5°26'59.4"E
FX04 9019 F-104G BAF FX04. display, Gate Guard Beauvechain AB, Belgium Apr 2022/ "Golden Falcon" Museum, old color scheme (weathered).
FX12 9029 F-104G BAF FX12. museum, inside Brussels, Belgium May 2020/ Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History; 50°50'23.5"N 4°23'39.6"E.
FX15 9034 F-104G BAF FX15. preserved, stored Beauvechain AB, Belgium May 2022/ stored at Beauvechain AB, "Golden Falcon" Museum; 1 Wing Historical Centre restoration.
25+74 9035 F-104G GAF, coded "22+22". display, on pole Wilhelmshaven, Germany Jul 2020/ "Deutsches Marinemuseum" at Wilhelmshaven; 53°30'47.17"N 8° 8'25.98"E.
FX21 9046 F-104G BAF FX21. preserved Evere, Belgium Mar 2018/ Belgian Air Force headquarter at Evere.
FX24 9052 F-104G THK "9-052", ex BAF. display, on pole Milas, Turkey Jan 2021/ on military side at Bodrum-Milas AP (LTFE); 37°14'52.39"N 27°41'13.79"E.
DA+129 9059 F-104G GAF DA+129. display, on pole Aich, Germany Oct 2022/ owned by scrap dealer Westenthanner; heavy weathered; 48°25'22.30"N 12°24'33.67"E.
25+86 9061 F-104G GAF 25+86. instructional Buchel AB, Germany Jul 2018/ Ausbildungswerkstatt JaboG 33 (training workshop); 50°10'1.45"N 7° 2'30.78"E.
FX38 9078 F-104G THK "078", ex BAF. display, parade ground Istanbul, Turkey Jun 2020/ Yesilkoy Air Academy, new grey camouflage; 40°58'0.92"N 28°50'39.04"E.
FX39 9079 F-104G BAF FX39. display, inside Beauvechain AB, Belgium Oct 2022/ 1st Wing Historical Museum "Golden Falcon" at Beauvechain.
FX41 9084 F-104G (cockpit) BAF FX41. preserved, restoration Kleine-Brogel AB, Belgium Jan 2017/ cockpit has been removed to become flight simulator (May 2013).
FX40 9083 F-104G THK "083", ex BAF. display, parade ground Istanbul, Turkey Jun 2020/ Yesilkoy Air Academy, new grey camouflage; 40°58'0.97"N 28°50'38.63"E.
FX45 9088 F-104G BAF, coded "D-8030". display, outside Oosterland, (Sirjansland), Netherlands Jan 2022/ at Autosloperij Ad Stouten (weathered-very bad state).
FX47 9090 F-104G BAF FX47. museum, outside Beauvechain AB, Belgium Apr 2020/ 1 Wing Historical Center, Beauvechain, silver, tail of FX69; 50°45'22.0"N 4°46'54.0"E.
FX51 9094 F-104G BAF, marked as "60813/FG813". display, private Easton, Maryland, USA Mar 2022/ Easton Municipal Airport, as USAF F-104A "FG813".
FX52 9095 F-104G BAF, (Tiger c/s). preserved, stored Koropi Kalivia, Greece Nov 2014/ tail from FX02; former Palis foundation, museum closed!
FX53 9096 F-104G BAF FX53. display, on pole Saffraanberg, Belgium Jul 2020/ silcer camouflage as Gate Guard; 50°47'05.1"N 5°14'05.9"E.
FX60 9103 F-104G BAF FX60, tail from FX-65. museum, outside Hermeskeil, Germany Jun 2019/ Flugausstellung L. + P. Junior, Hermeskeil; 49°41'04.8"N 6°57'34.3"E.
FX61 9104 F-104G BAF FX61, tail from FX-86. museum, outside Kleine-Brogel, Belgium Jun 2019/ Kleine-Brogel Air Museum, tail of FX86.
FX65 9108 F-104G BAF, marked as F-104A "60791". display, on pole, private Alexandria, Louisiana, USA Oct 2020/ outside Rayford Enterprises at Alexandria; 31°16'18.9"N 92°28'01.1"W.
FX69 9115 F-104G BAF FX69, tail from FX58. preserved, restoration Brussels, Belgium Sep 2018/ restoration at Brussels (owned by Johan Bringmans).
25+99 9118 F-104G GAF coded "21+76". display, on pole Stetten am Kalten Markt, Germany Mar 2020/ Stetten barracks (Alb Kaserne); 48° 7'35.46"N 9° 4'18.86"E.
FX70 9119 F-104G (cockpit), BAF FX70 preserved, restoration Hamburg, Germany Jul 2013/ stored.
FX70 9119 F-104G (fuselage), BAF FX70 preserved, stored Kessel, Netherlands Mar 2015/ stored.
26+02 9124 F-104G GAF, coded "D-8029". display, outside Hasselt, Netherlands Dec 2022/ Schagen Factory, Netherlands; 52°34'57.7"N 6°05'33.5"E.
FX76 9131 F-104G BAF FX76. preserved, stored (dump) Sterrebeek, Belgium Apr 2022/ at the back of ASCO II building at Sterrebeek; April 2020 in very bad condition (weathered).
26+07 9135 F-104G THK 8-135, ex GAF. display, Gate Guard Erzurum AB, Turkey Jun 2021/ on pole coded "8-135"; 39°56'52.01"N 41°11'22.81"E.
FX79 9137 F-104G BAF FX79. preserved, outside Beervelde, Belgium Oct 2018/ on the fence of a metal trade company (very bad state).
FX81 9139 F-104G BAF, coded "D-8090". display, speedway circuit Willcox, Arizona, USA Mar 2021/ Inde Motorsports Ranch, as Dutch Air Force "D-8090"; 32°13'28.4"N 110°00'28.5"W.
FX82 9140 F-104G BAF FX82. museum, outside Chino, California, USA Aug 2022/ Planes of Fame Museum (weathered); 33°58'54.0"N 117°38'20.7"W.
FX84 9142 F-104G BAF, coded NASA marks as "N813NA". museum, inside McMinnville, Oregon, USA May 2018/ Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.
26+11 9145 F-104G THK no code, ex GAF 26+11. display, on pole Balikesir AB, Turkey Jan 2021/ colored as "Tiger" in 192 Filo area; 39°37'4.19"N 27°55'49.26"E.
FX86 9147 F-104G BAF FX86. Base Museum Kleine-Brogel AB, Belgium Jun 2019/ Kleine-Brogel Air Base Museum (4 tanks).
FX90 9154 F-104G BAF FX90. museum, outside Savigny-les-Beaune, France Jun 2022/ Savigny-les-Beaune (France), weathered; 47°03'43.4"N 4°49'08.3"E.
FX93 9160 F-104G BAF FX93. museum, outside Zruc, Czech Republic Apr 2019/ Zruc Air Park (Czech Republic), 10 Wing marks (weathered); 49°48'31.9"N 13°24'56.6"E.
26+17 9162 F-104G (cockpit) GAF restoration, private Kaiserslautern, Germany Nov 2021/ restoration, private collector Martin Rohland at Kaiserslautern.
FX94 9164 F-104G BAF FX94. display, on pole Peer, Belgium Jul 2019/ at roundabout at Peer.
26+20 9168 F-104G (cockpit) GAF preserved, EADS factory Augsburg town, Germany May 2019/ owned by Mr. Kai Spörhase at Augsburg.
FX99 9172 F-104G BAF FX99 preserved, display Bilzen, Belgium Oct 2022/ owned by Luc Degens for restoration in Bilzen, Belgium, since 26 August 2022.
26+23 9174 F-104G GAF, coded SpAF "C.8-02/104-02". museum, outside Madrid, Spain Nov 2019/ Cuatro Vientos Museum "104-02", silver colors, no recce pod; 40°21'54.12"N 3°48'11.86"W.
9175 9175 F-104G THK 8-175. instructional Eskisehir-University, Turkey May 2018/ GIA; 39°47'51.12"N 30°32'24.60"E
FX100 9176 F-104G BAF FX100. preserved, stored (dump) Sterrebeek, Belgium Apr 2022/ Asco buildings in Sterrebeek, near Zaventem (weathered); 50°52'12.4"N 4°28'53.0"E.
26+25 9177 F-104G (cockpit) coded "JA+234". stored, private Aufkirch area, Germany Jun 2018/ "JA+234".
26+26 9178 F-104G GAF 26+26. instructional Buchel AB, Germany Jul 2018/ Ausbildungswerkstatt JaboG 33 (training workshop); 50°10'1.45"N 7° 2'30.78"E.
26+28 9180 F-104G "51-57" AMI MM16113, ex GAF 26+28. display, outside Fontanebianche, (PD), Italy Apr 2022/ Santa Giustina in Colle. "Amici Arma Azzurra Association"; 45°36'11.9"N 11°54'11.5"E.
26+30 9182 F-104G GAF coded "26+44", ex 26+30. display, outside Tucson, Arizona, USA Jul 2020/ display in Silver colors coded "26+44" at the "Pima Air and Space Museum".
104701 1001 CF-104 CAF silver, no code. preserved, stored Chino, California, USA Oct 2020/ Yanks Air Museum, to be restored, F-104A cockpit; ex San Luis Obispo Airport.
104702 1002 CF-104 CAF 702, RCAF 12702. display, on pole Grand Centre, Cold Lake, Canada Nov 2020/ Joe Hoffner Memorial Park, with AETE marks; 54°24'45.47"N 110°12'50.47"W.
104703 1003 CF-104 CAF 703 12703, ex RDAF R-704. museum, inside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Jul 2022/ Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada (RAMWC); 49°54'4.47"N 97°13'32.24"W.
104704 1004 CF-104 CAF 704 preserved, restauration Montreal, Canada Apr 2021/ moved to the Montreal Aviation Museum, for restauration.
104711 1011 CF-104 THK 8-711, ex CAF 711 museum, outside Ankara, Turkey Feb 2021/ Air Force Museum in Etimesgut; N39.94755,E32.70451.
104713 1013 CF-104 THK 8-713, ex CAF 713 base museum, outside Diyarbakir AB, Turkey Oct 2019/ preserved aircraft area (Memorial Lane); 37°54'1.63"N 40°12'26.15"E.
104717 1017 CF-104 RNoAF 717, ex CAF 717. display, on pole Stavanger-Sola, Norway Jun 2020/ Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola, 334 Skv marks; 58°53'51.71"N 5°37'53.17"E.
104730 1030 CF-104 RNoAF 730, ex CAF 730. museum, inside Stavanger-Sola, Norway Jun 2020/ Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola, 334 Skv marks; 58°53'51.71"N 5°37'53.17"E.
104731 1031 CF-104 CAF "763". display, outside Comox AB, BC, Canada Jun 2021/ Comox Air Force Museum park, special red-white-blue color; N 49° 42.535 W 124° 54.522.
104733 1033 CF-104 THK 8-733, ex CAF 733 museum, outside Istanbul, Turkey May 2022/ Armed Forces Museum, on metal construction; 41°02'49.1"N 28°59'14.0"E.
104743 1043 CF-104 THK 8-743, ex CAF 743 display, on pole Mafraq city, Jordan May 2020/ Al-Bayd university, no code; 32°20'20.30"N 36°14'30.68"E.
104750 1050 CF-104 CAF 750 museum, stored Alcochete, Portugal Feb 2016 / stored, dismantled (scrapped ?).
104751 1051 CF-104 THK 8-751 display, outside Eskisehir, Turkey May 2020/ Aerospace factory entrance, display line; 39°46'32.70"N 30°33'33.36"E.
104753 1053 CF-104 CAF 753. display, on pole Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Jun 2022/ Air Force Heritage Park, CFB Winnipeg, 1 CAD HQ; 49°53'25.04"N 97°14'13.12"W.
104755 1055 CF-104 RNoAF 755, ex CAF 755. instructional, mobile Kjeller, Norway Sep 2019/ at Kjeller Flyhistorisk Forening.
104756 1056 CF-104 THK 8-756, ex CAF 756. display, outside Riva (Cayagzi), Turkey Apr 2021/ entrance of complex along the coast; 41°13'12.80"N 29°12'8.14"E.
104759 1059 CF-104 N104RN, ex RNoAF private Cape Canaveral, FL, USA Sep 2018/ ops Starfighters, Kennedy Space Center; 28°35'51.1"N 80°40'48.1"W.
104760 1060 CF-104 THK 8-760, ex CAF stored, scrapped? Turgutlu, Turkey Sep 2019/ dismantled, Airforce (THK) moved 760 to a place which is unknown; likely scrapped. NEW!
104763 1063 CF-104 CAF "763" museum, display; outside Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada Jul 2020/ Reynolds-Alberta Museum, special red-white-blue colors; 52 57 54.52 N 113 24 59.89 W.
104766 1066 CF-104 RNoAF 766, ex CAF. display, on pole Kjeller AB, Norway Jun 2022/ Norwegian Air Force Material Command; 59°58'22.39" N11° 2'20.83"E.
104770 1070 CF-104 THK 8-770, ex CAF. museum, outside Ankara, Turkey Jan 2021/ Ankara Aviation Museum, Etimesgut; N39.94755, E32.70451.
104771 1071 CF-104 RDAF R-771, ex CAF 771. display, Gate Guard Aalborg AB, Denmark Jun 2021/ on pole, light grey camouflage scheme, 726 Esk marks; 57°06'29.9"N 9°51'25.6"E.
104774 1074 CF-104 CAF 774 display, on splints Valcartier, Quebec, Canada Jul 2017/ 5.Area Support Group (ASU) at CFB Val Cartier, Quebec.
104783 1083 CF-104 CAF 783 display, inside Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Jul 2020/ Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (ACAM) near Halifax; 44°52'38.84"N 63°32'0.76"W.
104784 1084 CF-104 CAF "12784" display, on pole Montreal, St. Jean Airport, Canada Mar 2022/ CFB Montreal (College Militaire Royal at St-Jean Garrison), silver camo (weathered).
104785 1085 CF-104 CAF 785 display, on pole Sollingen town, Germany Sep 2020/ after restoration; 48°46'47.3"N 8°03'42.8"E.
104786 1086 CF-104 THK 8-786, ex CAF 786 display, on pole Izmir, Turkey Mar 2021/ in the mountains at Sevgi Mh., south of Gaziemir (weathered); 38°18'35.29"N 27°7'46.61"E.
104790 1090 CF-104 CAF "104756" Tiger. museum, display, inside Hamilton-Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada Jul 2021/ Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, tiger scheme "104756"; 43° 9'35.95"N 79°55'28.65"W.
104792 1092 CF-104 CAF 792 display, on pole Borden CFB, Canada Jul 2022/ School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering (CFSATE); 44°16'9.53"N 79°54'33.82"W.
104799 1099 CF-104 CAF, marked as CAF "12751". museum, outside Savigny-les-Beaune, France Oct 2019/ Musee du Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaunes, France; 47°03'43.4"N 4°49'08.3"E.
104800 1100 CF-104 RNoAF 800. preserved, stored Bodo AB, Norway Nov 2016/ "Friends of Starfighters" at Bodo with markings of 334 Skv.
104801 1101 CF-104 RNoAF 801, ex CAF 801. museum, inside Bodo City, Norway Jan 2021/ Norsk Luftfartmuseum, with markings of 334 Skv; 67°16'35.6"N 14°24'42.0"E.
104808 1108 CF-104 THK 8-808, ex CAF 808. display, Gate Guard (right side) Diyarbakir AB, Turkey May 2021/ Gate Guard (62-808) at Diyarbakir AB; 37°54'30.78"N 40°12'33.90"E.
104810 1110 CF-104 THK 8-810, ex CAF 810. display, outside Ankara, Etimesgut, Turkey Feb 2021/ Etimesgut barracks, on a sand dune near 3rd AMSC barracks; N39.91492, E32.71420.
104812 1112 CF-104 RDAF, ex CAF 812 preserved Karup, Denmark Jan 2014/ at the fire dump.
104814 1114 CF-104 RDAF R-814, ex CAF 814. museum, inside Egeskov, Denmark Nov 2021/ Veteranmuseum, Egeskov, with 723 Esk marks; 55°10'35.2"N 10°29'11.4"E.
104816 1116 CF-104 CAF, coded as "104880" display, on pole Cold Lake CFB, Canada Jul 2019/ build up by parts of 872, 816 and 803 as "104880"; initially coded "12872".
104818 1118 CF-104 (cockpit) RNoAF 818. display, museum Oslo, Gardermoen, Norway Dec 2019/ cockpit display at Forsvarets Flysamling, Gardermoen. NEW
104825 1125 CF-104 RDAF R-825, ex CAF 825. display, mobile Aalborg AB, Denmark Jun 2022/ in HAS; mobile display, 57°06'29.9"N 9°51'25.6"E.
104832 1132 CF-104 (cockpit), RDAF R-832. preserved, stored Lovenstad, Norway Oct 2020/ good shape, R-832 cockpit for sale!
104836 1136 CF-104 RNoAF 836, ex CAF 836. preserved, stored Raufoss, Norway Aug 2020/ instructional airframe for Nammo factory ammunition tests; 60°42'24.78"N 10°32'40.71"E.
104837 1137 CF-104 THK, coded "8-837". display, on block, outside Kayseri, Turkey Aug 2018/ not TF-104G 5703 which is on a different location.
104841 1141 CF-104 THK 8-841, ex CAF 841. display, on pole Kutahya AB, Turkey Sep 2020/ Kutahya Aviation Museum, Kutahya AB (LTBN); 39°24'50.16"N 30° 1'19.91"E.
104846 1146 CF-104 CAF "12846", ex RDAF R-846, ex CAF. museum, inside (HAS) Calgary, Alberta, Canada Oct 2021/ Air Force Museum of Alberta (AFMA), "Cold War Exhibit"; 51° 0'51.54"N 114° 6'57.80"W.
104850 1150 CF-104 N104RD, ex RNoAF 850 private Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA Sep 2018/ Kennedy Space Center, operational; 28°35'51.1"N 80°40'48.1"W.
104851 1151 CF-104 RDAF R-851, ex CAF 851. museum, inside Aalborg, Denmark Aug 2022/ Defense and Garrison museum, light grey color scheme; 57°03'21.7"N 9°53'02.0"E.
104855 1155 CF-104 RDAF R-855, ex CAF 855. museum, outside Kracow, Poland Oct 2020/ Polish Aviation Museum; 50° 4'41.73"N 19°59'32.69"E.
104862 1162 CF-104 THK 8-862, ex CAF 862. display, on poles Karatschi, Pakistan Mar 2020/ at PAF Museum; Turkish Air Force markings; taken down!
104869 1169 CF-104 THK 63-869, ex CAF 869. display, on monument Ordu city, Turkey Oct 2020/ grey color scheme, honoring General Ibrahim Firtina (F-104 pilot); 40°59'00.7"N 37°53'30.4"E.
104870 1170 CF-104 RNoAF, (red colors). preserved, mobile Bodo AB, Norway Jun 2018/ red and blue special color scheme; 67°16'27.9"N 14°25'26.6"E.
104873 1173 CF-104 THK 4-873, ex CAF 873. display, outside Akinci AB, Turkey Jun 2020/ Air Base Museum of Akinci (formerly Murted AB), memorial line; 40° 5'6.08"N 32°34'22.73"E.
104882 1182 CF-104 RNoAF 882; ex CAF 882. display, on pole Kongsberg, Norway Jun 2020/ GKN Aerospace, Kongsberg; 59°39'24.4"N 9°38'34.4"E.
104886 1186 CF-104 RNoAF 886, ex CAF 886. museum, outside Oslo-Gardermoen, Norway Nov 2021/ Forsvarets Flysamling, Gardermoen, display outside; 60°11'21.2"N 11°04'05.1"E.
104888 1188 CF-104 RDAF R-888, ex CAF 888. museum, inside Stauning AP, Denmark Sep 2022/ Dansk Flysamling Museum; 55°59'28.6"N 8°21'08.1"E.
104889 1189 CF-104 RNoAF 889, ex CAF 889. preserved, mobile Sandefjord-Torp AB, Norway May 2022/ Dakota Norway Fighter Division group; 59°10'43.9"N 10°15'09.4"E.
104890 1190 CF-104 RNoAF 890, ex CAF 890. preserved, stored Raufoss, Norway Aug 2020/ instructional airframe for Nammo factory ammunition tests; 60°42'24.78"N 10°32'40.71"E.
104891 1191 CF-104 THK 4-891, ex CAF 891. display, Gate Guard (left side) Diyarbakir AB, Turkey Jan 2021/ Gate Guard (62-891) at Diyarbakir AB; 37°54'30.78"N 40°12'33.90"E.
104893 1193 CF-104 THK 8-893 (63-893), ex CAF 893. museum, outside Szolnok, Hungary Jul 2022/ Hungarian Aviation Museum; 47° 7'50.17"N 20°13'12.19"E.
104896 1196 CF-104 RDAF R-896, ex CAF 896. museum, inside Helsingor, Denmark Aug 2022/ Teknisk Museum, tail from aircraft R-707; 56°01'23.0"N 12°33'46.6"E.
104899 1199 CF-104 THK 8-899 (63-899), ex CAF 899. museum, outside Plovdiv, Krumovo, Bulgaria Mar 2022/ Air Force Museum; 47°10'01.2"N 20°10'52.3"E.
MM6703 1003 F-104S ASA AMI 6-21, coded "MM6525". display, on pole Ghedi AB, Italy Aug 2022/ within 154 Gruppo area; 45°26'47.40"N 10°15'46.36"E.
MM6704 1004 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code. display, on a roundabout Cogozzo di Viadana (Mantova), Italy Aug 2021/ on blocks; 44°56'09.9"N 10°30'13.2"E.
MM6705 1005 F-104S ASA AMI no code. display, on stilts Capodrise, Italy Jun 2022/ Capodrise village park; 42° 0'51.31"N 13°53'54.50"E.
MM6713 1013 F-104S ASA AMI, coded as "9-30" display, outside Rieti town, Italy Aug 2021/ barracks of national shool of Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical; 42°25'36.77"N 12°51'20.98"E.
MM6714 1014 F-104S ASA AMI no code cockpit, display, museum Vigna di Valle, Italy April 2021/ Italian air museum in Vigna Di Valle.
MM6716 1016 F-104S ASA-M AMI "21-53". display, on poles Cella di Varzi (PV), Italy Oct 2021/ Armi conservate al Tempio della Fraternita; 44°46'29.6"N 9°10'59.6"E.
MM6717 1017 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-41 (CFE plate MM6771). display, outside Caserta, Italy Dec 2018/ parade ground Scuola Sottufficiali AM.
MM6719 1019 F-104S ASA-M AMI "5-01/5-31". display, on pole Santa Sofia (Forli), Italy Oct 2022/ to honor General Oscar Olivetti (weathered); 43°57'15.0"N 11°54'41.0"E.
MM6720 1020 F-104S ASA (cockpit) AMI "9-51". display, inside Vigna di Valle, Italy May 2019/ forward fuselage; Italian Air Force Museum; 42°05'06.5"N 12°12'50.6"E.
MM6722 1022 F-104S ASA-M AMI "9-10", coded as MM6939 display, Gate Guard Lecce-Galatina, Italy Aug 2020/ Gate Guard with fake serial MM6939; 40°14'47.0"N 18°08'42.3"E.
MM6731 1031 F-104S ASA-M AMI "4-4", coded "MM6517". display, outside Solbiate Olona (VA), Italy Apr 2018/ HQ NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy; as F-104G "6517"; 45°38'37.92"N 8°51'32.49"E.
MM6732 1032 F-104S ASA-M AMI 37-04 (CFE plate MM6732). stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2010/ Grazzanise AB storage flightline; dump.
MM6733 1033 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code, special colors. display, outside Thiene, Italy Aug 2021/ Aeroporto "Arturo Ferrarin" at Thiene; 2020 special colors; 45°40'41.2"N 11°29'40.3"E
MM6734 1034 F-104S ASA-M USA N993SF, ex AMI RS-06. private Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA Jun 2019/ "STARFIGHTERS" Kennedy Space Center, operational.
MM6735 1035 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-50 (CFE plate MM6737). stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2010.
MM6737 1037 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-51. display, outside Vairano Scalo, Italy Jan 2020/ Istituto Istruzione Superiore Statale G. Marconi; 41°19'14.70"N 14° 6'18.12"E.
MM6739 1039 F-104S ASA-M AMI "53-21". display, on pole Poggio Renatico, Italy Sep 2021/ Centro Operativo delle Forze Aeree (COFA); 44°47'33.60"N 11°29'38.75"E.
MM6740 1040 F-104S ASA-M AMI "4-1/4-23". display, outside Grosseto town, Italy Jul 2021/ Zone Industriale Pellegrini, near Grosseto, on concrete blocks; 42°46'53.86"N 11° 6'19.86"E.
MM6744 1044 F-104S ASA AMi 5-07. display, on roof Colzate (BG), Italy Oct 2018/ on the roof of a metal factory, on a framework without wheels.
MM6749 1049 F-104S ASA AMi "9-59". display, instructional Rome, Italy Mar 2016/ Istituto Tecnico Industriale Galileo Galilei, Via Conte Verde.
MM6750 1050 F-104S ASA AMI "100 anni", ex 3-32. display, mobile Istrana AB, Italy May 2018/ repainted for 100th anny of 22 and 23 Gruppi May 2018 at Istrana.
MM6756 1056 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-40. stored, outside Ceprano, Italy Aug 2018/ preserved in garden (cockpit covered), portside it got "9-46".
MM6758 1058 F-104S ASA AMI 4-22 (tail from MM6744) display, outside (roadside) Valle Sponda (BG), Italy Oct 2019/ museum collection owned by Silvano Bettineschi in Rovetta.
MM6759 1059 F-104S ASA-M AMI 37-20 (CFE plate MM6749) instructional Rome, Italy Jun 2016/ inside Istituto Tecnico Industriale Galileo Galilei.
MM6760 1060 F-104S ASA AMI 4-50, no tail. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Sep 2004/ dump; scrapped?
MM6761 1061 F-104S ASA AMI 5-31. display Santa Croce, Italy Apr 2018/ not on Google (3 poles?); 29 October 2012 with spotting mode!
MM6762 1062 F-104S ASA-M AMI RS-06 (CFE plate MM6762). private unknown, Italy Jun 2013/ private collector.
MM6763 1063 F-104S ASA-M AMI coded "9-33". display, on poles Foligno, Italy Sep 2021/ OMA (Officine Meccaniche Aeronautiche) Spa; 42°56'33.00"N 12°42'47.40"E.
MM6764 1064 F-104S ASA-M AMI 37-11 (CFE plate MM6764). stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2010/ dump.
MM6767 1067 F-104S ASA-M AMI coded MM6767 museum, outside Cerbaiolo (Cerbaiola di Rimini), Italy Jul 2020/ Parco Tematico dell’Aviazione-Rimini; 43°59'40.15"N 12°30'42.81"E.
MM6768 1068 F-104S ASA AMI coded "3-28". display, on stilts Caselle, Verona, Italy Nov 2020/ at Cubi Electricity Company, as F-104G look-alike; 45°24'36.8"N 10°53'18.0"E. NEW
MM6769 1069 F-104S ASA-M (fuselage) AMI (CFE plate MM6769) stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2014/ dump.
MM6770 1070 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-35, no tail stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jul 2005/ dump.
MM6771 1071 F-104S ASA-M AMI "9-41" (CFE plate MM6881) display, outside Sabaudia, Italy May 2019/ Centro Addestramento Sperimentale; 41°18'36.38"N 13° 1'16.49"E.
MM6772 1072 F-104S ASA-M AMI "9-1" (nose MM6772). display, outside Cancello ed Arnone (CE), Italy May 2020/ Piazza Cav. di Vittorio Veneto; 41° 4'12.29"N 14° 2'7.16"E.
MM6774 1074 F-104S ASA (cockpit) AMI "9-46" display, outside Vinchiaturo, Italy May 2022/ in a private garden; new coded "9-46; owner Maurizio Di Oto.
MM6776 1076 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code display, on pole Torino-Caselle airport, Italy Sep 2022/ Gate Guard at Alenia at Torino-Caselle airport.
MM6781 1081 F-104S ASA "50-01", ex AMI 5-31. display, mobile, covered Base Tuono, Folgaria, Italy Aug 2022/ Army Missile Base Tuano, Folgaria; 45°52'12.25"N 11°13'39.79"E.
MM6782 1082 F-104S ASA AMI "36-36". display, on base Ghedi AB, Italy Aug 2022/ clean with cluster bombs; restored in 2017.
MM6784 1084 F-104S ASA AMI 37-27, no tail, camo c/s stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2004/ dump.
MM6785 1085 F-104S ASA AMI 5-25 (tail from MM6833) stored Rome, Fiumicino area, Italy Jul 2017/ dump.
MM6786 1086 F-104S ASA AMI "3-28". display, on pole Milan-Linate, Italy Oct 2021/ Headquarters 1st Air Region at Linate AB; 45°27'47.23"N 9°16'55.58"E.
MM6787 1087 F-104S ASA-M AMI "4-29" (CFE MM6787) display, on stilts Caraglio, Italy Sep 2021/ specific monument to remember and honor the fallen pilots; 44°24'48.8"N 7°25'29.4"E.
MM6788 1088 F-104S ASA AMI "9-42" (tail MM6797) display, outside Lido di Jesolo, Italy June 2022/ display with private owner at Jesolo; 45°31'3.38"N 12°40'26.28"E.
MM6789 1089 F-104S ASA AMI 37-02 (tail MM6524) preserved, scrapyard Rome (Urbe), Italy Nov 2017/ Scrapyard Rome, Bentivoglio.
MM6791 1091 F-104S ASA AMI 36-14, no tail. preserved Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2004/ dump; gone?
MM6792 1092 F-104S ASA AMI 5-21 (nose MM6936, tail MM6792). private, display Cerveteri, Lazio distric, Italy Oct 2021/ Lazio district inside the garden of a villa.
MM6794 1094 F 104S ASA AMI 37-20. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jul 2008/ dump.
MM6795 1095 F 104S ASA AMI "4-1". display, inside Beijing, China Jul 2019/ Datang Shan China Aviation Museum; 40°11'6.41"N 116°21'34.34"E.
MM6796 1096 F-104S ASA AMI 5-37. display, on pole Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy Nov 2021/ Piazza Pasqualino Gorga (weathered); N45.67437 E 13.10501.
MM6797 1097 F-104S ASA AMI 5-36 (nose MM6551, tail MM6845). preserved, scrapyard Rome (Urbe), Italy Nov 2017/ Scrapyard Rome, Bentivoglio.
MM6798 1098 F-104S ASA AMI 37-01. museum, restoration Marsala, Italy Jun 2020/ Museo Militare di Marsala, Marsala city, south of Trapani; 37°48'2.46"N 12°26'54.35"E.
MM6800 1100 F-104S ASA AMI 37-25 preserved, stored, outside Ceprano, Italy Dec 2018/ North of Ceprano (FR), 17 km SE of Frosinone, 41°33'21.2"N 13°30'57.0"E.
MM6804 1104 F-104S ASA AMI "51-22/51-55". display, on pole, Gate Guard Istrana AB, Italy Oct 2020/ fresh (glossy) paint; 45°41'24.69"N 12° 5'11.69"E.
MM6805 1105 F-104S ASA AMI "9-01". display, on pole Roma Centocelle, AMI HQ, Italy Oct 2020/ tail of MM6825, "4-03" code replaced by "9-01"grey camo; 41°51'58.54"N 12°33'20.84"E.
MM6807 1107 F-104S ASA AMI 5-41 (tail MM6789). preserved, restauration Pesaro. Biemmegi, Italy Jan 2021/ restauration started in October 2020 at Pesaro. Biemmegi, (Italy)! NEW
MM6808 1108 F 104S ASA AMI "36-12" (tail MM6909). display, Gate Guard Gioia del Colle AB, Italy May 2018/ at the gate at Gioia del Colle, replaced on this spot F-104S MM6782.
MM6809 1109 F-104S ASA AMI 9-35 (tail MM6909). display, on metal construction Pesaro, Italy Sep 2021/ preserved as "MM6909/9-35".
MM6812 1112 F-104S ASA AMI "53-21" display, on pole Rome, Italy Apr 2016/ Roma Guidonia (LIRG).
MM6816 1116 F-104S ASA AMI coded "5-31". display, Gate Guard Sigonella AB, Sicily, Italy May 2022/ as F-104S ASA-M MM6940 "5-31" (23 Gruppo) grey color; 37°24'30.3"N 14°55'57.3"E.
MM6817 1117 F-104S ASA AMI "51-07". display, outside Castello di Godego, Italy Aug 2022/ at a beer-house restaurant; 45°41'42.31"N 11°52'43.14"E.
MM6820 1120 F 104S ASA AMI "51-07" display, outside Chiaravelle, Ancona, Italy Aug 2021/ on the roof of the Gigole Clothing store; 43°35'56.28"N 13°20'57.39"E.
MM6821 1121 F-104S ASA AMI 5-16 (tail from MM6807) preserved, stored Sant Pere dels Arquelles, Spain Sep 2020/ in the grass, 20 km W of Tarrega; 41°38'38.1"N 1°19'02.9"E. NEW
MM6822 1122 F-104S ASA AMI no code, false serial "MM6923". display, outside Grosseto civil Airport, Italy Aug 2021/ in civil area of the airport with false serial "MM6923"; 42°45'50.86"N 11° 4'53.20"E.
MM6824 1124 F-104S ASA AMI 4-3. preserved, stored Decimomannu AB , Sardinia, Italy Sep 2016/ at Fire Station Decimomannu AB for training purposes (still here?).
MM6827 1127 F-104S ASA AMI "50", black stars "Icaro" colors. display, on pole Pratica di Mare AB, Rome, Italy Mar 2020/ 50 years RSV marks; in RSV area; 41°39'41.44"N 12°26'41.58"E.
MM6828 1128 F-104S ASA AMI 4-55 stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Sep 2004/ dump (scrapped?).
MM6830 1130 F-104S ASA AMI "FG-903", (USAF c/s). museum, outside Montélimar, France May 2022/ as "USAF F-104C FG-903", Musée Européen de l'Aviation de Chasse in Montélimar. NEW
MM6831 1131 F 104S ASA AMI 4-22. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2008/ dump (scrapped?).
MM6833 1133 F-104S ASA AMI 5-22 (nose MM6524, tail MM6820). preserved, scrapyard Rome, Bentivoglio, Italy Nov 2019/ stored Via della Bufalotta, Roma, scrapyard Bentivoglio; 41°58'28.2"N 12°32'54.5"E.
MM6835 1135 F-104S ASA AMI "36-12/36-36". display, Gate Guard Gioia del Colle AB, Italy May 2019/ clean, on pole.
MM6836 1136 F 104S ASA AMI 5-10 (tail MM6768). museum, outside Castelletto di Ticino, Italy Oct 2022/ Museo Gottard Park; 45°43'09.9"N 8°35'54.8"E.
MM6838 1138 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code. display, outside Bevilacqua-Montagnana (PD), Italy Apr 2022/ Aviosuperficie Montagnana (G.L.Baschirotto), grass airfield; 45°14'50.75"N 11°25'16.20"E.
MM6840 1140 F-104S ASA AMI "53-21". display, outside Galliate (NO), Italy Mar 2021/ at Hospice (old people's home); 45°28'55.21"N 8°42'13.21"E.
MM6842 1142 F-104S ASA AMi 5-30. display, on pole Silla di Gaggio, Montano (BO), Italy Nov 2020/ "Fallen Airmen Memorial" at Silla di Gaggio (weathered); 44°10'55.39"N 10°58'30.32"E.
MM6844 1144 F-104S ASA AMI "5-31". display, on pole Modena (Marzaglia), Italy Sep 2021/ local Aero Club in Modena-Marzaglia; faded code; 44°37'48.10"N 10°48'31.81"E.
MM6845 1145 F-104S ASA AMI 5-11 (nose MM6789, tail MM6809) display, outside Rome, Bentivoglio, Italy Oct 2021/ Bentivoglio Bruno Srl, Urbe, Rome, storage ground.
MM6848 1148 F-104S ASA-M AMI 4-1. display, on metal pole Modena, Italy May 2021/ University, faculty of engineering; 44°37'46.4"N 10°56'36.9"E.
MM6849 1149 F-104S ASA-M AMI 4-10 stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Sep 2004/ dump (scrapped?).
MM6850 1150 F-104S ASA-M AMI 4-16 (CFE plate MM6763) stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2011/ dump.
74-6859 6859 F-104S THK 9-859. display, on pole Ankara, Turkey Jan 2021/ Air Force Logistic Command in Etimesgut barracks; 39°54'52.77"N 32°43'2.43"E.
74-6862 6862 F-104S THK 9-862. display, on pole Denizli town, Turkey Sep 2019/ at the campus of Pamukkale University in Denizli; 37°44'58.1"N 29°05'29.2"E.
74-6868 6868 F-104S THK 6868. museum, outside Istanbul-Yesilkoy, Turkey May 2022/ Yesilkoy Museum, SEA camouflage scheme; 40°57'47.3"N 28°49'34.1"E.
MM6870 1170 F-104S ASA-M AMI 5-45. museum Kosice, Slovakia Aug 2018/ Slovenske Technicke Muzeum.
MM6872 1172 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code display, on pole Bovolone, Verona, Italy Sep 2021/ Alpine Veterans House in Bovolone-Verona, no serial; 45°15'15.71"N 11° 7'7.76"E.
MM6873 1173 F-104S ASA-M AMI 4-9 (black colors). display, on pole Grosseto AB, Italy Aug 2021/ "1963-2003", on base in the area of 9°Gruppo; 42°46'24.25"N 11° 4'37.06"E.
MM6875 1175 F-104S ASA AMI "MM6783/50-03". display, Gate Guard Piacenza-San Damiano AB, Italy Jul 2022/ on stilts; 44°54'28.52"N 9°43'10.92"E.
MM6876 1176 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code, ex RS-05. museum Kracow, Poland Nov 2018/ Polish Aviation Museum at Rakowice-Czyzyny; 50°04'42.2"N 19°59'33.5"E.
MM6880 1180 F 104S ASA-M AMI "5-36". display, on pole Cervia AB, Italy Jun 2022/ Cervia gate guard with 4 tanks; 44°13'28.3"N 12°17'39.8"E.
MM6881 1181 F-104S ASA AMI 4-59 (CFE plate MM6816). stored Grazzanise AB, Italy Jun 2010/ dump.
MM6887 1187 F-104S ASA-M AMI "9-15/5-33". display, on pole Decimomannu AB, Sardinia, Italy May 2020/ inside airbase; 39°20'31.99"N 8°57'1.71"E.
MM6890 1190 F-104S ASA-M AMI "9-51". museum, outside Curitiba Bacacheri AP, Brazil Apr 2022/ Curitiba Bacacheri AP (SBBI); arrival 11.7.2019; 25°24'17.51"S 49°13'50.06"W.
75-6895 6895 F-104S THK 75-6895. museum, on stilts Istanbul, Turkey Jul 2022/ Rahmi Kov Museum of Industry, grey color scheme, no serials.
MM6908 1208 F 104S ASA AMI 4-52. stored Cervia AB, Italy Jun 2008/ dump (scrapped?).
MM6909 1209 F-104S ASA AMI colored (nose MM6972, tail MM6946.) display, on construction Borgo Rosso, Italy May 2019/ Stamp Fond metal company (Rocca de Baldi).
MM6910 1210 F-104S ASA AMI "37-18" display, Gate Guard Trapani-Birgi AB, Sicily, Italy May 2018/ near gate.
MM6912 1212 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code. display, outside Ferentino, Italy May 2020/ Isituto Tecnico "Don Giuseppe Morosini"; 41°41'24.75"N 13°15'42.97"E.
MM6914 1214 F-104S ASA-M AMI "51-07/51-03" display, outside, on pole Erbe, Verona, Italy Jun 2022/ Parco Gilles Villeneuve, tribute of Ferrari Club (weathered); 45°14'23.63"N 10°57'58.70"E.
MM6915 1215 F-104S ASA AMI 5-15 (nose MM6768, tail MM6922). preserved, stored Italy Oct 2015/ departed Bentivoglio scrap dealer 26.10.2015; location unknown.
MM6916 1216 F-104S ASA AMI "5-31". display, on pole Cervia AB, Italy Jun 2020/ Cervia gate guard with 4 AIM-7 missiles; 44°13'28.3"N 12°17'39.8"E.
MM6920 1220 F-104S ASA AMI "5-35". preserved, removed Bari, Italy Sep 2017/ with the local aero club; removed to unknown location.
MM6921 1221 F-104S ASA AMI coded "MM5122". display, on pole Pozzuoli, Italy Sep 2019/ Scuola Militare Accademia Aeronautica.
MM6922 1222 F-104S ASA AMI 5-04 (red/silver colors). display, inside Roma, Italy Mar 2020/ Scuderia Baldini, via Idrovora della
MM6925 1225 F-104S ASA-M AMI coded "RS-25". display, outside Velletri, Italy Nov 2020/ on a block at street Quatiere Zona 167; 41°41'23.4"N 12°47'19.7"E.
MM6926 1226 F-104S ASA-M AMI 4-12. stored Grazzanise AB, Italy May 2008/ dump (scrapped?).
MM6930 1230 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9.99 (red/white colors). display, mobile Gioia del Colle AB, Italy May 2022/ Ducati red color scheme; March 12, 2018 at Gioia del Colle AB; 40°46'57.2"N 16°55'54.7"E.
MM6932 1232 F-104S ASA-M AMI 4-20. display, outside Pietrelcina, Italy Nov 2019/ in a park, Google: 41.196091, 14.845574.
MM6934 1234 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-31. display, outside Grazzanise town, Italy Oct 2022/ Grazzanise center Piazza Caduti Nassiriya, restoration 21.7.2022; 41°05'19.6"N 14°05'54.8"E.
MM6935 1235 F-104S ASA-M AMI no code, no serial. display, outside Lugo di Romagna, Italy Aug 2021/ Aero Club Francesco Baracca; 44°23'58.69"N 11°51'17.02"E.
MM6939 1239 F-104S ASA-M AMI 9-35 (tail MM6722). museum, outside Borgo Faiti, Italy Feb 2022/ Museo Storico Piana delle Omme; grey color; 41°26'35.79"N 12°59'9.81"E.
MM6940 1240 F 104S ASA-M AMI "5-30". display, mobile Cervia AB, Italy Jun 2021/ coded "5-30" (23 Gruppo) in old color scheme; 44°13'1.98"N 12°19'14.64"E.
MM6941 1241 F-104S ASA AMI 4-10. display, outside Pisa, Italy Apr 2019/ Technical School: Istituto Tecnico Industriale at Pisa; 43°43'29.54"N 10°23'37.20"E.
MM6943 1243 F-104S ASA AMI "4-1" (silver colors). display, mobile, inside Grosseto AB, Italy May 2020/ Grosseto Base museum, old AMI colorscheme (bare metal); 42°46'17.25"N 11° 4'32.46"E.
MM6945 1245 F-104S ASA-M AMI RS-06, ex AMI CMX611. (cockpit) preserved, mobile Grazzanise AB, Italy Dec 2016/ painted in red "9.99" colors, refuelling probe added.
MM6946 1246 F-104S ASA AMI 37-06 (nose MM6909). scrapyard Rome, Bentivoglio, Italy Nov 2017/ stored.
unknown serial, uncomfirmed !!!
no seial F-104 USA mockup, "SMOKE II" marks preserved Chino, California, USA Oct 2019/ Yanks Air Museum at Chino, painted as F-104C 57-925 (70925).
MM6xxx F-104S ASA AMI "9-51" display, on stilts Supino, Italy May 2019/ along the main street; 41°36'49.81"N 13°13'51.34"E.
MM6xxx F-104S AMI "9-51", F-104S MM6701 (probably)? display Brindisi, Italy Dec 2019/ Avio Aero factory, 2 km NE of city; 40°38'12.2"N 17°57'22.7"E.
MM6xxx F-104S AMI "9-51" display, on pole Tolmezzo, Italy Aug 2021/ on a round-about at Tolmezzo, Veneto; 46°23'45.32"N 13° 1'13.61"E.
MM6xxx F-104S ASA AMI no code. display, on stilts Introdacqua, Italy Jun 2020/ Introdacqua village park near Sulmona city; 42° 0'51.31"N 13°53'54.50"E.
MM67xx F-104S ASA AMI no code display, outside Palermo, Italy April 2019/ on a structure at Department of the University of Palermo; 38°06'17.18"N 13°20'54.39"E.
MM6741 ? F-104S-ASA-M AMI "RS-01", coded "MM6737". display, on pole Piacenza, Italy Nov 2020/ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore at Piacenza; 45 02 12.31 N 09 43 39.82 E.
MM6xxx F-104S-ASA-M AMI "9-90" display, on pole Grazzanise, barracks, Italy Jun 2022/ Grazzanise barracks; 9 Stormo 90 anny; 41° 04'2.70"N 14° 04'14.73"E.
MM6936 F-104S ASA AMI "4-51" preserved Italy May 2018/ preserved on an unknown location.
MMxxxx F-104S ASA-M 9-51 AMI, coded "MM6717" display Tolmezzo, Italy Jan 2018/ roundabout near a paper factory.
MMxxxx F-104S AMI preserved, outside Sant Pere dels Arquells, Spain Jan 2017/ in a MIG park, Google: 41.643929,1.317477.
(2733) F-104G THK, identity unconfirmed. preserved, on pole Hendek, Turkey Nov 2020/ F-104G fake code "2733" on hill top.
unknown F-104G THK, "260", (silver c/s) preserved Akinci AB, Turkey Aug 2010/ in the middle of AB; 40.08204269N 32.55762100E
unknown F-104 THK preserved Mus AB, Turkey May 2020/ displayp Mus, 115 km South of Erzurum.
6030 F-104G THK "4-331" display Sivrihisar AB, Turkey Jul 2019/ in the memory square; 14 km W of town; N39.45485 E31.36817.
unknown F-104G THK, 62-12324 cn 6023 preserved, on base Kutahya, Turkey Sep 2020/ two F-104 on the field at 39 25 17.07 N 30 01 25.16 E.
unknown F-104G THK, 64-17758 cn 6103 preserved, on base Kutahya, Turkey Sep 2020/ two F-104 on the field at 39 25 17.07 N 30 01 25.16 E.
unknown F-104 THK preserved, at gate Mus AB, Turkey Aug 2016/ Military airfield (reserve) Google: 38°44'8.48"N 41°39'8.94"E.
unknown F-104(S) THK, coded "6-186" display, Gate Guard Bandirma AB, Turkey Apr 2018/ as fake F-104S "6-186", Google: 40°20'22.13"N 27°58'4.60"E.
unknown CF-104 THK, coded "4-955" display, on pole Osmancik, Corum province, Anatolia, Turkey Aug 2020/ in Osmancik, Corum, marked "62-955"; Google April 2017.
4041 F-104G THK, coded "OF-104" "78-135" display, on pole Trabzon city, Turkey Mar 2018/ sn 62-12239, with a CF-104 tail, in the district's coastal park.
unknown F-104A RJAF, coded "912". preserved, on blocks Amman-Jubajha, Jordan Aug 2010/ university campus of Amman-Jubajha.
unserialled F-104(G) (fuselage), static test frame. stored, outside Niederalteich, Germany Jun 2019/ no construction number, Messerschmitt rig?
unknown F-104G (nose) GAF. museum Berlin-Gatow Museum, Germany Jul 2009 ???
unknown F-104J JASDF university Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan GIA ??? Daiichi Institute of Technology, a private university in Kirishima
unknown F-104G (?) GAF "27+44" fake stored Berlin ? GIA ?
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