F-104A 56-874 night intruder

21 September 1965 - FAZILKA AREA. In the closing days of the September 1965 War an Indian Canberra on a night bombing raid against Sargodha was shot down by an F-104 near the border and its pilot who ejected was captured. The painter chose the only moment of the episode when some details could have become clearly visible on an otherwise dark night. The area was brightly lit up when the burning, spiraling Canberra, hit at 32,000 feet, reflected light off a layer of clouds at 10,000 feet. The pilot of th F-104 was Squadron Leader Jamal A Khan (later Chief of the Air Staff) and the Controller Squadron Leader Anwar Ahmad from Sakesar Radar. This is said to be the only confirmed missile kill at night in actual combat by an F-104 Starfighter anywhere in the World.
painting Gp Capt S M A Hussaini 1968