F-104A 56-802 landing at Sargodha

In 1962 the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) received its first Starfighter interceptor, a uniquely different design which could fly in excess of Mach-2 (or twice the speed of sound) and reach altitudes in excess of 100,000 feet. This was the first Mach-2 fighter to go into squadron service and was, understandably the envy of all those flying less capable aircraft. In the PAF it was received with justifiable pride as it was a very demanding aeroplane to operate, and its very possession indicated the high esteem in which the PAF was held with regard to flying and engineering skills. The painting shows the first F-104 piloted by Squadron Leader Mian Sadruddin, landing at Sargodha runway. Following behind as No 2 is Flight Lieutenant M L Middlecoat.
painting Gp Capt S M A Hussaini 1968